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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, In 2016, having gone six months without a bill and having complained online to BG I signed up with Eon to replace my existing electricity supplier for my business. This was following a phone call from a rep from BG asking me to sign up with them & confirming that I did not, in fact, have a contract with them. Lo and behold my supplier, British Gas, then wrote to me to state I could not leave as there was an outstanding bill, a tactic which Eon told me they often employ. I queried this and told them all the steps I had taken to resolve the matter but got nowhere, I even paid up until the date Eon was supposed to take over whilst the dispute was ongoing. Having got nowhere, I contacted the Ombudsman, whose investigation took so long that by the end of it I had actually handed in my notice on the premises, end date 12 March 2017 The ombudsman agreed the service had been appalling and awarded me a token payment of thirty pounds to be taken off the bill but stated that despite the fact that I wanted to move to Eon who would have billed me on a cheap tariff that British Gas was entitled to bill me on their variable tariff until this was completed despite the fact this whole issue was their fault. They also advised that I send British Gas an email with final meter reading and that they would also send a copy of the picture I sent to them just to ensure British Gas closed the account correctly. In July 2017, I received a bill from BGB for my final electricity bill at my home address of 403.68 which included a 45 charge for non-payment, even though this was the first bill I had ever received following my leaving the premises in March 2017, again two hours of phone calls to BGB and an apology. Then new bill 31 July 2017 with 45.00 removed only to receive phone call / email demand that this bill is paid 01st August 2017, so once more complaint to British Gas Business very same day stating appalling service and the bill would not be paid until my complaint had been addressed. In September 2017, having heard nothing from BGB apart from an acknowledgement of my complaint received a letter from Moorcroft demanding payments, contacted their offices explained the above and sent copies of correspondence and then nothing apart from once call where I stated do not want to talk about the matter but put everything in writing as sick of wasting time on calls and matter not being resolved . Moorcroft said they would write to me, but guess what, the letter was an email requesting I call them to discuss this matter, I emailed back saying this is not a letter, write to me at my new business or home address and we can take it from there. Heard nothing until today, when a new company appears LCS, explained all of the above and they have asked for copies of the correspondence and stated that Moorcroft passed it to them. Do any of you have suggestions as to what steps I should take now, do I go back to the ombudsman, take it u with BGB senior staff or wait on LCS. All advice would be gratefully received.
  2. I'm on ESA, I am currently having mental health issues, my doctor writes fit notes to say so and I am seeing the Community Psychiatric Nurse fortnightly. I sent my ESA50 away many months ago (stupidly forgot to make a copy to keep) and have been on ESA longer than the supposed 13 weeks assessment period. First it was a total faff involving multiple phonecalls to them in order to get an appointment in a suitable place. But anyway, they have my ESA50, fit notes all sent, I have asked for it to be recorded in advance etc etc. I turn up really early. Was fighting a panic attack for days, building up a lot during the day before the appointment. Then a full hour after my appointment time I get taken into a room (panic attack at defcon 1 by this point, given the ridiculously long wait!) only to be told because I mentioned Sciatica somewhere on the ESA50 they cannot do the medical! Some nonsense about needing a neuro something specialist. I am totally confused at this point, I say my sciatica isn't really any issue at the moment, the whole reason I'm here is due to my mental health, the sciatica is pretty much gone - I don't even remember what I put, must have said something about the pain still flairs occasionally. My partner says "couldn't you have told us this an hour ago?" and she says she's only just looked at the form. That in itself is worrying, that nobody bothers to read the damned form until 2 minutes before the medical? That can't be procedure, surely. But is it even likely to be true? I suspect she just wanted to go home early as my appointment was already an hour late. Funnily enough, someone who had been waiting even longer than me walked out 1 minute later, wonder what excuse they were given. I am now very worried that next time I won't get a mental health specialist, which is what I really need. The woman didn't seem to give a monkeys about all the anxiety and stress this had all caused me. I had to sit in the car for another half hour until I felt able to drive home. My partner is going to write a complaint, for all the good it will do. Is this all part of the mind games they play?
