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  1. Hello, I've found that I had kept every bank statement from mid 1980's to 1998 with Nat West. I had a couple of mortgages, several loans and what appear to be excessive bank charges, I will send an SAR, but it is likely that I have more information than they hold, unless they're very good at archiving. During the course of reading each one I found various bodies who had received money regularly from me, but I don't have a clue who they were/are, some seem to be directly connected to the bank account. I would appreciate any help with identifying the following, I have tried googling but haven't had much success.:- MSD Premium Funder. Forward Trust. Lombard Tricity. Fredrickson IN Ltd. Bishop Court IBA. Bradford Insurance.
  2. Just wondering if any body can help about esa asking for bank statements off me and my partner I borrowed money off my brother about £300 and put into my partners account I would like to know would the say anything about that as it didn't come from my cb or ct payments thank you in advance I just made this claim over the phone on the 26th November and they sent me a customer Statement out and that they wanted evidence of bank statements sent thank you
  3. I wondered how secure your information is when sending bank statements to DWP through their Wolverhampton post Handling site?
  4. Hello, I have looked at various posts on here to obtain some guidance and have some questions! This is the situation: NatWest ignored my written correspondence, and served a Default Notice in December 2007 for a joint (with my wife) current account. They continued to ignore written correspondence, and issued a CCJ to my wife (without prior advice) in March 2008 and to me in May 2008. Their claim included the "standard" court interest under s.69 at 8% and charges for solicitor The overdraft was around £5200. Their claim was for approx £5200, plus interest and costs Of this approx £3,200 we found to be their unlawful charges and interest, so we counterclaimed for this, and both cases (mine and my wife's) are currently stayed pending the outcome of the test case. We have recently received a "Terminated Overdraft Notice" sent from Natwest "In compliance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because you have failed to make required payments" in which they indicate added interest (without a rate quoted) which provides a balance of over £5,800. I have continually kept the bank informed of my financial status, and I have even had a third party agent write to the bank prior to their issuing of the Default, all of which were ignored. I am making regular payments in line with the amounts agreed with the third party agent. My questions are: 1. Is it relevant for me to obtain a copy of my original Credit Agreement? 2. Can the bank keep adding interest, even after the issuing of a CCJ? 3. Should I respond to this notice in any way? More info can be provided! Thanks in hope someone can help us! Tedney Hello, Any chance of some help please?
  5. I applied for a Subject Access Request to Barclays. Roll on 40 calendar days* Barclays send me two packages via courier. One of them had bank statements and letters belonging to a Nigerian businessman. Some letters were about freezing his accounts due to a court injunction/restraining order, unfreezing it after the court discharged the restraining order, and eventually the accounts being closed by Barclays a few days later. (See redacted documents attached) The statements cover a two year period at least. There was also a letter about a children's Instant Saver Account. (see attached) Account numbers, sort code, address, all transactions on his account...the lot. Pretty shocking how reckless Barclays have been with his data. The worst part is, Barclays say in their GDRP letter sent to us: 'Barclays is committed to protecting your personal data..". Does anyone know if I should complain to the ICO or is it Barclays? It used to be ICO. This may have changed after GDPR came in to play. * - I applied before GDPR came in to force, so deadline was 40 days not 30 as it is now. Barclays-Mr-X-Accounts-Closed.pdf Barclays-Mr-X-Unfreeze-Accounts.pdf Barclays-Mr-X-Restraining-Order-Freeze-Accounts.pdf Barclays-Mr-X-Child-Saver.pdf
  6. hi, could somebody explain the purpose of a termination notice? i have been served a termination notice 14 days after being served a default notice which i believe to be correct. however i have been served another default notice which is dated the same day as the termination notice. also i am still receiving threats of fees and charges and am wondering the point of the termination notice.
  7. After submitting income and expenditure form, I have a lender asking for 2 months bank statements "to validate the information on the income and expenditure form" "We would require this information in order to agree a potential reduced repayment plan." Am I under any obligation to provide this?
