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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! Until recently I was running my own business. Times have changed and I find myself in need of paid employment. A lot of companies ask for FULL EMPLOYMENT HISTORY since leaving school. I'm quickly approaching 60 years old, I've had numerous jobs since leaving school and don't even remember the salaries of most of them. I feel that if I were to submit an application WITHOUT a full employment history since leaving school, my application may only get as far as the waste paper bin. Any of you knowledgeable people out there know if a Subject Access Request to the DWP would give me the required info for these demanding employers? Kind regards
  2. Hi Guys! This is my first post so please excuse me if I have posted in the wrong location! Basically I really need as much help as I can get I am currently having problems with littlewoods who have placed various charges on my account. I sent a cca request with the fee on the 16/07/2010 which they sent back to me on the 6th August, minus the fee with a note attached saying "Please provide correct account reference/ previous address details" Now silly me I missed a digit of my account number on the cca request, but I am wondering why they would need my previous address as surely they already have it on file as that is where the account was originally started, plus they have my name and current address on the letter which is on my account with them. I am not sure what to do next should i send them the information requested and what would happen in regards to the timescale for them to respond. i.e would the 30 calender days and 14 working days timescale start over again???? Any information on the subject or templates would be grately appreciated. Thanks guys
  3. I sent a Subject Access Request to West Yorkshire Police for data they may or may not hold on me. I sent the £10, the notice, and received a reply (which I have scanned and pdf'd) I have highlighted the section that smells to me like, 'You do all the work thepalace1' Is this against the Data Protection Act? I was under the impression that on receipt of request and acceptable I.D, they had 40 days to provide ALL data they hold about the Data Subject. I replied stating I would not be doing their job for them although I understand and accept that they are more than likely very very busy, but I would not be doing their job for them, and reminded them that they had (under the Data Protection Act) to provide ALL data held about a Data Subject and they must make a reasonable effort in trying to find the data. Am I correct in my reply to them? Do I have to provide 'Narrowing Search Queries'? I ask for ALL or ANY data held are they obliged to comply if I don't give them more than my Name, address, date of birth etc etc.. I have a suspicion they are going to write back saying they are not obliged to run a deep search for local data. thanks in advance thepalace1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]42647[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42647[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi, I'm new to the site and it looks like an amazing resource with lots of helpful people. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me with a couple of questions that I have: Firstly, I have a credit card that has definitely had PPI active on the life of the card. This card was originally taken out with Abbey, but it was actually an MBNA card, that I think was managed by Abbey. Then more recently, the card was taken over by the Bank of America, as (as far as I understand) MBNA was taken over (or their credit cards were) by Bank of America. I am planning on doing a SAR to find out everything so I can best prepare my compliant, and I'm a little confused to who I should send it to. I think that I would have to send it to Bank of America, but I'm unsure. As I am trying to obtain copies of original agreements and records of telephone calls relating to my CC application, does anybody know if Bank of America will be able to supply this information, as the agreements were originally with Abbey? Or will it be possible to get that info through Santander (previously Abbey National)? I'm unsure when I originally took out the card (bizzarely, it doesn't seem to show up on my credit report, so I can't check), but I think it was about 8 years ago, and as I said, the card is still active and had PPI on it on the last statement. Secondly, I'm also looking to investigate a loan that was settled in 2009 with Santander, but am struggling to find the account number. If i send a SAR to Santander in relation to this, with my full name and address, and the dates that the account was opened, is it likely that this will be enough for them, or are they likely to try and fob me off? Hope that makes sense. If you need me to clarify anything, just let me know. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks,
  5. In June 2011 Countrywide Residential Lettings (trading as Gascoigne-Pees) were asked to provide me with all information relating to the property they were managing on behalf of my Landlord. The request was a Subject Access Request under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act. They ignored my request until I sent a formal reminder to the manager, and asked for a £50 admin fee, the law only allowed £10 and I responded that I will pay the £10 asking for instruction how to pay it. After a month I had not heard back and took the complaint up with a manager. Eventually the file was given to me, outside the statutory time limit. Having checked through the file it was incomplete, relevant details had been marked out with black pen. I complained formally to the Information Commissioner's Office. The ICO responded to me in writing, and their finding was that Countrywide was unlikely to have complied with the Data Protection Act, it was also their belief that the company is unlikely to comply in the future and that guidance had been given to the company. In November 2011 I sent a letter to Countrywide, stating that I request compensation of £250 for the failure to comply with the Data Protection Act. The company chose to ignore this letter. In December 2011 a claim was issued in Northampton County Court, and in January 2012 Countrywide has been in contact with an offer of out of court settlement for £225. This offer has been accepted.
  6. Hi Folks, I've had issues with a company (The Post Office) where they have referred me to a debt collection agency for an account that should have been closed by them in 2008. Last November I sent them a Subject Access Request (SAR) including the £10 fee. On the 28th of November I got a response returning the £10 and saying that the request would be passed on to the appropriate department. 40+ days have passed - and now I get another letter telling me to send £10 in again to another address along with ID in order to get the SAR processed. Can someone confirm here where I stand? To my mind, I'm being messed about and feel like I've been put in a holding pattern. If they've acknowledged my request back in Nov 2010 and not stated the need for additional identity information - plus have taken longer than 40 days to get back to me - are they then entitled to fob me off like this? Advice appreciated.
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