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Found 5 results

  1. My little story, in nutshell, the whole story quite long I had a hope in the first week of August, and I thought the new branch of Concorde in Milton Keynes would try to get and keep customers, and make them happy, because they opened this branch in July. Now I now it was a big mistake... Wed, 9th of August: a check-up of my front suspension/steering, the repair price would be £1325, I pre-paid £800 for "cover the main part price", the repair booked in on 14th. Mon, 14th of August: They suggested they would finish the car on 15th.That would be good, I told them we would go on holiday on Friday, 18th. They asked me "when do you want to pay the rest?" Tue, 15th of August: I called them at noon, they would call me back around 5pm, but "when do you want to pay the rest?" They did not call me at 5pm... Wed, 16th of August: I called them again around 8.30: they would finish end of the day, they would update me, but "when do you want to pay the rest?" They called me around 9: the part needs 7-10 days delivery, and it is the seventh day, but they informed me on recorded call a couple of days before. They DID NOT. Thurs, 17th of August 17.30: I was in personal the car is done, they have the part but some issues with persons so they put back the old one. They offered me a refund, I accepted it. 17:55: They called me it is a non refundable item, so I will not get a refund come back and they will finish the work. I sent them a letter later pointed out things: pre-payment, they informed me the delivery time and the "non-refundable thing "AFTER I agreed the repairing. It was a recorded signed letter, they signed it on 6th of Sept at 10:22... I had an email conversation with someone from the head office, but unfortunately they could not find my letter. (a strange correspondence they started to call me 2-3 times per day from 6th of Sept afternoon) For my story I have job card, bank statement, invoices, emails and they are recording calls. On the invoice (27th of October- why that day, I do not know) they charged me exactly £800. 288 for the steering work (they have not replaced the part!), almost 200 for two anti roll bar links and 293 for cancellation fee...
  2. Hi, I'm new to all this type of stuff so I hope this is of interest to some of you. I have recently heard from a friend of mine that his local vet has been told that all royal sun alliance backed policy holders will now have to have pre approval for specialist treatment and they can only go to a chosen RSA supplier or there will be financial consequences in addition to the excess. IS it just me or does this sound like they are going down the same route as the motor insurance trade where you have to go to a "preferred supplier" and not the one you want to use. What I don't know is how good the "chosen" supplier is and whether or not they have come to some form of deal with these suppliers on price etc. A bit worrying when you consider we are talking about pets here and not cars. Does anyone else know anything more about this? Companies include More Than, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco and M&S. Regards
  3. Hi I bought a 16 month old Corsa with 3900 miles on the clock on Tuesday. Within 4 hours of owning it the car began veering to the left. I took it back to the garage the next morning, and they said that they had resolved the issue. I took it for a drive and the car then veered to the right. I took it back and said it wasn't fixed and I didn't want to keep the car as it wasn't safe to drive (I had only owned it for 17 hours at this point). They said it HAD been fixed and the technician had taken it for a test drive. I handed the keys back and said I no longer wanted the car. They had a senior technician take it for a test drive and when he came back he checked it up on the ramps and said that the problem wasn't with the tracking as the lasers were 100% accurate, but they would need to take the vehicle in to examine it. Again I said I didn't want to keep the car and they said I would need to inform the sales department. I handed both keys back to the sales team and said I WOULD NOT keep the car. They didn't have any courtesy cars, but managed to arrange a demo to be loaned to me. I was there for 5 hours that morning. Today I had a phonecall from them to say they had fixed the problem with the tracking! (I was told that the problem wasn't the tracking and they weren't sure what was causing it) I was also told to hand back the demo vehicle. I have spoken to citizen advice who advised to hand in a letter rejecting the vehicle, which I did this morning (funny how suddenly the car was "fixed" a few hours later). They have since informed me to hand back the courtesy car as it is not a legal obligation to provide me with one. I am doing this in the morning. The manager has said he is rejecting my rejection letter, refusing to refund the cost of the car (8k), and also refusing to give me back my 2 cars that I traded in by saying he "doesn't know where they are and that they may be in the garage getting repaired or somewhere" My problem is that I have no car, 8k in debt and I work in the community and my father is in hospital 100 miles away so I desperately need a vehicle. WHAT DO I DO??? COURT ACTION??
  4. Vauxhall has warned owners of around 3,000 vehicles to stop driving them until they have been inspected because of a steering problem. The UK carmaker said those affected are Adam and Corsa/Corsavan models registered since May 2014, which had been manufactured with a steering system part "that did not meet specification". The discovery was made during a routine quality control exercise at two of the firm's manufacturing plants - one in Germany and one in Spain. The company said it was not aware of any accident or injury related to the issue. Vauxhall said: "As a precaution, these vehicles should not be driven prior to inspection. "Vauxhall puts the safety and convenience of its customers first and as this condition concerns their safety, the company is taking immediate action." The firm said customers could check on their website from today, whether their vehicle was affected, and that it would also contact buyers directly. It added: "Alternatively customers can call the Vauxhall customer assistance centre for advice on 0800 026 0034 between 9am and 5.30pm." http://news.sky.com/story/1343012/vauxhall-recall-warning-over-corsa-steering
  5. My 20 year old daughters car overheated today (Peugeot 106 . 1998 ). She stopped the car, and rang me (2 very good moves). I told her to let the car cool down, and to top up the water in the radiator expansion tank. I explained where this was , and she said " Yes I can see it". She has filled (roughly 50ml ) steering fluid reservior with water Can anyone please explain to me how to get it out.? F16
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