  3. My old and trusted T-Mobile shop was closed when they were taken over by the EE conglomerate. Business transferred to a dingy EE shop. Although this shop is busy it is staffed by ONLY TWO people one of which seems not to be fully trained. Waiting time for service is deplorable as it takes them in EXCESS OF 1 HOUR to sell a phone. What sort of people have this time to waste just to get a mobile. I'm considering invoicing their HQ for my time standing there during my visits. I'm thinking about asking Santa for a new phone but don't know where to go after reading all the complaints about other mobile providers on here.
  4. I've only been with BT since the 26th June and they have literally made a mess of absolutely everything! First their system failed to process my original online order. This only came to light when my equipment didn't arrive and phone to inquire. As a result my order was delayed by 2 days. They re-processed my order incorrectly, completely different package than I had ordered. Not sure why but I received the equipment three times!! They changed my phone number (which I've had for 23 years) despite me asking them not to, they promised to reinstate it. This promised on the 26th and I was told it would take 24 hours. Till this day it's not be reinstated! Each time I call them they say it will be done within 3 days, it never does. My BT Sport doesn't work, I was told their is an issue with my TV account and it will get fixed and someone contact me. They never have, I have spent so much time chasing up the phone number issue I have no energy to also chase this up! When they re-processed my, because they ballsed up the original, they picked a completely different package to the one I asked for so now I am being charged for phone calls i make despite me choosing to have Unlimited Anytime Calls. I'm also now ineligible for the Sainsbury's gift card as I didn't place my order online! Yes I did, but they had to re-process it so it's down as not being order online. Again I can't even be bothered to kick up a fuss as I just want them to return my number and charge me correctly. What makes this whole thing even worse is their appalling customer service. I understand things go wrong but at least make an effort to deal with the issues! On numerous occasions I have been promised a call back and nothing! :-x Any advice on how to escalate a complaint? To be honest I'm not after any compensation or reimbursement, I just want the services I signed up to and am paying for! Is that too much to ask from BT?
  5. From today's Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3117474/What-pensions-shambles-Revolution-crisis-savers-barred-taking-cash-charged-1-000-just-advice-scandal-worse-PPI.html HB
  6. Hello All, I'm writing in hope that some one can provide some advise and guidance. Today we have received a requisition request from the courts to attend court in April for failing to notify the DVLA of 'Change of vehicle ownership' However, we have the acknowledgment letter and reference number from the DVLA confirming receipt and notification of details being updated on DVLA Records. Obviously we are going to make contact with the DVLA, should we also send a copy of the above to the Designated Officer at the courts? What if DVLA contest despite us having proof? Thanks for your time, we look forward to reading your replies.. Regards Geoff
  7. Well folks, back in October 2014, I was seeking a good new computer and at PC World in Plymouth I came across am Asus All-in-One ET2020 PC for just over £300. I purchased the new computer after thinking about it for a few days, also decided to take the care plan at £4 per month believing that it would give me all round protection should anything happen. on the 17th February 2015, the worst did happen when the PC developed a fault with the TV tuner card. I duly took it back armed with my care plan agreement and all receipts to the PC World Plymouth store I was greeted by an awful Knowhow assistant who kept insisting that it had to go back to Asus and that it would take 28 days. I told him that my care plan guaranteed me a repair or replacement within 14 days, that is what I have been paying for each month. I had to get the assistant manager involved, who quite frankly was not much more help, but he did agree to send it to their own repair centre in Newark, and he assured me that it would be repaired within 14 days, probably coming back a lot sooner. He also stated that I would be able to track its progress all the way, this was not the case. Now the care plan also provides a like for like loan pc, but they did not have any at the store. I needed my computer for work and without it I would be loosing £80 per day in income, I agreed that they could provide a loan pc delivered to me the next day. Well that did happen on the 18th February 2015, but the loan was a useless antiquated laptop. I could not use this for my work so