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Found 3 results

  1. Thank you to anybody who decides to help. My family are having money problems and despite never doing it before, I for some reason decided to slip some cosmetics into my pockets. I had made my way out of the store when a security guard had stopped me and brought me into a security room at the back of Boots. the police man was there and gone and nobody had really explained anything to me. I asked the security guard what to expect and she said that I would be banned from Boots, they would take my photo for the Retail Crime Operation, in which i would be banned from all the shops also under it for 12 months. They also gave me a notice of Intended Civil Recovery from RLP and said to expect a letter regarding what I need to pay. I signed something accepting the 12 month ban and was sent on my way. I am really seeking advice/info on what to expect, whether this can affect me in any other way, the likelihood of how long RLP will badger me or if they will take me to court. Please help!
  2. A month ago I stole £12 of make up from Boots and was issued a fine through RLP which i have paid. I was told at the time that the police wouldn't be involved but they rang me up today saying that i needed to come into the station but i won't be taken to court. I am 17. What will happen and why have they been informed?
  3. Hello all, My daughter was set up by a "friend" who used my daughter's bag to try and take goods from a Primark. My daughter was apprehend outside the store and then taken upstairs - the "friend" had disappeared by that stage. The police were never involved and the store did not pursue the matter any further other than barring her from entering another Primark. The girl who set her up is apparently know for doing this and, whilst my daughter is no saint, she wouldn't shoplift. She was totally up front with us and told us what had happened as she had nothing to hide. I did some reading around and told my daughter to expect a letter from RLP which she did today. It is cloaked in the sort of legalise that DCAs (of whom I have experience of kicking in to touch thanks to CAG!) and really worried her. The letter is headed "Without Prejudice Save as to Costs" We act on behalf of Primark. We are instructed that on 21st November 2011 at our client's premises you committed a wrongful act causing loss to our client. They then go on to say that the staff were diverted from their normal activities etc. etc. for which they are entitled to compensation for. They claim that the costs are considerable but they are willing to accept a fixed amount of £87.50 I can post the whole of the text if needs be. I have a couple of problems with this. As the Police were not involved and the store did not pursue the matter, can they accuse her of committing a wrongful act? Can they really claim this money from her given that there is no evidence whatsoever that any offence was committed? As she is only 16 years old, what is her standing in law? I would like to handle this one for her (she has now realised that they are nothing to really worry about since I showed her some of the highly witty letters that Moorcroft and Roxburgh have sent to me in the past!) Can she write to them and grant me permission to act on her behalf? Any advice on this would be gratefully received. I am also considering pursuing Primark over potential breaches of rules regarding safeguarding. Whilst she was accompanied in the lift upstairs by a female member of staff, she was left alone with two male security guards and was then interviewed by them and felt highly intimidated by them. She was then escorted off the premises by a male security guard with no female member of staff being present when she was taken down in the lift. This has bothered us more than the letter from RLP. Thanks
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