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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, In my current job I get 25 days as holidays. I know that I am entitled by law to call in sick if I feel like it without providing any kind of certificate if my sick leave doesn't exceed 7 days in a row. However, whenever I have to take a sick leave because I have a fever or something, my employer takes that day out of my holidays. This doesn't seem to be fair and I'd like to know whether it's also downright illegal. I thought that : Whenever I get a holiday I get paid normally. Whenever I get a sick day (and if I haven't exceeded the 7 days limit) I get paid normally with or without a certificate and this is not considered holiday. Is the above not correct and if it's not then could please tell what is the case in the UK ? I've read about statutory sick pay and contractual sick pay but it's not clear how they work. Regardless of the terminology, all I want to know is : How many sick days am I entitled by law in a single year without the need for a certificate, without losing any pay and without losing any of my holidays. Thanks
  2. Hello, A newbie seeking advice here. Background I've been working for a public sector employer now for about 7.5 years. We are all too familiar with appalling management standards set by our employers and I was somehow expected to be a miracle worker with very little budget and disagreements between to sets of management teams about what key aims, responsibilities and targets for my post were I ran myself ragged until I succumbed to Chronic Fatigue in June 2010. I was off for 5.5 months before returning to work on a phased return in Dec 2010 under Occupational Health but within a couple of months of my returning, my psychopathic manager piled on the workload, subjected me to harrassments of various types and I succumbed again in March 2011 this time with Stress and Depression. Rather than following the Stress at Work protocols from Health & Safety exec, ensuing investigations proceeded instead took me to grievance which ultimately was not uphold (surprise). When I contested the fact the 'grievance' proceedure had not been followed, the biased 'appeal' which I recorded, revealed clear collusion between the Appeal Officer and HR! Anyway, I remained stressed and off for a further 8 months (although meeting management monthly). When I started to feel a little better, I instructed management that I wanted to take my accrued A/L entitlement before returning (41 days). I was told I would have to be signed 'fit for work' before I could take my annual leave but research suggested otherwise and that employees off sick can still take their a/l. I also sent management the legal standing regarding sickness and annual leave. Discussions ensued where my employers did not address the legal information I provided, would not allow me to take the holidays but instead offered me partial payment of A/L (31 days) with me then having to use my remaining A/L entitlement (and whole of the following year's entitlement) to prop up my phased return when came back to work. (Although I probably should have taken it in hindsight) I felt this was disability discrimination and this caused a 'stalemate' in the proceedings. Fast forward another 12 months, (which includes a pregnancy and miscarriage) and continued sick leave, my employers left me languishing without addressing any of the legalities and a couple of weeks ago started Capability Hearing proceedings (which is 'on hold' due to pregnancy loss). Okay this is the point of major interest folks... I was scoping the site for Personal Injury information for Stress at Work just last week, but there has now been a major announcement from my employers that they are cutting their workforce and are seeking candidates for Voluntary Severance btwn 6 Dec - 25 Jan 2013. It seems the best way to go now to cut my losses having been through a horrendous 3 years but I need to know the following: Can I request my outstanding A/L 41 days from 2010/11 tax year? (I also have an email where they said they would pay me the entire 41 days by 31 March 2011 - but the did not) Can I also request the accrued A/L from April 2012 (before I apply for the Voluntary Severance) OR will they be within their rights to say that I cannot take any of the A/L if I'm planning on taking the Voluntary Severance as it might give me some 'unfair financial advantage'. Do you think I can I negotiate this or will I not have a legal leg to stand on? Might they even reject my application for Voluntary Severance and proceed with the Capability Hearing if I push this too far? Also, if I've been off sick for the best part of 2 years, when they calculate the Voluntary Severance package (which last time was 3 weeks for every year) will they reduce or negate the last 2 years as I have not been at work? I have read the ACAS info - yes, but am not with the Union as they shafted me (sided with management) over the earlier trouble so I can't really guage where I stand with all this. Sorry its been a long, detailed post but I'm hoping I can get some advice on this!! Thanks!!
  3. I damaged my ankle ligaments about 10 days ago playing football. I got it checked out by the hospital the day after, no broken bones but ligament damage. I've had alot of swelling and bruising since so I went to the doctors today and he said I've likely torn my lateral ligaments. He's signed me off work for 2 more weeks as my job involves being on my feet. I was due to go away this weekend on a stag doo to a European city, however I was suppose to be going with about 7 other people from work. I have booked the days off as I was due to work this weekend, but I'm very worried about what managers at work would say if they found out I went. My parents are saying I shouldn't go but others are saying will be ok. I'm trying to find out what would be the right thing do in this situation? Thanks.
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