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Found 9 results

  1. I hope this is in the right place, please would any mod kindly move if not. I would appreciate any guidance along the way from pple more versed in the small claims court. Lowell Solicitors have lodged a claim with Northampton, particulars as follows. Issue Date: 18-1-2016 Amount approx: under £600 Claimant: Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD Solicitor: Lowell Solicitors Limited Original Credit: Shopacheck Particulars of Claim: 1) The defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act 1974 regulated agreement with Shopacheck under account reference ******** (
  2. Hi guys just a quick question. I am slowly but surely getting myself back on my feet financially. Over the years I have used doorstep lenders such as shopacheck. In February I Will pay my last ever payment. My question is when I borrow money I would pay so much off then re loan this was a vicious circle that went on for years. Could I claim any of this money back as when I reloaned I would always pay off the interest and never receive the full amount of the new loan. It would be very nice if I could. Thanks bd
  3. Please advise! I have an account with the Shopacheck and have always been a good customer in that I always paid on time and paid off quickly. However since the beginning of September no agent has called at my address. I contacted them and we agreed a day and timespan. However the agent has still failed to appear and I am now getting stroppy letters from Shopacheck accusing me of defaulting on the agreement. I have rung Head Office and their attitude is that it is my responsibilty to pay but I have no way of paying without an agent callein
  4. I had a loan from these people in Dec2008. I don't remember paying any payments. It wasn't a good time for me. It shows on my CrA files as settled so I assume it was purchased. Fredrickson are now chasing. There is no default showing on file. I live in Scotland. Is this statute barred in December this year? I have not had any assignment notices from Fredricksons. Letter fro Bryan carter says that Freds have recorded a default. Help please!!!
  5. Hi my wife has been paying shopacheck for years now we were down to paying £3 a week. We owe approx. £100.The loans were from 2003 Then when the new government legislation came in IE bedroom tax etc. we had to drop this to £1 a week. I am disabled on ESA Support. After a couple of weeks the agent stopped calling. We then received a letter from shopacheck telling us we needed to pay the contracted payment. I wrote back and told them that is all we can afford, They then said they were going to send someone to my house, I sent them a letter to the effect of do not darken my do
  6. Hi, My problem relates to my girlfriend who has loans out with provident, greenwood and shopacheck. She works 21 hours a week and 6 months ago she was able to pay these loans off but then her youngest turned 20 and left education which meant she lost all her benefits and as she only works 21 hours a week she cant even get working tax credits. She is now finding it hard to repay these loans, she fell behind in her rent which has led to her giving up her house a nd the housing executive is taking her to court to get the rent owed off her. At the minute th
  7. I had an account with Shopacheck which, according to the CRA`s is settled. Today i got a letter from Lowells looking for payment. I wont be paying them a penny but other than ignoring, what should I do
  8. Does anyone have an email or fax number - doesn't matter if they are generic or anything as I want to send them a letter. Thanks
  9. Hi Caggers Just after your thoughts on dealing with this on behalf of a friend. Now approx 2yrs ago they took out a small load all payed off and settled. Since then Shopacheck has constantly been sending out letters trying there best to get them to take out another load even though they never agreed to these letters. I have the latest one which he gave me and I was quiet surprised at there tactics to basically try to keep people that for whatever reason they end up using these companies in there debt with these constant letters. I have even seen the BBC article from 20
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