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Found 3 results

  1. My son went to inspect a car in a local used dealership on my behalf as I am overseas at present. I saw the car ( VW Golf estate auto diesel 2009) advertised in Autotrader, looked clean and well looked after by pics, only 2 owners and less than 100k miles , my son went to see the car , had a good look around and went for a road test after which I spoke on the phone to him. He told me of a rattle on idle which he thought was down to exhaust issue, but the car drove perfectly other than that, under bonnet looked good and no signs of leaks or coolant problems etc. Car had been cleaned obviously and presented for sale. We decided to go for it, left a small deposit while he went off to get cash as dealer insisted on pure cash deal as we agreed on a knock down price from 2999 to 2500, my lad notice also a sticky rear door lock mechanism so the dealer knocked another 50 off. On return an hour later my lad handed over the cash and asked the dealer could he deliver it to my house which was only 2 miles up the road save getting insurance/tax etc as the car wwas going to stand on the drive for 6 weeks until my return, the dealer agreed, handed over the sales receipt and duly delivered the car. My lad followed and after 30 mins or so started to try and track down the " rattly exhaust" . He subsequently spun the lock to inspect the exhaust more closely on the offside, he then noticed a small pool of oil collecting under the car, on inspection he saw a dripping leak from the gearbox. It looked serious so he immediately called the dealer and expected at least a half resonable response considering it was only an hour or so since he had dropped the car off, the guy more or less wanted nothing to do with it and pointed out the car was bought as seen , spare or repair, my lad checked the sales receipt again and sure enough the Dealer had wrote in the margins " Spares or Repair". My lad unfortunately did not check what he was signing for as he had been engrossed in the printed T & Cs and the rattle at the time. The car when advertised did not mention " spares or repair and at no time during road test , inspection or negotiations was it mentioned or any reference to any kind of possible major fault. After a heated discussion and various insults from the dealer owner my lad the next morning took the car back with a letter rejecting the car and requesting a refund. The owner wasnt there but one of his staff refused to accept the car, the letter or the keys so my lad dropped the letter on his desk, with the keys and left the car with them, took pictures of the car at the dealers premesis, the letter and keys on their desk. As we stand now weve given the dealer 14 dyas to refund the money , next stage will be trading standards then money claim online if he still refuses. My main concern with all this is if he dumps the car on the public road, will that make me as registered owner liable for tax impingement etc.
  2. I've recently bought a car, and after speaking to some friends a question has arisen about the receipt. When the car dealer wrote the receipt they put "spares or repairs" on the receipt, this seemed strange, as the advert said that the car was in excellent condition. When I asked the dealer why he had put this he said it was just a way of writing sold as seen. My friends seem to think that both of these are shady practices, that a dealer selling to the public cannot mark a receipt with sold as seen, and that advertising a car in excellent condition, and then writing spares or repairs on the receipt may be the dealers way of trying to absolve themselves of responsibility in the event that a problem arises with the car. Can you please advise if I should be worried about this? and what if anything I can do about it - I bought the car from a dealer rather than a cheaper private sale because I wanted some reassurance that I would be able to seek recourse in the event of an issue, and my friend seems to think that this may complicate that? I emailed the garage the following: Hiya, myself and my dad bought a car from you the other day. So far it is fine but I have spoken to people and I am not happy with the receipt that you gave me. I bought a car that was described as 'excellent' condition, the car is in excellent condition but you wrote a receipt saying spares or repairs. This is not the terms the car was sold under, I would like a new receipt to reflect this. Would you be able to post a receipt or should I come and collect one? And this was the reply: Hi Becki, We sell all our cars as spare/repairs unless you buy warranty from us, that's the reason our cars are better priced than others. If you are not happy with the vehicle or the receipt,please bring the car back within 48 hours so that we may re-advertise it. This is just out of curtsey as you were not fully aware of what spares/repairs mean. After 48 hours of this email your receipt will stand and the offer of refund will expire. Just to put it in perspective the retail value of your vehicle is £4200 according to Parkers but we sold it to you for £3400. Kind Regards Professional Cars LTD 01753 780182 07788 929755 This seems fairly dodgy to me. I've emailed trading standards but I don't think I'll get a quick response. Please can someone give me their opinion? I'm really worried and stressed as only just dealt with one dodgy car and now landed this. My husband thinks the clutch seems high also, so if it goes I need to know what rights I have. Sorry for the long rambling post, I look forward to replys, thanks for your time! Becki:help:
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I've come across a problem with a retail store, and I'm not sure who to turn to. I ordered a very specific part from Studio Spares at the beginning of February this year. It's a metal faceplate, made by a German company called König and Meyer. I was given a delivery date of the 19th of April. When the part didn't arrive, I phoned Studio Spares hoping for an explanation. I was told that they hadn't received it in their last K&M shipment, and they were expecting it in the next one. I was happy to wait, as I need the part to use a keyboard stand (also made by K&M and sold by Studio Spares) that cost me over £100. 2 months later, and 5 months since I first ordered the product, I phoned Studio Spares again today for the fifth or sixth time since the first delivery date I was given. Each time I've called, I've been given a different excuse as to why the they don't have the part in stock. What's worse, I've now been told I'll have to wait til at least the end of August. I'm frustrated, and disappointed with the company. I've been offered a refund for the part itself, which costs less than £10, but I need the part and not the money! I've also spent a great deal more than £10 in phone calls alone trying to chase the part. I finally managed to get through to a manager today, who I've been told is now finding out why it's taken so long. I still feel that there's a possibility I'll be told at the end of August the same thing I was told in April - "The part didn't arrive in our last K&M shipment". If there's anyone that feels they can help me get hold of this part, or at least receive some fair compensation from Studio Spares, please let me know. Thanks.
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