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Found 21 results

  1. Hiya all I’m Applepie123 I’m only 16 and I went into Superdrug and wanted to just take an eye brow pencil as I had lost the one I had ACTUALLY bought so I thought I’d just take it out the box and leave the box with the barcode. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that a man was watching and if I’m being honest I didn’t care because he looked as though he was part of the general public. So I carried on and walked out the shop. As I was waiting for a friend I decided to stand by the side of the shop (which wasn’t smart) and there the man came and showed me some badge and said “can u follo
  2. Today I was caught accidentally stealing from primark. I tried on a coat which not uncommon for primark didn’t have the price tag attached, didn’t realise at the time that where I tried it on didn’t have a mirror and so I walked to the changing room where I tried on a couple of other things which I didn’t end up wanting. Coat not concealed, over my own bag or arm as not to drop it went to pay for other things. Replied to a message on my phone and forgot I had it over my arm, genuinely just exhausted from work and the gym and had a scatter brain moment, I was approached o
  3. hi everyone, I'm looking for my advice i have a shop food which has been open a little over 7 months and i have just seen my landlord is stealing my electric for the flats he is doing up. upstairs which is a full on building site and the wire coming out my meter is a very big thick one so i know hes running alot of juice i have no idea how long this has been going on but it looks like its been done very dangerously and a real bodge it job ive sent videos and pictures to 3 electricians i know which say he is for sure stealing my electric. Now i have no idea how long this has been goi
  4. Hi guys, I am worried and I am looking for help. Me and my cousin were caught stealing in primark for an amount about 50 pounds together. They didn’t call police. They just told us we will receive a letter with an amount to pay. They defined it Fine. If we will not pay it they will send our document to the police land will arrest us for 48 hours. And we will add to criminal records. I am asking for help to understand what to do when we will get the letters. Also they told us that we will get the same letter and the amount t that will show on it it will be splitted
  5. hi everyone i need help badly. a few days ago i was caught stealing at boots and the security guard lead me to their security room. inside, there is one female boots staff and another security guard from the shopping mall. total three of them. the security guard from boots asked me to take out whatever stuff i have stolen i did as told as i was too afraid. later on, he asked for my id and name and home address which i gave as well issued me with an RPL form. the amount i have stolen was £220 i know its so stupid i stole 4/5 perfumes
  6. I was caught stealing at tk maxx today. It was a very foolish thing of me I admit. Something that costed £7.99 and I didn't want to pay for it as I had already purchase worth £70.01 at tk maxx and didn't have enough money for what I wanted. I took of the security plastic tag off the box and put the item in my bag while I got busy with my daughter as she was crying and kicking a fuss. I continued to checkout with all my other items amounting to £70! Then left the premises. A security came running down the stairs and spoke to me saying I believe you have some
  7. Ok. I'll keep this shortish. In 2014 I had a CCJ against me for £1320 including court fees this ended up with a bailiff visiting and making an enforcement of goods order. I made a payment plan and have been paying £100 a month ever since for a debt totalling £1660. I paid £400 in June 2015 for a missed payment and to stop them threatening me. Missed payment due to changing bank account. They have charged me another £495 pounds saying that the enforcement went to stage 2 even though no one visited the house. I received no notice of this upgraded enforcement. Also I have discovered they h
  8. Hi eveyone, new user here need some adice plz. ive read this online in my local paper GINA Carey, 22, of Wilson Street, Derby, was handed a two-month community order with curfew, and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge for stealing a £575 television from Buy As You View, Derby, on June 27. Read more: http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/given-jail-sentences-cases-dealt-South-Derbyshire/story-25927874-detail/story.html#ixzz3Q8353dyO Follow us: @DerbyTelegraph on Twitter | derbytelegraph on Facebook says someone got community sentence and a fine for STEAL
  9. Hi all, A little advice please - I recently listed an ad with Shiply for a wardrobe to be moved, accepted a quote & paid a £20 deposit. The transport provider never replied (may of even been fake) so they credited the money onto shiply account so I could relist again. Relisted a further 2 times and still received no suitable quotes... Upon emailing them, they've said that as it's gone past 28 days they cannot refund me - I can only use the account credit for future deliveries within 2 years How can I get my money back?!
