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Found 6 results

  1. Purchased a 'Pioneer XCM86D' Network music player/streamer. After 2 months noticed the sound cut off, but as it came back on didn't think anything of it. This got worse and more frequent as time went on until it happened most the time. Took it back to shop , but only realised after looking out receipt that the manufacturers 1 year warranty had expired by 1 week. Shop offered to repair, however after a couple of weeks unit was returned, told it was not feasible to repair as would be too expensive. Received back today told nothing else they can do. left with item which is just over a year old, faulty and not usable. When I mentioned about rights under Consumer rights Act, shop staff said they cannot discuss it in shop and this was done through customer services only. Phoned them and told as I didn't take out 6 year extended guarantee and I had been over the manufacturers guarantee (even by 1 week) there was nothing they can do. Just feel Richer Sounds have washed their hands of it as I was just over the 1 year guarantee period, although I do realise I should have taken it back far sooner when I first heard the fault. . left with unit which can't use . . .
  2. I bought a Sony tv kdl43w755c roughly 12 months ago and have had faults on it since i bought it. I bought it for my son but as he works away sometimes we didn't realise it was faulty until after the time Richer Sounds would replace it. Since then we have been in the hands of Sony, who unfortunately have been poor at resolving the issue and to be honest poor customer service as i had to get Richer sounds customer service team involved to get them out to repair it. We have spent about 5 hours on the phone doing troubleshooting to look into the issue and eventually they had a repair engineer out to replace the main processor board but this has not resolved the issues we are having. Once again Sony want to start the process again and to be honest i cannot go through this again. I have spoken to Richer sounds customer service team and they also want us to do it again however i have been informed that under the CRA the repair agent has one attempt to repair the problem then if still faulty i can ask for a refund or replacement I am a loyal customer and advocate of Richer Sounds and to be fair the customer service from your staff has all ways been very good. I have seen the email address for John Clayton of Richer Sounds and sent him this email as well am i right in thinking we are entitled a refund or credit note hoping Richer sounds come through
  3. Hi. I've only just joined so I hope I'm doing everything correctly. Please point me in the right direction if I'm not. I bought a Panasonic TV from Richer Sounds on November 25th 2014. The cost of the TV was £1199.00. I also purchased 2 pairs of 3D glasses for a further total of £69.90. I received a free 5 year guarantee on the TV. The TV failed just before Christmas, now about 6 weeks ago. I contacted Richer Sounds and, after saying they could arrange an engineers visit, because of the proximity to the holiday season I agreed to take the TV to a store so that I could get a loan appliance. I have this at the moment and I left a £600 deposit with them for this. I spoke to Richer Sounds yesterday as I had heard nothing and I was told that there was a problem with parts availability and they were discussing with the manufacturer an "alternative resolution." I have not idea what that will be but I also have no idea what my starting point should be. I know that Richer Sounds are a reasonable company to deal with but should I base any negotiations on the features of the TV, the £1199.00 I paid, or some other criterion? The problem, of course, is that the TV I had was a fully featured one when it bought but the value of those features has dropped in the intervening 2 years. I don't want to be greedy but I also don't want to miss out. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone I am having a problem with Richer Sounds at the moment..... My TV was sent in for repair 6 weeks ago now. It was returned the first time after exactly 1 month and not only was it not repaired it actually had an extra fault! I am in touch with a very decent person at Richer sounds by email but he not is really able to help. He tells (and I believe him) me that he has esculated my case to a higher level within the company about 10 days ago but as yet I have not heard from anyone else. Currently my TV is with Richer Sounds contract repair company and I have no confidence that they will be able to repair the original faults or the fault they created when they had the TV the first time round. They are awaiting parts and have no firm date for their arrival..... hense I have no firm date for my TV's return The very decent person I am in touch with at Richer Sounds did try find me a replacement TV however was not able to for 2 reasons 1. Richer sounds no longer stock my TV model. 2. Richer Sounds were not able to find a model with a similar specification that was in stock! I did ask for a credit note so that I could put extra towards the cost of a set with a similar specification (very reasonable on my behalf I thought) but I was told that although I paid £899 for my TV, Richer Sounds last sold my TV for £300 and that was all they were prepaired to give me a credit note for. Very unfair I thought. So here is my message to Richer Sounds.... Your repair contractors are incompetent (even worse at keeping your customers informed of their progress) Your high level customer service team (if there is one) have had my case for 10 days and have done nothing! Your terms for offering a credit note to customers who you have failed is unfair! I feel that I am a reasonable and decent person who you can get in touch with to discuss a fair way forward. I wont bite! Please get in touch. Six weeks and counting is too long to be without my TV. I would also mention that I've taken 3 days off work (and counting) waiting in for engineers to pick up and drop off my TV. I forgot to mention that when my tv came back from its 1st repair attempt not on was not fixed (It had an extra fault too) but also had some small parts missing from the rear of the TV. These were caps or covers that fitted over the wall mounting positions. I have been in touch with Richer Sounds by phone a lot in the past few days/weeks. To their credit they have a UK call centre and the call is answered very quickly. Just one question are 0333 numbers free to call?
