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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there CAG Community. I recently bought a new (ex demo) cooker from a retailer in Birmingham at a fantastic price (£200 quid less than standard retail), the retailer does not deliver to Cardiff, so they said i would need to arrange my own collection & delivery. I found Parcel Hero on the tinterweb & after inputting all the details (including a full product description) they came back with a price of £49 for a next day delivery. Unbeknownst to me at the time, cookers are on their prohibited list. The following day they collected the shipment (via TNT) who then took it to their nearest hub (Llantrisant, nr Cardiff) to be readied for delivery to me. I took a phone call the next morning from the retailer, who said that TNT had called them (why?) to say that the parcel had been damaged, I called TNT & they confirmed that they had smashed both the oven & top oven doors & the cooker would not be put out for delivery until they had been given instruction from Parcel Hero. I called Parcel Hero to say that a broken cooker was no good to me so could I send it back to the retailer in Birmingham whilst they sorted the damage. It was at this point that they said that cookers were on their prohibited list & as such they (nor TNT) were liable for any damage.....So as it stands, I have no cooker (its back with the retailer) & am £400 quid out of pocket. I have photos of the cooker before shipping & after showing the damage along with copies of online chats & email correspondence I have had with Parcel Hero I wanted to know, 1: Do I have a case for claiming a refund for the damage based on the fact that the item was clearly labelled as as a cooker, both with my initial on line enquiry & with stickers on the packaging 2: Should i just write off the £400 quid & put it down to my own stupidity (cheap is never good folks!) 3: What should i do with the remains of my cooker? 4: Anyone else had similar issues with Parcel Zero & what was the outcome? Thank you in advance for taking a look at this. Tred.
  2. Hi all, I'm here to see if anyone can guide me on my rights please as sofa I've just found a brick wall to bang my head against! I sold a guitar on eBay and sent it via Parcel Force 48 fully compensated at slightly more than the guitar was valued for peace of mind to the buyer. The guitar was in a thick padded Gibson case (soft type) that lots of inbuilt protection. The guitar was then put in a slightly modified cardboard guitar box and wrapped tightly so there was no room for it to move around. The box was then covered top to bottom and around the middle in white and red fragile tape so it could be seen from all directions. When I took the box to my local post office the post master said "due to security reasons can you please tell me whats in the box?". I told him it was a guitar and he laughed and said he knew due to the shape. I paid £16 for the postage using Parcel Forces 48 service and an additional £15.00 in compensation to insure it up to £600. The buyer contacted me a couple of days later and said the guitar had snapped where the neck meets the body and sent me pictures. I immediate filed a claim with PF, sent proof of postage, compensation, pictures of the guitar before and after and proof of value. Two days later I got a email back saying it was rejected as the packing was insufficient. I challenged this as I had sent many guitars before using the same packing method and asked for evidence. They showed me a guide to packing a guitar and how they "recommend" there method but couldn't show me anything in there terms of carriage that a claim would be rejected for not following there "recommendation". I was then passed to an manager who then pointed out that there was a problem. Under PF terms of carriage it states that items excluded from the enhanced compensation include all musical instruments. So it turns out that they have said they have turned my claim down due to insufficient packing however they doing even offer insurance (compensation) for any musical instrument never mind how its been packaged. PF told me that its the PO fault as they should know the PF terms and that they do not offer enhanced compo therefor should not of sold it and made me aware. They said that the PO have a system called Horizon and that clearly gives them clear details on what can and can not be covered. Taken from there website - Musical instruments - no enhanced compensation is available. I went back to my local PO where I shipped the guitar and the post master became immediately defensive when I said PF will not and do not offer enhanced cover on any musical instrument, He claimed he did not know this and he was accepting no liability. He later phoned me maintaining he was not liable but admitted after looking through terms of carriage found the exclusion for musical instruments but referred me back to PF. So this is where I am. I believe that I was miss sold compensation by the post master at my local post office. He knew it was a musical instrument, he asked me what it was. He still sold me the compensation even though they did not offer it for what I was shipping. If he pointed this out I would never of sent it and told the buyer to collect in person, cancel or take it at his own risk. PF have offered me the £15 I paid in compensation back but I have refused this as I believe that if I accepted it I would close this situation and have no comeback. So where do you recommend I go next? Has PF been neglectful in handling my Parcel or have I been miss sold by the post office? I am currently £500 down and can't really afford to be. I have an appointment at the local CAB office but this isn't for a couple of weeks due to them being busy and my work commitments. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. James
  3. hi i have been with bh for over 16 years only missed 1 payment in all this time ,,i was wondering who is liable for accidental breakage of phone screen as i have been paying bh the osc which does say its covered for any damages ty
  4. We park on the road outside our house, as we have no driveway. The neighbour across the road has a drive, and has a recently upgraded his car to a giant 4x4 on motability. When we're both parked outside, he has been having some difficulty getting into his drive, but usually manages it after a few minutes. The other morning, we found that my OH's car's tail light has been smashed, at the right height for the bumper of the 4x4 to have hit it, but all debris had been cleared away. Another set of neighbours says that they saw him attempting to enter his drive, and thought that they saw him bump the OH's car. We've asked him if he did it, but he denies all responsibility. We cannot discount the possibility that he didn't cause the damage, but it seems likely that he did. We've had to repair the car at our cost. I'm guessing this comes down to honesty and decency, or lack thereof (i.e. hard luck), but does anyone think we have any recourse to leverage him? A CC Claim would likely be thrown out by a judge for lack of evidence. Chalk it up to experience and leave the issue?
  5. Hi, I don't think I've got any options but to cough up for an expensive repair, but thought I'd check with the knowledgeable people on here first. My HTC One X phone fell about 2ft off my computer chair onto the carpeted floor and the screen has shattered. I couldn't believe it! I know they are delicate, but this model is specifically advertised as having impact resistant "gorilla glass." Do I have a leg to stand on with "fit for purpose" or similar - there must be some expectation of a mobile device being able to survive the rigours of daily use, including the occasional innocuous knock?
  6. Hi all, I ordered a honey and bee pollen from Bulgaria worth £300. The sender is a shop there. He took the parcel to Bulgarian firm Speedy, they checked the contain, accepted the way the parcel is packaged and took it from there. I paid in advance for all of that. The shop does not operate policy to refund money abroad. In the end of the day they have kept their part of the deal - sent me the package with everything inside. The package went smooth - I checked online tracking page of Speedy-Bulgaria. In Germany, where the parcel had to be given to DPD the parcel suddenly stopped for a week. I started to call DPD and pursue the package. They messed up for more than a week. Finally the package was delivered to me - with new box, new seal and all the content smashed, broken and unusable, like train went over it. All inserted in a big plastic bag, like a corpse. All for the bin. On the parcel there was no name , not house number, just my street's name. I made pictures and complaint immediately. They answered me that they will look into that, and did not contact me for another 14 days. I called them again, threatened them with a court, they answered me back politely in email, that they have to contact the sender, and if he makes a claim- they will pay him some compensation. The sender is a shop, not using English and will not make a claim, he does not operate under UK jurisdiction. Even if he does make a claim - he is not obligated to send me the money. DPD does not admin liability, although I told them, that they would not accept the parcel this way from Speedy, and even if they do- will not wrap it up in DPD packaging, so obviously the smashing is their fault.They do not acknowledged me as the owner of the parcel. I have my bank statement to prove, that I paid all in advance, but...is it enough? The sender has nothing to do with DPD, and I wonder how would they give him money at all, he did not sent the package using them in the end of the day! I am very frustrated. What should I do?
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