  10. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/darlington/11552200.Sanctioned_man_who_stole_to_eat_is_jailed/
  11. Hello everyone, I have already read quite a lot of things here, and I have seen that everyone is trying to help as best as they can, and I was just amazed by that. I'd like to apologize if there are some things that you don't understand, I am french, just trying to do my best. two days ago I stole 3items from Primark in Picadilly with my boyfriend. I know how bad it is, and how I should have thought about that before doing that stupid thing. It was the first time I ever steal and same for my boyfriend. We are both 16. Even though, we bought some stuffs
  12. Hi, I need some advice. I had a PCN that was unpaid and lead to baliffs being assigned. I contacted the courts on Friday 25th October as I had not received some mail regarding the PCN's and they placed a hold on any further action being taken until they could investigate. I was advised that the balifs would be called off until the courts could look into the issue. On Saturday night at approximately 9.30pm I was stopped in my car by police who advised that the car I was driving had been reported as stolen. I showed them proof that the car was mine and tha
  13. Yesterday, I purchase one of Amazon's lightning deals (Voi Jeans Men's Dutton Relaxed Jeans - £19.99) while the lightning deal was still active, in-stock and within the 15 minutes of placing it in my cart. Unfortunately, they have charged me £50 for these and despite repeated arguements via phone, e-mail and live chat, they are refusing to do anything whatsoever. I then contacted my credit card company to report this - but they just said that it is not fraud because I gave Amazon my credit card details. They also told me that if you give your credit card details to anyone, they have
  14. Hi. I am a student and I'm not english. About one month ago I got stealing from primark with two friends. I am really really really ashamed so I'm not going to tell the sum of the shoplift. Then the police were called and we were brought to the police station where they told us nothing would happen because that was our first time. We weren't asked to pay a fine or caution but they took all our personal information and they said that our criminal record would remain clean. Then my friend received a letter form RLP with an amount of money to pay and we pa
  15. Hi, On the weekend I popped into my local supermarket to get a few things, I had my 2yr old with me and I put him in the trolley. I usually go with a list as I am a scatter brain but this time I forgot so I picked up some items that I remembered we needed and on my way round I put my carrier bag into the trolley. I wasn't really thinking about it I just put it in. Anyway when I got to the till's I put the stuff from the trolley onto the belt and had to take a chocolate bar off my son to pay for it and he started to cry for it. I was distracted by this and didn't check the trolley. I paid
  16. As I was shutting down the till at work the other day, there was a £30 discrepancy, this didn't worry me at the time as a few weeks previously there had been a £70 discrepancy and it turned out to be an office error, on top of this, another till on the floor on the same day as the most recent one also had a discrepancy of £60. I came into work yesterday and was called into the office for an investigation meeting where I was accused of taking the money from the till. I told them that I had someone stand with me when I was closing the till down, watching me count the money and also that th
  17. I subscribed to NowTV which is powered by Sky , they took my first month payment straight away via my debit card. Within 24 hours Sky decided to deactivate my account they are claiming i owe them money. I have never had Sky before as i've always been with Virgin media. I asked NowTV for a refund and am now being sent on a merry dance. Am i right in thinking Sky have to fully refund me the money they took as it was them who cancelled the service not me? Thanks in advance.
  18. My daughter has been accused of stealing the days takings are the club she works in. They say she was fiddling with her sleeve on the CCTV and they cant see her actually put the money in the safe, but saw her go to it. She has a meeting on Weds and they say she has to give them a satisfactory explanation of what happened to the money!!! They have also told her who she bring and thats another young girl and cant take the older guy and they have told her not to discuss it with him. Her grandad is a retired union rep, is he allowed to go with her and also what should she be asking and
  19. Hello everyone. A month ago, me and my friend stole from primark. I am extremely ashamed of this and was pushed into doing it, although I take full responsibility for my actions. I took a pair of shorts and my friend took about 5 items. As soon as we put a foot out of the door, we were ushered back in by a security guard and taken to a back room. The security guard was rude, bullied us and was basically mocking us. We had all our cards photocopied (my friend had his NI number photocopied amongst other things and I had my university card copied) to which i'm not sure is even allowed.
  20. I'd appreciate any help in this matter. 5 months ago I had an accident on a mini roundabout, not my fault. The lady coming from an opposite direction just decided not to give me way and drove straight into my car. I have a witness. My car was written off, I got the money less my excess – which was explained will be refunded to me when the case is closed. 5 months down the line I'm due to renew my policy. For my surprise I received the renewal note with no years no claim discount. I was told it's due to the accident I had. Even though it wasn't my fault! But apparently the oth
  21. An insolvency manager who worked for the Insolvency Service, the government agency, has been reported to the police for allegedly stealing £126,000. The Insolvency Service, which administers the insolvency regime in England and Wales, confirmed to Credit Today “internal incidents” involving the alleged theft by an employee of £126,444 from insolvent estates. This resulted in “fruitless payments,” the service claimed, of £155,343 to compensate for the estate account losses. More: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14245/online-news/insolvency-manager-suspected-of-stealing-126000
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