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Found 6 results

  1. We walked into our local Kidderminster Staples to buy some printer labels. We saw them advertised on the website for £11.99. We were surprised therefore that they were £17.99 in the store. When we queried the price, the assistant told us that they would price match any website price. Sure enough they offered us the same price, buy stated that they needed to charge delivery for the same amount as the website, which would be £3.48, making the product a total of £15.47. We were in the store with the box of labels in our hands, ready to buy and they were charging us for delivery? To make matters worse if we ordered online and used click and collect, there would be no charge for delivery. So we could go home, buy online and return the next day and collect the exact same box we held in our hands and get it without a delivery charge. Needless to say we have raised this several times via twitter, for them only to respond by sending us to their price match terms. Having read their price match terms there is nothing mentioned about click and collect, which they claim is not covered by the price match feature. But the terms do say that if a competitor has not charged for shipping then they would match the price without shipping charges. Well the website is a competitor to the store, as after all why are they offering price match against their own website? I would certainly conclude that their practice is not consumer friendly and they are misleading the consumer significantly. If you are buying from Staples, I would highly recommend the click and collect route to avoid delivery charges.
  2. Hi, I ordered a Toshiba tablet from Staples today.I was aware they had got the price wrong. But they processed the order and took payment, with Debit Card. Now they've sent e-mail saying they've cancelled the order, because it was an obvious mistake. Question is, can they do this ?. I thought once the order was processed I was in a contract with them. This has happened before with other companies, and they have honoured the orders, even though they made the same mistake. Any Ideas ?
  3. Hi all, I’d be grateful if I could get your advice on the situation below. J.A.S. Parking, Staples, Stevenage. The regulations breached: 1. Unauthorised parking. 6. Did not use car park provider’s premises and went elsewhere at the time of issue of the parking charge notice. Picture taken at 11:06 (when I arrived) Ticket issued at 11:26 (when I was in Staples by my reckoning) Purchase made at 11:38 (I have receipt) Admittedly I left the premises on arrival at the car park which seems to be where they have me bang to rights, I’m assuming the attendant saw me leave as when asking in store for advice on the ticket was told they are a bit sneaky and often stay out of sight waiting and if they see people leave the site and issue a ticket. Although in fairness the attendant seems to have given me 20mins before issuing which is confusing my outrage somewhat. On my return to site I went directly in to Staples to look for a couple of bits, long story short, I purchased a replacement mouse for my PC. Returning to my car I find a ticket. Any chance of a successful appeal? Or am I just going to waste my time and better off just to pay now and forget it? Here’s hoping some are familiar with this sort of thing and can advise me on my best course of action. The whole process looks a bit daunting but I do feel aggrieved. Many thanks for reading.
  4. Hi guys, question from a newbie. I have received a ticket from JAS Parking Solutions whilst in Staples car park in Ipswich yesterday, 28th Nov. It was attached to my windscreen and was issued for the following; 1. unauthorised parking, 6. not being on premises at time of issue I needed to collect a parcel from the post office and intended to use their parking, due to an unforseen road closure i could not do this and did not have change for the local pay and display. After 20 mins in the queue, i decided to use Staples car park to pop over the road and then buy something from Staples to justify the stay. Upon leaving the shop, i found the notice on the windscreen. Given that there are signs and i can make no appeal on that basis, i thought of contacting JAS as registered keeper, to say the driver had informed me of a ticket and we intend to pay £5.00 as a goodwill gesture to cover the loss incurred by JAS (ink, ticket, wallet and five minutes time of warden). Staples have suffered no loss as the car park was near empty and i parked away from the store entrance. I am thinking that the charge of £94.00 reduced to £56.40 for prompt payment is excessive and in no way constitutes a realistic estimated loss to either JAS or Staples. I would also point out that their warden had to see me leave the vehicle in order to issue the ticket, therefore, should they not have challenged me, given their duty is to mitigate loss to their company before resorting to issue of ticket? Any thoughts? Canon user
  5. Recently on a visit to the Staples in Ipswich, I came out to discover I had a parking ticket. As I was running late I didn't have time to go back in the store to dispute this, so returned some hours later to dispute it with the manager there. He was a very unhelpful individual, and said I must have broken some of the T&Cs. I wrote to Staples customer service department, who although very prompt in their reply, said the car park was managed by a parking company and nothing to do with them. I wrote back several times to the customer service team saying it needed to be escalated higher up in the organisation, but got very polite I'm sorry there's nothing we can do replies. I found out who the director for the UK staples was and emailed him directly. Although I never got a reply from him, out of the blue I got another email from customer services saying that they will be contacting the parking company to get the ticket overturned. I don't want to post his name or email in a public forum, but contact me directly if you need to adopt the same approach.
  6. Hello, Hope you wonderful peeps can help out with this one.. Bought my 13 year old daughter a laptop for Christmas 2009. Purchased on 23 December 2009. Being a typical teenager, she spends most of her time in her room and it wasn't until end of November 2010 that my husband noticed when moving the laptop off the bed, that the end of the charger (original Toshiba charger) was red hot and on closer inspection saw to his alarm that the plug-in site and the surrounding casing of the laptop was melted and mishapen. He was obviously worried about fire hazard so took the laptop away and packed it up ready to return to Staples. When asked our daughter said it had been like that for "ages". Due to us both working fulltime we finally got to staples on 7th December and after examining it, (a few keys missing and some scratches though general wear) they took the Laptop to send to Toshiba. Toshiba phoned mid December saying someone was going to take a look and they'd get back to us. Had a phonecall from Staples today saying that Toshiba had emailed them to say the damage was caused by "Miss use" and the repair will cost £229. I dont understand how they can say the charger overheating and the laptop melting can be caused by misuse?The laptop was less than 12 months old when returned and has an obvious, dangerous fault. I know she hasn't been the most careful with the laptop and some keys were missing and some general scratches through wear and tear but that was not the reason i returned it! Atm the laptop is still with Toshiba. Can anyone please advise?
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