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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I purchased a car just over 3 weeks ago and it has been took back to the dealer for a few snags (its covered by a 360 day warranty that I got no paperwork for!) one of the snags was dashlight errors for seatbelts and airbags, the dealer told me that his diagnostic couldn't read a fault, so he took it somewhere else and their machine came up with an unknown fault and that he would have to take my car to the main dealers but it would take a week to get booked in, in the meantime I noticed 3 connector blocks hanging right down under the glove box, these were meant to be held up by fir-tree slotted clips, I decided to just locate them back into their original position using the clips, 5 second job really but it took away the airbag and seatbelt error lights from the dash Last saturday it went back to them again with a whirring noise coming from nr the alternator. Their mechanics thought it was idle tensioner and told me to leave it with them, I happened to tell them that I had reclipped the connectors back to their original position and that the dash error lights had gone off, I think they were relived that they wouldn't have to take it to the main dealer!!! The next day (sun ) I phoned them back to be told a load of rubbish about them changing tensioner and they had to change the waterpump also but the waterpump needed coding to the engine!!. They then told me in a later phone conversation that a diagnostics expert was coming out to do it. On Monday I called the dealer to be told that the diagnostics guy had said that they couldn't do the cars timing because the wiring was a mess, guess what, it was my fault for just sticking the connector blocks back in their rightful place and now my warranty was void, I was fuming with him and I think that he realised he couldn't lie to me so he backed down!! I called kicked off due to having lots of days off to work to wait for a car that isn't getting back to me, I asked for a courtesy car, they didn't have one, but the dealer offered to take me to work in the morning. I knew that he had been lying to me since day 1 and decided to put my mobile phone on audio record for the works journey, he tried to make tons of small talk but said that I would get my car back that day, I questioned exactly what work was needing doing and whilst on record I have him telling me again that his mechanics couldn't do the timing due to the wiring being a mess!! He called me at lunchtime that day and told me the car was sorted and that he would drop it off at work. He arrived with it on a recovery truck with him and one of his mechanics in the cab, well as you can imagine, alarm bells were going off, he showed me the panel where the diagnostics are plugged into and told me that it had been hanging off and that's what the problem was, apparently he took it to a main dealer and it cost him £300 ( more lies) I made sure he accompanied me on a test drive, I recorded the conversation again on my mobile phone, on the testdrive I raised concerns that the whirring noise was still audiable and he just said that it was fixed, had a new waterpump. I parked the car in my works car park and noticed a little later on that the expansion tank was bone dry, not a drop of coolant in it, I was furious and called the dealer to reject the vehicle and ask for a full refund and part-ex back, he basically laughed at me. To cut a long story short, the day after I had a recovery truck take it to a local garage for a strip-down and written report on the findings, the garage called me mid afternoon and told me to go up there, when I got there, the mechanic told me that the engine was completely void of coolant, a ton of oil had been thrown around the tensioner to try and hide the noise and that the so called new waterpump is actually the original one from manufacture!! He pointed it all out to me and I got a few grainy mobile phone pics, but im sure that this inspection report wont need pics to prove a point. I have drafted a sale of goods act letter to the dealer and am awaiting my vehicle inspection report to be mailed from the garage so that I can sent it to the dealer. I have noticed though that the sale of goods act 1979 states...... Where a customer is entitled to a full refund because they have not accepted the goods but have agreed that you may repair or replace the goods, they can claim a full refund if the repair or replacement is . taking an unreasonable time, or • causing an unreasonable inconvenience, or • if the repair or replacement is not satisfactory when they receive it This is confusing me because it was down to a non-existent repair that I decided to reject the vehicle (goods), does this mean that I will have to give them another go at repairing, or could I just go straight for the full refund? I obviously don't want the car going anywhere near them unless its to hand over for a refund, they left it with no coolant in it, didn't do repairs that they stated they had and basically left it with untold damage due to driving with no coolant. If I hadn't noticed the lack of coolant then I would have been driving it till it went bang!! any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Hi All Any help would be useful as I would like to know where I now stand. I test drove a Smart Car on the Sunday 24th and it seemed fine. Only drove it for about 5 minutes as there was no petrol in it. 2007, 52,000 miles. I put a £300 deposit and would collect it on Monday Paid the money, £3,700, on Monday and drove back home about 50miles in total. Started the car Tuesday and the engine came on. I booked the car into a mercedes specialist garage on wednesday and its been in there untill now. There is low compression in one of the cyclinders and an engine rebuild is the only option as all other possibilies have been checked. I have confirmed this with a smart car specialist who came to the same conclusion. The works will cost between £1000-£1500. I have contacted the dealer who I purchased this off and he was very abusive down the phone and said there is no warrenty on the car and hung up. After leaving him to cool off, and while I was doing some research on the sales of goods act and speaking to the advice line, I then phoned the dealer again. I explained that he should pay for the repair or I will accept a full refund. This time he got threating and said there's nothing they can do so contact who you like. I have have wrote all this in a recorded delivery letter and am waiting a response. I have a strong feeling he will not response to any letters I send him. I would of course like to avoid going to court and the hassle with doing that but as a last resort I will. Am I right in asking him to a repair or refund? Many thanks in advance. Dan
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