  8. Hi There, I am new to this site and need some advice please. I have recently submitted a PPI claim to Natwest in respect of PPI. I sent them a copy bank statement (dated 1998) depicting 'Credit Card Repayment Protector' being deducted at GBP30.67 per month on a balance of GBP4151 per month. I rang them and they have stated that this is CPP and not PPI. I know that this is not the case and have told them that. Any advice at all please and thanks? I have been informed that a rough calculation is that the PPI would have cost 77p for ever GBP100 outstanding on my credit card balance each month. Therefore the monthly payment of £30.67 on a balance of circa £4151 seems to suggest I was indeed paying the above insurance premium. Whereas NatWest CCP Credit Card Plus cost £36.99 a year
  9. I got myself into a spot of bother with the cops. Easy done it seems. Long story. I'm not here to discuss that. I didn't do anything wrong. Idiots calling the cops over nothing resulting in me getting arrested. Anyway, I've had the first hearing and the next hearing is on Monday. My legal aid has not gone though yet. I haven't heard from my appointed solicitor as promised many times, either by phone or to arrange to meet. I expected a call at least today. Nothing! So as far as I am aware they have still not been presented with witness statements and evidence from the prosecution. And in any case I know nothing about the details of the prosecution's case and there is now exactly zero working days until the hearing. Apart from the fact I am considering going with another solicitor recommended by a friend and not WSA... ... where does my case stand with regards to this? Three charges. I'm looking at potentially resisting arrest and verbal abuse to the police as a worst case scenario. As I understand it it's good practise to have the accused, or their lawyer presented with the evidence 14 days prior to the intermediate hearing, or else how can I be expected to reconsider my plea? Anyone know of any nice little loop holes in the legal system I can throw at the judge on Monday and walk out the building for the last time, and extend my middle finger up to the whole thing? p.s. Scotland
  10. Need for annual credit card statements as started by Credit Card Association = 1. Question even if a person is in arrears or making small repayments to a credit card does the Credit Card Company still have to supply Annual Statements? 2. Is it obligatory for them to do so? 3. If they have failed to do so if obligatory what can be the consequences of failure say non issued for a few years?
  11. Hi, I have a secured loan that I got via Ocean Finance which turned out to be Blemain (now Together). Amount £15k Term 180 Months Taken out Jan 2007 End of term Feb 2022 I have always paid , no issues or missed. Only change by me was a monthly payment date due to change of employer and salary into account. I phoned the other month to change this again to a suitable date and was told I had to pay off arrears from previous change of date years ago??!! They adjusted my monthly payment to cover the shortfall about £2.53 per month difference? I didn't change the date this time either and stuck with it as per years gone by. That is it no other issues at all. Happily ticking along I think great just 4 years to go, however I had my statement today from them and it says in bold my current monthly payments will not cover the loan at end of term I have paid exactly what was set out by the loan provider from start, its a 15 year loan end of surely. I have paid £219.35 for 128 months and £221.98 for last 4 months and my balance is still £9105.11 which seems a lot as I only have 48 months left to go. Never have I been contacted by them. What is going on ? Any help as this has knocked me for six.
  12. Hi i need help. I applied to take my employer (major big employer) to employment tribunal. Their 28 days to respond was up today. I rang the tribunal centre before they shut at 5pm and they said to their knowledge they had not recieved anything from the respondent. They said it was possible if theyd only sent it this afternoon they might not have picked it up so check next week. If they have not responded they can apply to extend the deadline? In what circumstances can they extend it? Ive read that they dont even have to say why they did not respond? I dont know if they are just trying to drag it out but it doesnt make sense that they wouldnt fight it. Its a massive case, im representing myself and im going to prove they are guilty but if they werent able to have a say it would make it easier
  13. Hi, I’m hoping for some advice for my uncle. He is 71, has had schizophrenia all his life, used to live with his parents till they passed away 15 years ago and now lives alone. My mum (his sister) and my dad visit him weekly to check on him, take him some food and do a little clean for him. He receives DLA (lowest rate) and pension credit and has rent paid on a small run down flat. He is usually very private about his finances last time they visited he was very anxious and told them he received a letter from the DWP to ask for bank statements to prove his amount in savings. They asked to see the letter but he said he had thrown it away. When they asked him how much he has, it turns out he has nearly £25,000. Obviously this is way more than he is allowed and we would like to know what is likely to happen now, and what is the best thing to do next? The money has not come from any outside source, purely from his entitled benefits mounting up over the years resulting from him living very and neglecting himself and his home due to his mental illness and medication. For example; he doesn’t eat well, only one decent meal a day and my parents take him fruit and veg and meals when they can. He was going out in winter in a thin summer coat so they bought him a warm winter one. His couches and bed are over 20 years old and falling apart and he refuses to buy a new ones saying they’re fine! he only has this much in savings because he hasn’t had the mental capacity to use his entitlement to care for himself properly all these years. He doesn’t smoke, drink or buy any new clothes or possessions for himself. We are wondering whether to try to convince him to spend a chunk of the money on things he does actually need and keep receipts before sending the bank statements in, or if this is likely to get him into more trouble with the DWP? He talks about being anxious about funeral costs so we could help him get a prepaid funeral plan. He also needs a new mattress, bedding, 3 piece suite, TV, white goods for the kitchen, new clothes and shoes etc all of which he has neglected to buy for himself for 15 years. Thank you very much for your advice!
