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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all This used to be the norm for me, checking the forum and working out how to deal with debt problems. I eventually managed to get my credit score back up to a point where I could get a credit card, albeit, a high apr Vanquis card. I was in a stable job earning relatively good money and have managed to make the monthly payments for the last 3 years. However, a few months ago, I lost my job and I had started to study for a career change. I have since qualified and even though I still have the experience of my previous job, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a job. In the last year or so, I have taken on more creditors due to having financial stability. I took out a small loan last year with Avant credit for £1000 which has £715 left to pay in total, I also bought a new pushbike with V12 retail finance of which I still owe £654, I have a further 2 credit cards with capital one and the balances are £567 and £275. My vanquis card is owing £3167 I made a lot of phone calls a couple of months ago to see if I could hold off payments until I am financially back on my feet, but instead, all the creditors backed me into a corner to make arrangements for smaller payments, even though I couldn't afford to meet the payments due to not working. Does anyone know where I stand with this and what I may be able to do as I am now in a position where all of these creditors have now sent these debts to outside companies who are now writing to me and texting me. My credit score has plummeted and this situation is only going to get worse. I still have no work but none of these companies seem to be listening. Thanks in advance
  2. I definitely will. Thank you, I just wanted to know if there was anything that I'm missing or not doing correctly. For example, what would happen if the court finds that my friend has totalled up the total owed slightly incorrectly, maybe out by £50 or so? Do they then act upon this, etc?
  3. Hi All, Having the same run around as a lot of other members it seems, I used a claims company for some credit card PPI claims and saw it was an easy process so I decided to go after Halifax myself, I had records that we had three mortgages with them: 1) 1994-1997 2) 1997-2000 3) 2000-2007 June 00 - July 07 I didn't have all the details so called halifax - they first said we didn't have any mortgages with them!! I gave all addresses and dates. I had to go through some old credit files which gave me one roll number, then they found them all! what a surprise - at that point they confirm all three had poi - I asked for them to setup a complaint - I then had to prove who I was and supply other details.. This was done and they went forward with a complaint - I also found a document from our house purchase (3) which had a redemption figure and confirmation of the mortgage repayments insurance figure - £140.84 a month After about 8 weeks we got a cheque for £16,800 which already had tax deducted - the rate on interest is at 8%, they have said they the overall amount we paid towards the MPPI is £9,539.24 although I have the letter stating £140.84 a month ( just mortgage 3 ) maybe it increased as the years went on. They have put the interest at £9,270.90 based on the amount above and mention this takes into account the date we get paid back, maybe I have used the wrong PPI calculator but the figure I'm getting with interest is near £27k based on their figure of £9539.24, when I put in £148.284 a month its at £33.5k. Am I getting the working out completely wrong? The unbelievable thing is the wife said that doesn't sound right for all three mortgage's - we rang them up and they said, you have only made a complaint about the last mortgage - I said why would we go through everything listing all mortgages then only complain about one, they again confirmed the two previous had Mppi and set a new complaint process going - they even took our account details to hopefully make the payout quicker. 10 days later we have a letter dated 12th saying that they cant find any PPI on those two mortgages, the next day we have a questionnaire asking about why the PPi was taken out, did we claim etc. I called and said we had it confirmed that Mppi was across all mortgages and said we were even given a rough monthly cost when we put in the original claim, the lady let it slip that in the last few days all systems have been updated and old records could have been lost as its so old, I asked her to confirm that this could have deleted the details she said yes. I then said we have been in contact for two months and there must be a record somewhere, she asked me to send in any paperwork to the complaints dept! Great! Thanks for any advice.
  4. I am using a Panasonic tv with a Panasonic sound system connected via HDMI. My box is continually losing sync between sound and vision. I have to reset it no less that 3 or 4 times every day and it's becoming a real pain in the ass and spoiling programme viewing. This box is not fit for purpose. I put the problem into the BT forum but as expected, no one from BT responded. Today I'm going to email the boss and tell her she has 1 week to fix the problem or I end my contract which has only been going just over a month.
  5. Seems my personal injury claim has now reached settlement so i thought i would treat myself. I do not ask for much but i do like my movies on a big screen with a decent sound system. I cannot get about much so i am looking at home cinema. After having a Sony and Samsung home cinema system in the past which was naff, i am determined to buy separate speakers and a separate AV amp. Looking on the richer sounds web site, Sound bars and a sub-woofer seem all the rage at the moment My question is are they any good (Sound bar and Sub-woofer) compared to separates as stand alone units
  6. This is my first post on here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I seen a house that I liked so I arranged a viewing, when speaking to the estate agent who showed me around she said the property had been on the market for around a year with very little interest and that the property was for sale because the owner went bankrupt whilst he was renting this property out. Taking these few things into consideration I thought I would make a cheeky offer of 100k hoping that they would want a quick sale due to the bankruptcy situation (the property was on the market for 117,950). Two days later I rang the estate agent to see if there was any news she said she hadn't heard back from the trustees yet and in the end it took them a week to decide to reject my offer and make the decision to take the property off the market due to the property being in negative equity. If you've got this far I thank you for your time and basically what I want to no is what do you think they will do now? Will they file for repossesion and therefore the property will be up for sale again shortly? If so how long would it take before its back up for sale? Or will they do something different? Obviously the mortgage company want as much money back as possible therefore the only way I can see this happening is by them selling it. One thing I've thought of is will the trustees possibly take charge of the property and rent it out until the property price increases until they case sell it for what they need to take the property out of negative equity? Thanks
  7. I have been plagued by this company for the last three years. I am the unlucky recipient of a recycled land line number from BT. it is like pulling teeth with this company as they lack any sort of basic cognitive response to rectifying a simple dispute. I have gone through their complaints procedure for which they say sorry and my phone number has been removed, only to start up again six months later This is now going to end one way or another, i have been nice, now it is war. Who the hell do these people think they are to intimidate and bully. The person in question they are after is female, i am the male of the species and live alone for which Robbbers way are fully aware
  8. Hi, I have lost the sound on my rather old Compaq Presario.Nothing is showing up with an error,have uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them everything is enabled have not touched the BIOS yet as I couldn't access it any ideas anyone,I cannot really afford to replace the machine at the moment. Not any more.
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