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Found 3 results

  1. I have an Openreach engineer booked for tomorrow and BT are adamant their tests show it's an internal problem so I will be charged. The line is dead, no phone and no broadband. At first I was told to go through the checks for faulty equipment - fair enough. Currently there is one of their filters plugged into the test socket on an Openreach installed master socket and the only thing attached to that is a BT hub. Now they're saying if it's the master socket I'll have to pay because it's inside the house and I own it. Is this right, if so I'd rather pay the local ex BT guy £40 than BT £130. Do I own it? Am I responsible for it?
  2. I've had a disagreement with my landlord over penetrative damp coming through a plug socket. Other than this issue there is little else I'm too bothered about with my tenancy. Please take a look at the below images. (If a mod couldn't edit the link to work after checking it that'd be great) hxxp://imgur.com/a/LAma8 I notified my landlord of this after discovering it in my new tenancy (who had already been notified by other tenants previously). I explained I felt it was a serious electrocution hazard and probably a fire hazard. My landlord put it in writing that due to good weather he was busy doing repairs on other houses that had broken fences/gutters. I disagreed with this and felt that despite this being ignored for sometime the presence of a young child meant this should be an emergency repair. Broken fences and gutters can't electrocute people, his priorities are wrong here right? Anyway, after 3 weeks of dilly dallying I eventually put my foot down and said if it were not addressed I would be calling the council. Someone came the next day but I was out (common area in shared house, allowed access without warning I think). All that has occurred is the faceplate being replaced with a flat one without plugs. My landlord tells me the electrician has stated that this is now safe and is ignoring my communication. I have a feeling he's telling me porkies and that this is in fact still dangerous and/or a fire hazard. What should I be doing in this situation? He has told me as a result of the back and forth of me trying to get him to do SOMETHING (prior to the council threat) that I am the worst tenant he has had of 100s in his 17 years as a landlord. I feel like I've been pretty reasonable and just wanted action on a dangerous hazard. I still feel like it's a fire hazard and further action should occur. What should I do here? What are my options? What do the experienced here think? If opinion is against me then fair enough, I'll put my hands up and admit fault and lack of reasonableness. I however feel like this should have been resolved in the kind of timescale that an owner-occupier would have prioritised it, and with a small child regularly in the house I feel like that's a hazard worthy of immediate repair. Yes? No? Right? Wrong? Thoughts. Thank you very much all.
  3. The petition is a result of the enthusiastic discussion on socket covers taking place at the Electricians Forums. It turns out that there are a lot of electricians who are very concerned about socket covers, and many of them have felt that way for a lot longer than the FatallyFlawed campaign has been running. The message has been well promoted on the forum website by the forum owner (himself the father of a toddler). The petition was started by one of the contributors and has just gone live. It does not call for a ban, but the regulation of anything which plugs into a BS 1363 socket, but is not actually a plug. The current (pardon the pun) situation is that a supplier selling a real plug which does not conform to BS 1363 dimensions is liable to up to six months in jail, but anyone can sell a socket cover (or phone charger, or night light, or air freshener) with oversized pins, and the potential to cause permanent damage to a socket, with impunity. Damaged contacts are poor contacts, and poor contacts overheat and catch fire. Even if you believe that a properly fitting socket cover has some value, (and there are none of those on the market – they are all wrong) please sign the petition to help put a stop to the sale of damaging and dangerous junk. Also, please consider helping to spread the word. Encourage your friends and relatives to support this cause, it will not cost them a penny! Thanks, David at FatallyFlawed www.fatallyflawed.org.uk www.bs1363.org.uk
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