  14. Not long started to claim IS, have been instructed to attend the job center with some information (passport 3 months banks statements etc). Don't mind doing this but I don't like the idea of disclosing what i spend my money on surely I have a right to privacy here Can i redact the personal transactions on the statement and just show the income support payment along with the balance and my details etc? What possible use would they have for my shopping habits etc.....plus what if (and I don't) do not want to disclose certain transactions such as the purchase of adult materials etc ) Just think its very unnecessary and surely they must have to justify why they require such information. Thanks in advance
  15. We have an eviction notice served by Oakwood Homeloans due 01/10/12. After a horrific few months financially, we are able to pay the mortgage and a sum towards the arrears comfortably and sent the requested wage slips/bank statements/budget sheet by email some weeks ago. We rang up to check if they had been rec'd and they said they couldn't be actioned via email (contradictory to what we had been told). on 31/08/12 my husband faxed the documents, but on Saturday morning we rec'd an eviction notice. We had to wait till Monday to call which we duly did. They advised us to send the docs again :/ by special delivery which we did. They rec'd them on 04/09/12 last week. We have rung every single day and still no decision. Husband rang them before and they told us to ring back 12/09/12. I feel ill with worry that all this is eating into our time if they do go for eviction, and we are totally at their mercy and now nearly 10 days later we haven't so much as sought advice or lodged a N244 . Can anyone tell me if they refuse to ok our proposals and we have to try to seek a suspension will this delay go in our favour? At first we thought it was a tactic to either frighten us or because they were trying to get a field agent to discuss matters with us (we didn't answer the door and texted him to say we were negotiating direct with the lender so not to call again) Most of the staff we have spoke to have been polite and reasonable and have stated they do all they can to avoid eviction, and if we can make payments going forward it should be ok. Yet last week we spoke to one staff member who went through our bank statement saying things like ' well, there are a few transactions for bargain booze (this is our corner shop, neither my husband or I even drink, she wouldn't believe that it sold out of hours grocery items!), she complained I'd spent money in primark ( summer t shirts and shorts for my kids) all of which has been stated as outgoing on our expenditure form anyway! I feel really alarmed and pessimistic about all this but we are being held in limbo - can anyone advise if we should be doing something else other than just sitting and waiting? They have said it's because they have a number of other cases too but they have never, ever taken this long to deal with things in the past. ps - we also made a payment against the arrears to the sum of what we have offered which they took over the phone last week.
