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Found 6 results

  1. i took some small items from Superdrug. the total cost of them all would have been £10 or less. It was really stupid and my first offence. The security guard saw me and took me to a room, and asked if i had taken anything else. she then asked to see some ID (i used my provisional licence). She filled out 1 piece of paper. She told me that i would be getting a letter in the mail telling me about a fine i will have to pay between £50 and £150 (will the envelopes be obviously a fine from the outside? How many letters will they send? i don't want my parents to know as i'm so embarrassed!) The police were not called in my presence (so i assume they didn't call them at all?) they said that i was banned from superdrug for the next 6 months. She did not stipulate whether it was a nationwide ban or just that store.. I then walked through the shopping centre to go to college and the security guard told me that i wasn't allowed in any shops, only to walk through. is that permanent? how long does it last? I was calm throughout the whole process because I thought reacting another way may aggravate them. The items were returned and were in a suitable condition to be sold. I am 17 and i live with my parents. I don't have a job - will it hinder me from getting one in the future? and will it stop me from getting into uni? and will i get a criminal record or anything like a caution? Thanks and i know it was stupid, and it won't happen again. I'm so embarrassed! Please help!!
  2. Hello all, I am extremely embarrassed to have to post this I was caught shoplifting from Tesco last month. I had just found out the company I work for was going into liquidation and therefore was having one of those days where you could cry at any misfortune that might happen to you. I went to use the self check-out in a large London Tesco. After scanning all the items through and put them into my own "Bag for life" it came to £47.00 and so I took out my debit card and went to pay, after putting in my pin it said my card had been declined and therefore I was waiting for the assistant to come over and put a pin into the screen. After waiting 5 minutes (One assistant to about 20 tills that all seemed to have a problem) I saw red and picked up my bag and walked out. I know this was the wrong thing to do and I have never regretted anything more. As I was walking out a security guard stopped me and asked me to come with him, I said of course and followed him. They took me to a room and checked though my bags, I was very calm and showed them everything I stole. They asked for my I.D and they wrote down all my information into a book, Then because there was someone kicking off in the store the guy came in and said "Collect all your things, we need this cell" and so i collected everything he gave my ID back. As i was leaving he said to me "You are banned from Tesco for a year and you will receive a letter in the post with a amount of compensation you have to pay", he then opened the door and I left. A week later I come home to find a letter from "RLP" saying that I need to pay the amount of "£147" to cover Tesco's cost's. 1. Firstly is this a normal amount? 2. Did the man at Tesco do everything he was meant to do? I have read alot of these Forums and alot say that people signed a form saying they were aware they were going to get given a form with a compensation amount on? 3. What happens if i don't pay? The Tesco in question is one off the biggest in Europe and I see people get caught all the time in there? Does this make any different. 4. Because the police were not called does this mean it will not get forwarded to the police if i don't pay? 5. Or do I just find the money somehow and pay it? I really don't have the money now I have lost my job and have to pay for my studies. Many Thanks in advance, A very silly man.
  3. Hi guys, I really need some help. I shopliftted today in Primark they stopped me by the exit and took me to the detention room. took a copy of my driving licence ( I am 18 years old btw) and asked me to confirm my address. They handed me a RLP letter and told me I will get fined by them and a letter will be sent to my address regarding fine information. I am totally scared and I do not want my family finding out. I know what I did was stupid and I will definitely not do this again. I have been upset ever since. They told me the police will not be involved, I will not get a criminal record and that I could enter Primark in 2-3 months, however if it does happen again the Police will be involved. What do I do? I really need some advice, I do not want the letter being sent home. What do I tell my parents? usually they do open the mail and pass it onto us when were home. I have read that I should not pay RLP a penny as they do not have the right to fine me only the court or the police do, but so what should I do? what do I say to them? How many letters will they send? Christaphy, (Please get back to me ASAP - im really scared)
  4. I can't express how embarrassed i am right now. Got caught shoplifting in Primark today, to value of roughly £20. Totally out of character, I'm just broke and needed a gift for a friend (NOT a valid excuse at all, i know). Somehow my logic went : Primark is cheap, so morally/legally not so wrong if i take something there! So i was wrong. I was very 'careful', hid a couple shirts under my jacket and went into the changing room to put them in my bag. .They grabbed me when i left the shop. In the detention room i confessed immediately, told them why i did it etc. They copied my PASSPORT and took a photo i've read through loads of forums and seems everybody says just ignore the letters. 1.Does the fact that they have a copy of my passport change anything(as opposed to driving licence etc)? 2.Could it cause any problems for me? 3.Also the letters will be sent to my parents' address and i don't live there; could there be any concequences for my parents? 4.I'm leaving for Morocco next week (for 2 or 3 months) and don't want to stress about this while i'm away!!! 5. Did they record the conversation and could anything i said be used against me? The cctv footage shows exactly what i did and it was obviously intentional and thought through and they know it. Oh the passport is British and i'm 18. Sorry for the long post, i'm just very worried and want everything to be clear. THANK you for your help in advance
  5. Hello. I was caught shoplifting nearly £180's worth of items from Asda and have a date for a court hearing coming up. It says nothing on this Magistrates hearing about me needing to attend I will be pleading guilty since the evidence is overwhelmingly against me so a couple of questions. 1. Do I need to attend court? 2. What will the likely punishment be? I'm guessing a fine, but how much? Does anyone have a rough idea? Perhaps a community order with the fine? I've never been done for shoplifting before. I have also contacted a solicitor.
  6. Shoplifted but not caught, now I'm so paranoid that someone would look at the store's video record and arrest me. I took a £75 worth stuff from a shop , and was not caught. I feel so ashamed and scared right now. I should have never done that .. I was so stupid. I'm still sweating now and it is my first time and the last time for sure. I am just so worried and scared if they will take a look at the video record and attempt to find me. What should I do?
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