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  1. Rod Stewart,what a man.What a life,a story,he is a legend for sure. The kind of man to have a pint with and chat away.Or a game of football on a Sunday perhaps.A man's man,but the ladies would perhaps disagree.I believe he has a few fans. What I am doing up at this unearthly hour 2 AM is beyond me,just been checking on my online empire, having a couple of slices of toast and a brew. I suppose we all have memories of Rod Stewart and his records good and bad.Memories that is not his records. I like them all. How have his records influenced you.Maybe I should say do you relate his records to things that have happened to you. A few of my memories going back one good one bad and one well I was hungry for work at the time But helped me through things. The records make you realise many people have been through tough times,good times and god knows what times. Well way back in the olden days when I was a young owl I met this girl called Maggie 1971 to be precise,12.10PM Saturday to be exact,the weather was warm, the wind coming from the south,the tide was in when this goddess with blonde long hair flowing behind her came walking from the opposite direction. I was on my walkabout on Blackpool promenade at the time,some things just do not change,have you noticed that. Life is like a revolving wheel,the same things turn up time after time,pity blondes do not turn up that often. Only joking.They do we chaps know that.And some of us perhaps have weaknesses for blondes,just one of life's problems. Better start cutting this story down,I do like telling a tale or two. Well in these situations you have to be cool,you know you have to say something. Well there i was in my patchwork jumper,my skinners,about two feet wide jeans with perfectly ironed creases and my Doc Martins,highly polished ox blood red and toothbrushed cleaned white stitching.And feather cut hair. Must have looked the Dogs xxxxxcks,great I mean. Now I remember the blonde but not 100% sure of what I was wearing but lets you know what I was like at the time. Concentrating so much on the blonde goddess I did not look where I was going and nearly ended up over the sea wall. But it made her laugh and the ice was broken and we started chatting and spoilt her by taking her for a meal which was i remember a few doughnuts and a hot dog from a stall. Then back to my flat which was set up like a cave,fishing nets,everything you can think off hanging from ceilings walls along with resident mice from Donkey sheds at back.Well they have to rest somewhere. And one hell of a stereo system.The business,a man cave.14 pound a week,I was earning 17 pounds at the time plus a few tips. I will have to cut this story down it is getting long. Anyway Maggie broke my heart,I am never at fault you have to understand that,living in a coastal town where many ladies pass through. I could show you the scar,there you are just opened my shirt can you see the scar.My broken heart scar. So i will finish this first part with a song from Rod Stewart that must for many has or does bring back memories. Just hope Maggie does not read this,you know what a small world it is.Mind you she collared me in a pub some 25 years later asking if I remembered her. Part two. A pretty sad memory,but was so relevant to me.I hope it does not distress anyone.But it happened. And the record I listened to it so many times.And watched as he hesitated before singing it,convinced he was thinking about a friend he knew in America who was taken to soon. I will not go to deep but am usually as has happened to many times in my life,in the wrong place. Witnessing or knowing people who have been,hard to say this taken to early. Think that is the best thing to say. You can read into this next record and you would not be far wrong in what you may think. Moving on now trying to shorten things. 2011,I found work hard to get where i was so went down to Essex to find work. Went with £4.50 via Euston,Liverpool street.Through Romford etc. Would teach somebody in return for accommodation.Construction. Also i needed a Russian Coach for one of the family.Expensive. Found work but tough,no evening papers for advertising so you walked the streets with leaflets. Well one day went in the country,saw a big mansion. Noticed the Pillars needed pointing as I remember. But the driveway was massive,take you a while to walk to the house which was huge.Middle of nowhere. So i was tired anyway so moved on. It was Rod Stewarts house,he was in Vagas Or LA grafting away. I think this was where Suzi Quatro used to live and where Michael Jackson was going to stay while he performed in London.Which we now know was not to be.This info is from others. Last time i heard Rod Stewart was live. Relaxing in my back garden Rod was performing at the Football Club a short distance away. A warm evening,stars out,the moon shining lighting up the garden a Bacardi and Coke in my hand and Rod doing his thing. What else could you ask for. Summing up i am so please Rod Stewart has received this honour. Good on him. Now what memories recollections have you got of this great man.What records of his bring back a memory. Good grief it is 3.17am time to roost.Have not been up this late since my disco days. Better put the link on. Rod Stewart knighted at Buckingham Palace http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/12/europe/rod-stewart-knighted-at-buckingham-palace/index.html Bye for now Tawnyowl
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