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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I'm so glad to have found this forum. I hold 5 student loans from years 1996 - 2000. The 1996 & 1997 loans are with Thesis The 1998, 1999 and 2000 loan are with Erudio I have never received a DAF from Erudio or signed any document with them. My loans have always been deferred thorugh the Student Loans Company, who now seem to have rebranded as SLC. Historially I've occasionally been late submitting deferment but it's never been an issue. I did not receive a DAF from anyone in 2017. Erudio have sent me a default notice letter saying I had to pay my arrears of £1254 to "remedy the breach of Agreement" by 21st Oct. For personal reasons I didn't open this letter until after that date. I rang them (sorry! - I won't make that mistake again, it was before I found this forum) to see what could be done. I've been told that I'm no longer eligible for deferment. I was explicitly told that the agreement has been cancelled and that I'm no longer entitleld to have the loan written off in 2025 and that I need to enter into a repayment plan. When I started receiving letters I spoke with SLC (last month) and they have sent me a replacement DAF, however it only lists the 2 Thesis loan account numbers, not the 3 Erudio ones. I'd greatly appreciate advice on where I stand legally and what my next step should be. Thesis are also now calling, emailing and texting but I haven't yet responded to them. Many thanks DJ
  2. hi all, I used halifax website to submit my ppi complaint. they correctly discovered my old loan and credit card 2004/6 and sent me a 7 page questionaire to complete and gave me six weeks to do so... I just had a text msg to say three weeks later they are still waiting questions: can they really give me timescales to complete their form? do i really need to complete their form... can i send them a completed fos form which requires much less information? shouldnt i send them one sar for full statement for each acciunt? any help would be gratefully received zubo
  3. Hello I am very confused not least because my wife has walked out on our marriage after 35 years and apart from the relationship upset there is a considerable amount of property in the mix. Unfortunately she left in the last tax year so spousal transfer without CGT is going to be a massive problem. I have spoken briefly to a solicitor but he just confused me even more. I have no issue with the relationship split but the business split is going to be complicated for all sorts of reasons not least CGT. My wife and I are on talking terms and are both keen to get this done smoothly and cheaply. Is there any alternative to using a solicitor? We are business partners already and we are both happy for that to continue without disposal or divvying up the properties. Any suggestions greatly received>
  4. Hi all, I bought a property with an ex partner many years ago. I managed the property for the first few years before handing it over to a managing agent. The property was in my name as he was out of the country as the time of signing the mortgage. No declaration of trust was put in place but it was always agreed to split it 50/50 and there is an email showing this (and that intent). The property was sold 2.5 years ago and following a previous legal matter, where the ex wanted access to the property's accounts, my solicitor at the time, who sold the property, agreed to hold the proceeds of the sale on account until we agreed the split. Where I'm at is that I am still agreeing to 50/50 whereas my ex partner wants more (he thinks I benefitted from re-mortgaging the property which I didn't and various other things which are not correct). My solicitor who dealt with the sale has now handed this matter to a Civil Litigation / Family lawyer in his firm who now wants £500 on account to get going and then £250 an hour + VAT. I simply can't afford this. I see this matter with my ex dragging on and on (as have previous matters to cause extra pain and maximum cost) and I do not wish to rack up huge costs which will only benefit the solicitors in the end. Their quote of what it could cost up to would eat up the entire 50% share I am owed. My questions are : - can I handle this matter on my own for now? - If I need a solicitor in the future can a junior, less costly person handle this? Anyone know how much or where to go? - If I went to another solicitor what happens to the money held on account? - What law prevents me from taking my half as it was in my name anyway? - Can I be taken to court if we can't reach agreement? - Is there any other information that could be useful for me? Thanks so much - I really appreciate any feedback or input you have
  5. Hi all, First of all I have been a bit cheeky, but if anybody could clarify the below it would be appreciated. I returned to the UK last month and the SLC want 5 grand off me upfront for loan arrears and additionally I need to pay the remainder of the debt off via the PAYE system. The amount to be paid off via the PAYE is for around another 10k and will be paid off in due course. My question, as I cannot afford to pay off the full 5k. Has anybody been in this position before and if so what was the outcome? I hoped that the arrears would be consolidated with the remainder and I would pay everything off for x number of years via the PAYE system. Thank you very much and hopefully I receive some juicy responses All the best, Cookie813
  6. I received a CCJ for £400 from Bryan Carter in January 2008 that I have almost paid in full now. The actual debt was £8,000 and reading through these forums, I am already anticipating the 2nd CCJ for the same debt. I've read a lot about how this is against the county court rules - is there a definitive wording to put when you contact the courts to make sure it gets set aside? It seems like so many people have this issue, it may be good to get a template together for it. Also, if this hypothetical CCJ is set aside after they try to chase me for £7,600 - what is the status of the debt then? 1. Can they still chase me privately? 2. How does this debt go on my credit file? (will it be a new debt entry for £7,600 with no default date - or will it go back on the original account, which defaulted in January 2007?) Any help / advice appreciaed, thank you!
