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Found 5 results

  1. I work security. that bits simple My boss who is the Facilities manager has just been told as they supervise security staff they must have a Non-front line licence. The lay out of the companies involved is below. the Building owner appointed a property management company. That company breaks into 2 sub companies One side property management, the other, people who work at the buildings like Facilities managers. the property side appoints its preferred security contractor who then supplies the officers My onsite boss, the Facilities manager who is a direct employee of the client company (not a contractor/agency) has been told they can no longer talk to me about building matters or security until they get a Non-front line licence. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55909[/ATTACH] Strange
  2. Hi guys, Wondered if anyone has any info on this. I was offered door work last year through a friend but I lacked an SIA and I asked Ingeus about training for an SIA and they never got back to me. Fast forward to recently, well I've been offered work by my friend again this year but again I lack an SIA. However another guy who was on a course with me told me the job centre paid for his SIA (Or helped him fund it can't remember). Does anyone have any info about this? It's pretty much guaranteed work for me if I could get hold of a licence.
  3. After a small altercation with one of these minions this morning. Do shopping centre security staff employed directly by the shopping centre have to keep on display their SIA licence
  4. (this doesnt exactly fit in this section but i cant find a relevant section) Hi all, i am in the process of sending off for my SIA door supervisor licence, i have filled it all in but there is a section about previous names (this is where it gets confusing) in 2003 i changed my name by deedpole as a bet (it was a stupid name) i was only at college and didnt register it with them, the only people that knew my new name was my part time employer and my bank, i had no direct debits etc as i was only 18 and living at home. Should i include this on the application? as there may be no record of this previous name if they search for it as i couldnt drive and didnt update my passport etc so didnt have a drivers licence with the name on, as soon as i started applying for full time jobs i reverted back to my birth name. Im just worried it may delay the application if i include it or even flag it and make them refuse my application. Thanks
  5. Hey there Need help... How does this sound: FORMAL COMPLAINT I am writing to appeal against my recent ludicrous fine of £395.00 to get my car released from the CES compound. Firstly, there is not adequate warning in the private car park that the car will be towed away if it is left there. The signs that I find actually look more like Neighbour Hood Watch signs. Secondly, the car was presumably ticketed, then clamped before it was towed. So why was I not given warning before it was towed away? Thirdly, the amount charged is the same figure that may be charged for a very serious offence such as drink driving. Under no circumstances would parking in a private car park, causing absolutely no obstruction, and not taking up any space (given that the car park was near empty) be considered as serious an offence as drink driving. Fourthly, when I called the number 0844 800 4944 I was met with a very rude response from a man, who also demanded this extortionate fee off me. It then took me a long time to get to Edmonton. The instructions of where the compound was were extremely unclear and so it took me an extra half an hour of walking around a strange part of London alone which - as a young, single female - is extremely dangerous. I am appealing because I am outraged and think the whole situation is disgraceful. Despite parking on private property, I didn't park in anyone's bay and I wasn't causing an obstruction. I have only VERY recently (two weeks) moved into the flats by the car park, so I was unaware of the potential threat to my car and had simply parked there briefly while I carried up heavy bags. Unless I get a full refund of £395.00 within 14 days I will be taking court action. My address is (blah blah) I look forward to receiving a cheque for £395.00 made payable to *****, before Tuesday 12th October 2010 ________ Any advice is MUCH appreciated on this. I have to send the letter tomorrow (Tuesday 28th) to be within the 7 days limit
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