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Found 16 results

  1. I wanted to keep this as subtle as possible so I won't put any terms in here that will trigger any alarm bells. Not sure how to go about this but here it goes! September 2016 I begin working (sorry, I mean, self-employed 'sub-contracting') as a courier for a firm who provided its services to a Fortune 500 company, 12th on the 2017 list to be precise, you know, the one recently famous for its dealings with shoddy courier companies? ....Now your getting the picture After a few months we heard said F500 company was taking "tips" from customers by default via the
  2. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post but need some advice about a reward card from bt. been waiting since last November !
  3. I own a flat (mortgaged) in a large block, so the property is owned by me on a leasehold rather than freehold basis. The flat is rented out to tenants. I pay a monthly fee to a property management company, who have recently started chasing me for an additional fee for "consent to sub-let". This is the first I have heard of such a fee in the near 8 years I've owned this flat. I have explained to them that the property is let to tenants, and is not sub-let. They have responded by saying that because the property is owned by me on a leasehold rather than freehold basis, that legall
  4. Hello everyone , I am in need of some advice please . October last year a roofer asked me if I would work with him to finish a job which I did . I was working there in all weather up to Christmas . The roofer himself was hardly ever there so I almost completed the job for him until the weather got the best of me and I caught pnewmonia and was bed ridden over christmas . I estimated that there was only a few days work left , just the hip leadwork and ridge leadwork as all the slates were laid . I have billed the roofer for my work at the beginning of Jan and again 2 weeks later after not
  5. Does anyone have any experience of this? I have a sub-prime mortgage with Accord and since I came off their fixed rate initial special offer my interest rate has gone up three times - this during a period when base rate has been 0.5%. I now pay almost 8% but of course as I have struggled with the repayments, no other lender would touch me. The Financial Conduct Authority have now said they are going to be looking very closely at lenders who do this to 'trapped' borrowers while base rate stays so low. I have long thought how grossly unfair it is to continually put rates up when
  6. ... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/subprime-lender-swift-group-used-loophole-to-avoid-paying-74m-in-tax-8907683.html[url=http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/subprime-lender-swift-group-used-loophole-to-avoid-paying-74m-in-tax-8907683.html?origin=internalSearch][/url]
  7. ... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/subprime-lender-swift-group-used-loophole-to-avoid-paying-74m-in-tax-8907683.html[url=http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/subprime-lender-swift-group-used-loophole-to-avoid-paying-74m-in-tax-8907683.html?origin=internalSearch][/url]
  8. Hi Guys Would it be worth opening up a Lowell Sub Group Forum? Im seeing more and more Threads popping up with them.
  9. My daughter has moved into a private accommodation student house sharing with four others splitting the rent between the four. It now transpires that one of the four has a girlfriend who also lives there all the time (in a full time job) that wasn't mentioned at first and she is not on the lease. They have now asked my daughter never to mention this girl to the managing agents as she is not supposed to be there. She shares a room with her boyfriend and they pay half each of his rent. Our question is - can this void my daughter's lease as she is unhappy there - the
  10. i did 2 weeks work for a company they paid me for the first week late,then they have'nt paid me for the second week. its been 2 weeks now,they are ignorig my calls. what action can i take?
  11. Loans designed for borrowers who have 'experienced one-off event resulting in adverse credit record', says lender Sub-prime mortgages, widely blamed as the cause of the financial crisis, have begun to re-emerge with a new lender unveiling a range of loans for borrowers with poor credit histories. Magellan Homeloans will offer mortgages of up to £400,000 to people who have had county court judgments, individual voluntary arrangements (IVA) or even bankruptcy orders against their names. But borrowers will be charged interest rates starting at 8.55% compared to current "best buy" rates of as
  12. Hi So Im a tenant in a house and recently subletted one of the rooms. I didnt get permission only because my landlady is never around and barely gets back to us as she works away a lot. Shes usually very easygoing so i didnt see it being an issue to be honest. Anyway someone moved in and we agreed 3 months initially with a 2 month notice period. We agreed that they would pay a deposit which would be refundable if they chose to leave at the end of the 3 months and there were no damages or rent arrears. We both signed this agreement. The person told me 4 days ago that they wish t
  13. Hello, Need to get to the bottom of this pretty quick. THe company I currently work for have identified my role as at risk due to it not being financially viable. I agree and to be honest will be happier out working for myself. When I start up my own buisiness, the company I will be leaving have a number of commissions that they really could do with me finishing and hence I have suggested the easiest thing would be to sub contract the work back to my limited company. The 'boss' is open to the idea but is not sure if he legally can. Does anyone know if this is correct? My
  14. Can a secured loan ever be Statute barred?
  15. Hi to make it easier I have detailed my issues in the letter below which I have sent to the AA. Any advise? On the 7th October 2012 I drove my vehicle (Mercedes-Benz E270 Cdi) . On my return, I noticed the car doors would not open centrally. I then used the key to open the door manually and managed to open it. I then realised that the car would not also start. At this point I decided to call on your breakdown services to get me back on the road again. I was told the AA patrols are busy in the area however they will send out a sub-contractor to get me roadworthy again. A patrol from a com
  16. We get quite quite a lot of posts on here(and other web sites) where the firm contracted to the local authority uses sub-contractors to enforce council tax and PCNs should we be asking the local authority /bailiff firm if there sub-contractor has the authority to collect the debt under The Local Authorities (Contracting Out of Tax Billing, Collection and Enforcement Functions) Order 1996 If there is no authorization has the bailiff firm broken the Data protection act by passing your information on http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1996/1880/part/VIII/made#f00025
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