  16. i attended a compliance interview 22 february they said hmrc informatiom about 2 interest payments leads them to believe that i could have had over 10000 in 3 accounts that they say where active at the same time when i banked with lloyds i have never had more than one current account and one savings account active at any time i banked with then from 2004 to 2015.They have said i have to provide bank statements from 2010 to present of every bank account i have held and if i dont i will lose my pension savings credit. I do transfer accounts to get the perks the banks offer for swiching so this involves 5 bank accounts.Quote from the interviewer ( you have to prove to dwp that at no time i have had more than 10000 it is not for them to prove that ive had more than 10000 ) I have comfirmation from lloyds that the 3 accounts wher 1 current account with a linked savings account after the intro offer finished for savings account that was closed and i would have put funds in my current account 3 months after that closed i opend another savings account that was closed after 3 months. LLoyds insist that it is not possible with there system to provide me with the statements.so i see no point in even trying and possible having to pay for statements for any other accounts that i have had i gave at the interview the latest statements from the 2 accounts i now have. My question is can they do what they say if i dont supply what they are asking for( and they decide i have had over payments without proof ) and say i have to repay money and i appeal against there decision what would happen could they deduct money from my state pension i do not have any other pension i receive lo rate dla and have less than 2 thousand in my bank accounts and have ccs to pay off loans with them i already contribute to my rent and council tax to make the diference up from HB aand Council tax benefit im at my witts end i did tell them at the interview that since 2010 i have had letters from dwp saying they will phone and to have bank details etc for them they asked when i answerd i dont know look on your computer you should have all details of dates etc and have details about the small lump sum payment i received from a pension when i contacted dwp and informed them and again gave bank details etc people say dont worry i cant stop worrying im not sleeping properly not eating properly i just want to give up
  17. Vanquis default on file making low payments for a few years now, never received An Annual Statement of Account from them? should under the rule they should have sent one annually?
  18. This is a bit of a technical question for long standing bank employees or other retail banking experts about the way data is sent to a customer following a DSAR. I wasn't sure which forum to post it on because it could be relevant in PPI complaints and bank charges, sorry if it should be elsewhere. my query is; why does a bank send you lists of transaction histories instead of copies of the original statements for current accounts and yet for credit card accounts they send you a full hard copy with all the original data just as you had received it years before. When I phoned the bank to ask, the clerk said that's just how they are printed from microfiche. Does anyone know why you cannot request a copy of the original current account statement? I can't imagine the banks removed all your original statement details and just retained the transactions and account number before they archived it, or did they? Thanks to whoever can explain the process
  19. I just got a letter from Metropolitan Collection Services of Coventry. They're pursuing an overdraft I had with HSBC. Last activity on the account was I think December 2010. Shortly after they withdrew the overdraft cos I wasn't paying into the account regularly. The debt is now in the region of £1250. I'm on benefits here and I can't afford to pay this of in a way they'd find satisfying. They have also floated the possibility of taking me to court in 'the country where you live.' Anyone got any advice on how I might call off the dogs?
  20. I recently purchased a Flight on Opodo The reason I booked with Opodo was because it gave certain assurances that I would be able to cancel my flight and receive a refund if I booked though them. My trip was subject to change so I was shopping around for a flexible airline (for september) The first statement although not misleadign itself, did make me feel more comfortable about the booking: "Free cancellation on most routes and airlines" - now I agree this doesnt say ALL route and airlines, but its already put my mind a little at rest and made me feel comfortable to continue further The final nail in my coffin as it were is the statement on the following page: Trip Cancellation Insurance , a BIG bold blue box stating "Life is Unpredictable - dont lose your money if you need to cancel your trip" now there is a link to the full terms of the insurance, but given his bold statement and believing by purchasing this I wouldnt lose my money if i needed to cancel I went ahead and booked. Had this statement not been there I would not have continued with the purchase So correct me if I am wrong but Consumer Protection laws protect me from misleading statements, if a misleading statement is made which leads me to make a purchase I wouldnt otherwise have made then they are breaching the laws? Appreciate any help how to resolve this, Opodo keep fobbing me off to the insurer to make a claim when it is Opodo who own and operate the website and are solely responsible for the content published on it
