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Found 6 results

  1. A recent house purchase left me very surprised when I discovered that our conveyancing solicitor was freely giving info about the progress of the sale to the vendors estate agent, including our mortgage status etc. I wondered if any Caggers could let me know what the legal staus of this is? Does the estate agent have any right to our information? Should the solicitor be freely giving information to the agent? Shouldn't the solicitor just stick to discussing things with the vendors solicitor?
  2. Well.... I tweet to Three about #GoldNumber... I get followed by Lovetts Solicitors... DAFUQ? [ATTACH=CONFIG]60148[/ATTACH]
  3. Hi, last year I took out a payday loan with the company named "MyMate", unfortunately I got into a viscous payday cycle, and could not pay back. Since then, they changed names to "Different Money" and have tried contacting me, but only through either phone or email. Not physical letter what so ever. The phones I never answered, as it was numbers I did not recognize, and any txt they sent me would have come to my "spam" box on my phone. The same with my email. However, going through my email I noticed that different money had sent an email sending a "final warning" before sending it to their solicitors which they named "Alph Legal", I responded to that email saying it had appeared in my junk folder and did not notice it, but it was already too late, and I would have to talk to "Alph Legal". A few days later, I did get a letter, but not from Alph Legal, but from Douglas Wemyss Solictiors, they claimed an amount with the usual charges added, a nd said I should pay in full to avoid further charges or contact them within 14 days for reasons of non-payment. Which I did, it even provided me with a specific email address and not a phone number. However, I heard nothing in return. And now, I got a county court claim form from them. I talked to different money, and they happily set up a payment plan, but said they have accepted the payment plan, but it has to go through court most likely as it is with the solicitors now , and I would have to pay their fee..?? They are going to contact them tomorrow to clarify this, but surely this can be disputed right? First of all: They (Mymate/Different Money) never sent me a physical letter, only either email or phone. Surely you would send me letter if unsuccessful? Which means, I did not really have a chance to discuss this matter with them, I was not even aware that they had changed name! Second, the solictors did not get back to me, and I even sent a further email to them. Heard nothing. Different Money said they would check up on why this was, but still. Since they never responded, I assume my right and avoiding court could be within my rights here? They also have some really funny address on me, postcode is right, but wrong county and number on the road I'll be waiting to hear back from different money tomorrow, but if they say I HAVE to go through their solicitors, how do I proceed with this claim form? I don't want to pay their £60 court fee and £70 solcitors cost, and I also want to avoid a CCJ. Any advice please, I have 14 days left to respond to the court.
  4. Good evening, I have been trying to find out what to do with regards to my problem. Back in 2012 i was involved in a car accident. It wasn't until last year that I decided to make a claim for personal injury on the say so of a doctor(Who did not get paid by the anyone i must add!). The firm of solicitors i used were Silverbeck Rymer. To say they were useless is an understatement. I had to do all the chasing, they never rang me, when they had settlement figures they didn't bother to contact me. Eventually I got a payout and they sent me a cheque. 2 Weeks later i got another cheque for the same amount. Knowing they may ask for it back I put it in the bank, half expecting them to spot the mistake and cancel the cheque. Now I know I shouldn't have cashed it and told them of their mistake but I felt like I had one over on them for once! They have wrote to me now, nearly 5 weeks after the second cheque had cleared and basically said we want our money. Seeing as they have overpaid me, both cheques had 2 separate signatures on and it was clearly their mistake do I HAVE to pay it back? I suspect I do. If I do, where do I stand if I offered them a % of the overpayment and the rest monthly? Can they force me to pay it back in 1 lump sum? Oh and while I remember, no i would no recommend them to ANYONE!
  5. hi I am pretty new to this and need some advice, I have received a court letter from Northampton court, I replied to the court online to defend claim in full, I am being taken to court by restons solictors on behalf of arrow global, they claim I own them £742, over last weeks I have sent restons requests for information using your cpr request letters , so far they have given me nothing , in every letter I have denied any knowledge of this alleged debt, as I have not a clue what there talking about so far restons have given me nothing , the last letter they have just sent me under a cpr 18 request, states by restons they fail to see how the information I requested under a cpr18 is reasonably necessary or proportionate, and how provision of the documents I requested will assist you in preparing your case, they then went onto say on a voluntary basis we can confirm this debt is owed to shop direct, (littlewoods extra catalogue) opened in oct 2004 and last payment shows on account on march 2008, i am some what mad with restons as how can i defend myself when 1 i have no clue or information for this alleged debt, and they refuse to provide any documents to prove this, my credit file contains no information, so i am pretty much working blind and i am sorry i have until the 25th nov to submit my defence, and i lost as what to place as a defence, and prior to the court paper s turning up i had received no letters , from either global or restons i would be grateful for any assistance
  6. Hi any help would be welcome, i have a few debts and a few are with lowell but get others to collect i left all my debts at my prevous address, as could not afford them, wrong i know, but a few have followed me as i got a few quotes for insurances in past but dont know how they have obtained my new address, as first i have not fill in voting forms so they cant trace me through that, most debts will expire this year and letters if i have received i have put sender not here, another lie i know, but got one with no return address, a grey letter i iusually check online usually po boxes are debt or have orange lines across enevelope but double check, it was from bryan solictors, and gave deadline 7 days just before christmas, otherwise they take me to court, i read so where that it is last date when made payment or is date of default this was 04/2007 so should be off this time. i cant see if they do take me to court why they have left it to last minute, or do they have no chance, any help like i said will help do i jsut say never recieved any letters, and would court then see rest on my credit file as they are all of this year last one in june. lastly i have a judgement from northampton court 10/2007 could this come to light if bryan carter take me to court as read it is same court they use if thats true, but you see a lot on web and dont know what to take in also when does a judgement go off heard it 7 years not 6 like a default. anyway hope anybody can help me and what to do if worse happens thanks
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