  5. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued a major debt collection law firm on Monday, alleging it is a "mill" that produces shoddy, mass-produced credit-card collection lawsuits. The bureau's claim, filed in federal court in Atlanta, states that Frederick J. Hanna & Associates has filed hundreds of thousands of lawsuits on behalf of banks including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Capital One and Discover without doing even basic checks to determine whether the people they sued actually owed debts. "The Hanna firm relies on deception and faulty evidence to drag consumers to court and collect millions," the bureau's director, Richard Cordray, said in a statement. "We believe they are taking advantage of consumers' lack of legal expertise to intimidate them into paying debts they may not even owe." https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/us-consumer-bureau-sues-debt-213548841.html
  6. Seems we are getting various issues with 1 thing or another at the moment!!!. I got an LG tv from Richer Sounds 3 weeks ago from there clearance lines in what they call "open box" in what could be either ex-display, customer return or manufacturer repaired etc. In fact the staff in store said it was ex-display and they used to use it the same store I bought it from, funny how the store never noticed this problem. It was sold as coming with the full manufacturer 12 month warranty and I was\am intending to get the 5 year cover in the new year. But I've now noticed in the last week that this tv has some major issues with a sound delay. Not a video delay but a sound delay thats become very annoying. This problem does vary but tends to be more notable on playback than actual broadcast. I feel I've tried and confirmed that no other device is causing the problem and that the issue is therefor 100% the tv. I've beed researching the issue for info and a fix during the day and it seems thats it's not possible from what I can tell with only a slight possability that there is a setting in the service menu that might fix it but I can neither access the service menu (only for LG repair people) and it would probably invalidate the warranty to try myself anyway. Google research indicates this is a known problem with a certain number of various models of tv from LG. Research also indicates that when owners contact LG themselfs about the issue that LG try to deny having any knowledge of the issue and other factors must be causing the problem even though a google search of LG tv sound sync\delay problems proves otherwise. This denial of knowing of the problem by LG may make even going via Richer Sounds themselfs a problem if Richer Sounds dont know of the problem as such and try to get information or confirmation from LG themselfs prior to confirming if there is an issue to warrant a repair which on a 47" tv is an on-site cover so thats a concern about being fobbed off by either Richer Sounds, LG or both due to a possible denial of it being a problem by LG. Also assuming Richer Sounds do come out and verify the problem what rights do I have with reguards to a repair or a like for like replacement?. According to Richer Sounds (as said in store at the time of buying the item) if a problem cant be sorted or fixed I'd get a like for like replacement. But this tv was as said in a clearance sale due to being what they call "open box" it was actually very cheap for a 47" tv. Richer Sounds dont stock that model any longer and it seems LG dont make that model any longer either so a repair may well probably not be possible as everything has moved over to LED instead of the non LED back-lit that out tv is. The next nearest like for like in the same screen size would cost near £300 more retail price wise. The nearest price wise is only 40\42" screen size (due to using the newer LED technology) and I'd not call the screen size difference like for like in the slightest. So under these circumstances and assuming it cant be repaired for various reasons what options or rights do I have because I simply cant live with this sound delay problem even though it's a cracking tv otherwise but I will be calling Richer Sounds in the morning and simply wanting to know my rights and options over the issue before hand.
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