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Found 7 results

  1. I have a flat above shops, a new takeaway has just opened downstairs, I have noticed that there is smoke coming from their filters at the back of the shop, the smoke is noticeable and smelly and comes into our kitchen and bathroom through the windows, we have to have the windows shut, tried to talk to them to no avail, it is a Caribbean jerk chicken takeaway, so we can smell the chicken as well as the grease and fat. Is there anything we can do, because when the good weather comes we will not be able to open our windows at the back, our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom will have no ventilation.
  2. Hi there I am a Support Worker employed by a city council. I support someone with a very mild learning difficulty, but they are totally independent. They are able to cook, clean, self-travel, etc. by themselves, and our team is present 24 hours a day to ensure the service user does not make unsafe decisions about relationships, or get in trouble with the police for anti-social behaviour. They live in reasonably small, modern 2 bedroom flat on the 4th floor. The single bedroom is designated as the staff sleepover room. The flat is owned by a housing association, which the city council then rents. Therefore, the service user is not directly the tenant. We do not have guardianship of the service user. My question: The service user is a smoker of around 110 to 20 cigarettes/day. They choose to smoke inside their bedroom - sometimes with an open window but often fully closed up, particularly at this time of the year. If they are smoking in their bedroom, the smoke can be smelled by staff in the sleepover room - even with an open window. We have been told we have the right to leave their flat for 1 hour if the service user starts smoking. Upon re-entering after 1 hour, the smell of smoke is still noticeable. I understand 2nd hand/passive smoking is dangerous as its unfiltered, can linger in the air for many hours and the dangerous stuff is invisible. As I am working 12+ hour shifts each day in this environment, what rights do I have as a non-smoker? Should I join a union? Many thanks
  3. As the Festive season is upon us please also remember the IMPORTANCE of ensuring that your. 1. Smoke Alarm is fully working (renew battery if required) 2. Carbon Monoxide Alarm is fully working (if fitted renew batteries if required) BE SAFE THIS FESTIVE SEASON
  4. I bought this car from a dealer in January (almost two months ago) and noticed the car emitting blue smoke from exhaust and later on from dashboard. I can only use the car on weekends therefore it took me so much time to notice this issue. The ABS sensor for one of the tyres also started malfunctioning within the first month (almost 300 miles) and the dealer had changed one of the ABS sensors before I bought the car so it could be the same tyre's sensor going faulty. I took the car to Halfords via my warranty provider who so far only confirmed the ABS sensor fault (it had taken me 5mins to find this out using my code reader) and need more time (and money of course) to find out what exactly is causing the blue smoke however they might strip off the engine. I had contacted my dealer almost 4 weeks (driving the car for the 5th or 6th time) after the purchase date and clarified my intention about the refund however he encouraged me to take the warranty route first but obviously after finding out what the faults are I wouldn't like to own this car any more. So far I have driven the car almost 500 miles, could anyone please advise if it is still reasonable to reject the car or shall I only insist on repair?
  5. hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me? To cut a long story short I rent my home from a housing association. Last year we had a devastating fire meaning virtually the whole of upstairs needed re building. Last august we moved back into the property being assured that it was safe and habitable. Much to my shock today I was informed during my annual gas safety check that I should have 2 wired smoke alarms in my property which was built in 1996- I only have one upstairs. Further more my alarm upstairs (non battery (operated) has been tested by an electrician and it is not working! I also have light switches that are not working. I am now feeling that my housing association have not acted with in the law by working with in the building regs. They have left me today with no working smoke alarms after promising to fix the problem today! I have been out and bought battery operated smoke alarms so I can at least sleep tonight. I would like some advice on where I should go from here? can I claim my rent back from living in this property which potentially isn't safe? Can I request a PAP test or a move? Any advice would be gratefully received!
  6. Hi all, So i've been doing a lot of research into quitting smoking, as my previous attempts have failed. I've tried the e-cig, spray, gum, tablets and lozengers and they have either made me sick or gag or left me with dry mouth. Patches are a no go as i suffer from eczema so cant use them. So i've decided to go cold turkey. Not had a cig since last night, so nearly 24 hours in, and i've got to say im feeling pretty good, and when i can distract myself i have no cravings at all. I actually got to thinking that maybe these NRT's may be more of a problem than a solution, as your prolonging the nicotine addiction. What do you guys think, anyone just gone cold turkey and suceeded? Danielle.x
  7. Hi, I have just recieved a letter from a civil claims company saying that when we stayed at Liverpool Central The Strand Travelodge on sat 19th may 2012 a piece of fire detection equipment had been tampered with. I have been hit with a £150 charge for loss of earnings from the hotel. I contacted the travelodge to refute these claims and also find out actually what they were on about and I was told a plastic bag had been placed over a smoke detector. I stayed in the room with 2 of my friends and none of us smoke, there was nothing in the letter to say they could smell smoke in the room, just this plastic bag over a smoke detector. Now this could have been there days or weeks before we got there as apparently they are above head level, this is a brand new hotel and im told brand new smoke detectors come brand new in a plastic wrapper when being installed, I am absolutely furious with this letter and will go to court if thats what it takes. Judging by the amount of threads on here this £150 is quite common, I have been told I have to write a letter to the claims company if I deny all accusations. What would be the best sort of response to give??
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