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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if anyone can advise my dad has a small retail service business and was contacted by an agent to sell the business in 2014, he signed the attached contract in 2014, he only ever had one person interested via them but did not proceed with an offer. He has not signed anything since then, however he recently received a call from the agent asking if he was interested in selling his business, to which he replied I thought it was with you already, they then told him he is still in contract with them and quoted clause 12 - 14 and he needs to pay £950 plus VAT get out of contract fee if he wishes to terminate. They have now sent him the letter attached with another contract attached for him to sign. We believe he is no longer in contract with them, the twelve month period was from 2014 -2015 and the wish to terminate contract clauses 12-14 no longer applies to him as this is not a rolling contract. Any advice as to whether this company still has my dad in contract, my dad needs to hear it from someone else other than his family
  2. Hi, I'm as mad as hell about this, but I will try to keep a level head to explain, and any advice you can all give I'd really be grateful. I run a small business - 7 employees. But I was hoping to expand a few months ago and realised I needed to take on an office administrator to deal with the day-to-day running of things. (Simple tasks like photocopying, ordering toner cartridges and paper, etc). I found someone and from the start she was awful. Incompetent, bolshy, not right for me or the other 6 workers in the company. But I'm not a monster so I gave her direction, training and advice on how to improve. She seemed to take my offer of help as a criticism. I let things go for 6 weeks, but she's made so many mistakes and her attitude has deteriorated big time. So after careful consideration I decided to let her go today. I tried to do it as respectfully and honestly as possible, but she turned round with a massive cynical grin on her face and said (and I'm quoting) - "Haha, f*** you, you can't fire me I'm pregnant and if you try to fire me I'll tell them that you're discriminating against me. I now want £3000 or you're stuck with me". I'm not joking! She was only on minimum wage and had already taken time off in her first month due to hangovers, 'flu', etc. But reading around this forum I fear she may be right that there are certain cards women/ethnic minorities can play to excuse the fact they are crap at their job that suddenly mean I can't do anything as a hard working small business owner. Please tell me this isn't true? (Sorry if my post sounds bitter, but right now I'm fuming because I can't see anything that contradicts her legal rights now she's told me TODAY that she's 'suddenly' pregnant') Advice please. Thanx Rx Admin - please can you edit my thread title, I put new 'employer' should be new 'employee' (changes meaning. thanx
  3. Hi, I have a small business in Scotland. I have run up a debt of £8000 from one of my suppliers. This happened due to him giving me invoices all at once and i found it difficult to catch up. I took the decision in Jan 2013 to stop buying from him and try to get this under control before it becomes out of control. He was really displeased and sent me to a debt recovery company. I work by myself and been finding it hard to keep up with paper work at the moment due to large events. I have managed to pay him 2 payments total of £760.00 1 made in Feb 2013 and the other March 2013. I feel i have been reasonable with these payments but he is now threatening with a high court writ with high court sheriff. what does this mean? is he trying to scare me? or has he got rights? The debt recovery company is in England and the debt started from July 2012 so it not been over 1 year yet. If i make a payment a month it should be paid in a year is that reasonable? Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated.
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