  7. I am writing on behalf of the daughter who has recently split with her boyfriend so i will try and keep it as simple as i can They split up a few weeks ago, the goods were in his name but its her house and she paid the payments The goods have been paid LESS than a third He split with a bit of animosity and told them to collect the goods, she went to see them to carry the payments on but they would not let her. They said they would have to collect the suite and she could try to get another new agreement. She is a young girl on her own with young daughter and having the suite confiscated would be very hard for them. After a bit of digging and reading on this forum am i correct in thinking.... They cannot enter her home??? UNLESS with a court order Even then they cannot enter her home?? If it went to court does judge have power to let her continue paying? IT is NOT a police matter?? I am looking at the consumer credit act which states that they cannot recover from ANY property the goods are on Section 92 92 Recovery of possession of goods or land. (1)Except under an order of the court, the creditor or owner shall not be entitled to enter any premises to take possession of goods subject to a regulated hire-purchase agreement, regulated conditional sale agreement or regulated consumer hire agreement. (2)At any time when the debtor is in breach of a regulated conditional sale agreement relating to land, the creditor is entitled to recover possession of the land from the debtor, or any person claiming under him, on an order of the court only. (3)An entry in contravention of subsection (1) or (2) is actionable as a breach of statutory duty. So any entry is a breach of duty is it not?? and according to the secretary (courtesy of this site) “…It is BrightHouse company policy that all of our customers and prospective customers should be consistently treated openly and fairly. Accordingly, BrightHouse operates a transparent and responsible business, and takes great care to ensure that company policies and procedures meet all regulatory and statutory requirements...” - David Harwood, Company Secretary All advice gratefully received Ty
  8. I will keep this as brief as possible. A letting agent was initially approached to a tenancy and the applicant was asked to provide a 'guarantor' to the rent. My 'client' was willing to stand in that capacity and he completed and signed an application to become the said guarantor. That application was then processed and due to him not having a high enough income his application was refused. The letting agent and LL agreed the tenancy to the son without a guarantor. The son later ran into arrears with the rent and eventually he left the property. The landlord then took to recover the rent from my 'client' naming him to be the guarantor, when the matter got into court my 'client' ask for the obvious.....copy of the agreement that showed him as guarantor, the court ordered the LL to provide that document. LL submitted documents to the Court that were allegedly signed by my 'Client' as guarantor...despite my 'client' objecting very loudly to the fact he had never had sight of the documents prior to that moment, he had to agree the signature did look to be his. Judgment(s) were given to the claimant (LL) My 'client' was subsequently chased by Sherforce and forced to pay. Still protesting to the fact he had never signed the documents given in evidence to the Court, my 'client' engaged the services of a Court approved forensic handwriting expert.There is now no doubt the signature on the documents has been forged. Being in receipt of state and a small private pension my 'client' was refused legal aid to get this all reopened by appeal and he does not have the finances to instruct a solicitor. It was suggested he simply made a N1 claim to recover the monies he has paid to these Judgments (3) but it has now been suggested he cannot do that until such time as the Judgments are appealed. Full circle.. Can anyone offer clarity to the way forward? WD
  9. 4 Months ago, my wife and I split. I had been subject to years and financial, emotional and physical abuse, so my head wasn't in the best place, I wasnt aware of what benifits etc were being claimed , I had a budget given to me of £5 per week and that was it as far I knew anything about money, I worked and earned good money but never saw it, my ex didnt work and controlled everything. One of our children elected to come and live with me at the time of the split. My ex wife , then started throwing loads of disgusting ( and proven , false) allegations around , further adding to the pressure I was under. When we left, we were not permitted to take anything with us, we had to start all over again. In Nov, 3 weeks after the split, once I had started to get us both back on our feet, I submitted a claim for Child Benefit and child tax. Last week I received a letter saying that my ex had not informed HMRC of a change and had still been claiming for Child Benifit from Oct until dec 24th, for the child that was no longer living with her. I asked if there was a way I can claim this money back, as I had to buy a whole new wardrobe for our child (no goods have been returned to date and probs would no longer fit anyway) and I had been feeding etc our child since Oct but HMRC didn't seem too bothered about this and said because my ex didnt tell them , it was tough, isnt this benefit fraud ? not declaring a change ? I have police/solicitors/cafcass reports all detailing that we both left in Oct, is there anyway I can claim the Child Benefit for the child that lived me since Oct or does my ex get to keep it all because she didnt tell them ? I assume Child Tax will be the same but I have not yet heard from them, Thanks Ppl.
  10. Hi, I would like some help with a county court claim I havereceived on the 10th july which I have acknowledged today online. Here are the POC Part only of monies due under regulated credit agreementnumber xxxxx/ xxxx between HSBC Bank plc and the defendant the benefit of whichwas assigned to the claimant on 20/12/2011 The agreement terminated upon thedefendants failure to comply with the terms of the agreement and/or thestatutory notice of default served by HSBC Bank plc. The claimant seeks interest pursuant to section 69 of thecounty courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of issuecontinuing at the daily rate of 0.07 any payments or queries should be directedto the claimant on xxxxxx. I will send a CPR31.14 which I wrote with the help ofsamples from this site, But I would like some help writing a CPR18, how would I putthe wording to request the full amount of the monies owed. thanks
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