  21. Hi all I have been made an offer by NatWest/RBS due to the mis-selling of PPI on my partners Credit Card. When I say ‘I’ it is because I submitted the claim on her behalf. I have used the FOSRunningPPI v102 Spreadsheet to ascertain what is owed to her. (Fabulous tool). This runs from September 2001 to February 2008 whereupon we have a zero balance. There are statements missing from June 1998 – August 2001, for which I have populated another FOSRunningPPI v102 spreadsheet created using the average spend, and payments as per the FOS approach, and ascertaining the PPI using the 0.76% charge originally used of the balances produced. My conundrum is what figures do I submit to NatWest/RBS to counter their clearly wrong offer? Do we ‘splice’ the spreadsheets in some way or another, or do we keep them separate and add the figures together in some way? Should I start the FOSRunningPPI v102 spreadsheet with the earlier missing data using the averages described above then continue with the real data to produce 1 spreadsheet, or does that distort the figures too much? How do we consider the statutory 8% interest on the assumed data sheet? There is none there at present as there is no positive credit balance. There is however the time lapse between when that money was taken until now to be considered. The earlier statements would definitely have impacted the real figures in some way given that 3 more years of data has been added, however the latter data is real and the earlier data is assumed… The complication for me arises that the Card balance on the assumed data using the FOS agreed averages ends with a balance of £4856.67 owing on the Credit Card. Whereas the real figure at the beginning of the known data shows £712.80. How do I reconcile this without being laughed out of the room by both RBS and FOS if it comes to that? Do I just ‘tailor’ a payment into the splice approach so the total equals the real £712.80? I have seen threads discussing the insertion of maybe 1 or 2 statements but not 3 years’ worth of statements/data at the start of history of the card. How has this been done previously? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hey guys Apologies if I am in the wrong section, but I am new here! I recently had an accident with another driver where our cars collided. The third party was 100% in the wrong in regards to the accident however she is not claiming liability considering that it was her fault. I'm not here to get advice on the accident details, I am here to ask a question about court statements. When in contact with the solicitors dealing with my case for me, i've obviously given them my statement of what happened and I know i've been completely honest with this because not only is this my first ever court appearance, it's my first time dealing with something like this so I wanted to ensure 100% truthfulness. I've been sent her statement in regards to what happened that night, reading through it she has completely lied about what was said in the conversation between us after the accident. Before I go into what was said, I just want to say that this third party (defendant) is of Polish decent and spoke broken English... When I got out of the car, I said to her that she was in the wrong lane and cut into me causing the accident, to which she replied "I was in the right lane, you were in the wrong lane" to which I replied "Ok thats fine, if you want to argue this i'll call a police officer myself and get them to see who was in the wrong lane" and that was that... In her statement, she has wrote - 'he got out of his car, I told him he was in the wrong and he said "I am a police officer I know what lane I should've been in' My question to you guys is what exactly happens at this point there has clearly been a mis-communication due to a language barrier? I am slightly concerned as the last thing I want to get branded with is impersonation of a police officer when it did not happen at all. I hope this is enough information in regards to the question I would like answered Many thanks Sam
  23. hi i was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. i needed statments from my cashplus business bank account from april 2015 but when i log into my online account area, i only have acccess to september 2015 as CSV downloads. is there any way i can get access to statements from beyond this date (from 2015 april)? im assuming all i need to do is contact them and ask for them?
  24. I am a defendant in a fast track case. I have the other parties documents I requested copies of from their disclosure by list. There are other docs I know of the existence of and want the other party to disclose them as I think they have left them out because they will hurt their case. I have written to them requesting these be disclosed but have not heard back or received supplemental disclosure of these docs. I don't expect to hear back as they refuse to communicate with me regarding this litigation. I am planning to apply for a Specific Disclosure order and cannot find much guidance online on how to go about this. I want them to disclose specific documents, rather than to do an additional search as I think these should have been found and disclosed within the search they already carried out. There are 11 docs in total I want them to disclose. Some of the docs are mentioned by them in emails they disclosed, some are police records they can get through a subject access request, they have disclosed the Crime Ref numbers of these incidents and referred to them in letters they disclosed. My questions are: 1. What do I put in the draft order? 2. What do I put in my supporting evidence/information to support the application? 3. How do I refer to the places that bought these documents existence to light? Many thanks
  25. I'm posting on here as my query is related to PPI. Can anyone let me know if they've managed to obtain copies of old Midland Bank/HSBC credit card statements from the mid 1990's? I have the account number but no paperwork. I've read about one other poster on here who took HSBC to a small claims court in 2007, for non compliance over a DSAR and bank charges complaint. Has anyone else had a similar experience and had to take matters this far to get their data. I asked the ICO for an opinion and they accepted the bank's advice that they only hold statements from six years ago
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