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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I would be grateful if some advice could be given regarding my situation. I am currently applying for a visa at the UK Home Office. However, they have just informed me that my visa application has been put on hold due to impending prosecution charges by South West Trains DRU. The Home Office has provided me with the summon reference and that I am charged with "Travelling on railway without paying fare on 29/09/13." I do not recall having received any notification of this from South West Trains. However, I do recall the incident on the morning of Sunday 29th September 2013: I was traveling with a companion. As we were in a rush to catch the train, my companion ran ahead of me to purchase my ticket. He purchased a zone 1-6 railcard with a Young Person's discount for me. We took the train from Kingston to Vauxhall. At Vauxhall, I was requested to show my Young Person's railcard. I then realised that in my rush I had left my wallet at home and my railcard with it (I do actually hold a valid Young Person's railcard). These details were all meticulously noted by the ticket barrier officer in his pocket notebook- at several points I had to dictate the line of events. Following that, I was let through the ticket barrier. For the remainder of my journey, I purchased the same zone 1-6 travelcard, but without any discount. I would like to settle this out of court and as soon as possible so that my visa application can be processed. Already I have not been able to leave the country for over 6 months, and this has affected my work. However, I do not have a letter of notification from South West Trains and therefore do not have any contact details. I have called IRCAS, and have been given a number to the prosecution department of South West Trains. But, for the last 3 working days that I have called them, I have been unable to reach anyone. There doesn't appear to be an answerphone set up either- I just get a message telling me to try again later. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with South West Trains regarding this? Thank you
  2. Hello all. I'd greatly appreciate any help you may be able to offer on my situation. I was travelling from Motspur Park to Wimbledon, without having touched in, as I was running for the train, and just managed to enter it on time. At Wimbledon, a revenue protection officer inspected my oyster. I have a Zones 1 - 3 weekly travelcard. She was about to issue me a Penalty notice, for which I was ready to give 20 pounds for, when she pulled me to one side and said she would actually like to take this more seriously. She asked for my address and details, which I gave, and confiscated my oyster card. I know I did a big mistake, and I am so so remorseful and sorry for what I've done. I apologise to SWTrains and will never ever do this again. Because I've had 2 penalties in my past and my details are in their database, I think they are taking this quite seriously, also because of the fact I have a "weekly" travel card. I would desperately like to avoid court, and any sort of criminal investigation/record, because I am a musician who travels very frequently and having something on my Criminal Record would jeopardise this, and as I work with children and in orchestras, this would heavily be destructive to my career and my life. I am so stressed and worried, am in a complete state, and a big mess. I know it's my wrong and my fault, but the thought of the traumatic experience that awaits me, reduces me to tears. I am wondering therefore, whether this has a high chance of going to court, and whether you might think there is any possibility of negotiating a settlement out of court. (considering the past penalties). I would like to add again, that I know I did a foolish mistake. It's just that sometimes I don't need to go all the way to Motspur Park because that's where my parents live, so it made more sense to just buy zones 1-3 and touch in and out for the zone 4 extension. I'm worried that with my oyster history of weekly zones 1-3, the prosecution team will think that I am a serious repeat offender, and a fare evader, given my past 2 penalties. Please help, and even waiting for the 2 months for the letter from them seems an impossible task right now. I'm having trouble sleeping, eating, and can't carry on with my daily life with this going on. I'm really sensitive and these things really affect me living my every day life. I actually am performing tonight and am worried how I will pull through. Please help! If I go to court, whatever happens, it will be extremely traumatic for me , I would rather not have to live through that. If this can be negotiated with a fine, I would be so happy... Thanks.
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