found myself loosing even more income, and I was not happy. Saturday 20th February 2015, I found out upon calling Knowhow that the PC was being sent back to me, not repaired as the repair centre in Newark said it had to go to Asus. My argument is why o why was I paying £4 per month for an useless care plan. I complained to the store manager at PC World Plymouth to after much argument agreed to refund me my money paid for the PC but not for the care plan. At this time the useless loan laptop was returned to them. on the 22nd February 2015 Knowkow delivered the PC back to me, yes the PC that the store manager refunded on just two days before. By this time I was preparing a court claim against PC World for my lost income, cost of calls and full reimbursement of the care plan. I sent their head office an email on the 22nd February 2015 stating that I would be withholding the PC they mistakenly delivered back to me in lieu of my claim against them, and offered then a settlement where the damages claimed would cover the cost of the PC, with the known fault at a reduced cost. on the 27th February 2015 I got a phone call from the assistant manager of PC World Plymouth accusing me of theft and deception, far from the truth, so to protect myself duly delivered the PC mistakenly delivered to me, into his arms, realty felt like ramming it down his throat. So you see dear British people, not only do they take your money for a care plan they had no intention to honour, they then go and blame the customer for their own mistakes and then threaten the customers saying that the customer has broken the law. I leave it for you to draw your own conclusions on this one, but please, please, stay well clear of PC World, Currys, Carphone Warehouse, Knowhow and any other company associated with them. You have been warned.
  8. I applied for DLA almost 14 months ago and its been nothing but a disaster. Firstly, me and my representative filled it in and I got a rejection letter almost instantly, so we appealed it. But during this 14 months, its been nothing but stress for me. Not in any particular order, but these some of the things that have happened: :They got my application mixed up with another guy called George, who had also applied for DLA :They claimed we had appealed after the time limit but, we proved them wrong as we had postal evidence from when we sent the appeal in :They requested my brothers doctors notes instead of mines from my GP, so we had to then get my ones sent out :They have been using my outdated ESA information from 2 years ago from when I failed my ESA and not my ESA information from when I passed my ESA appeal last year :They sent me a letter asking me to sign it saying I was happy with a tribunal being heard and that "I had if I remember correctly", 10 days to send it back. However, I received the letter 11 days after when they typed up the letter so I had to call them and have the date put forward a week Tribunal part one: on the day of the tribunal, my representative said she would go by herself and represent me as it said on the letter, that Nor me or my representative had to attend as the hearing will go ahead with or without either myself or both of us attending or not. So she went along with all my information, including a letter from the specialist I see at the hospital. However, when she arrived, they told her that I MUST be there??? so they rescheduled another hearing Tribunal part two. On the day of my second hearing, unfortunately, my representative was involved in a small car accident out the road and called from the hospital saying she would not manage. The tribunal asked me if I wished to go ahead with the hearing. I said yes BUT then they asked me to leave the room and I went back in after only about 90 seconds. I sat down and they said that, it would be best if both myself and my representative was there so they rescheduled another hearing The hearing is for this Tuesday. I guess I am just wondering, is this normal for all this to be happening to a person who puts a claim in for DLA or PIP?
  9. I have had problems previously with royal mail and their in-ability to deliver letters on time I several months ago sent a letter 1st class and to sign for it took 7 working days to deliver it, and the address was not even 100 miles away from where i posted it , After several attempts to complain to the post office/royal mail i eventually got a book of 6. 1st class stamps More recently i had to return a faulty item to an address in Denmark so i used Airsure and payed the extra to cover the value, The tracking provided wasn't what they advertise, according to the royal mail tracking my consignment is @ copenhagen &still undelivered , when in fact it was delivered nearly 1 week ago , the Danish post tracking did slightly better it tracked it to a local sorting office ,But i paid for a service that is supposed to provide proof of delivery track to point of delivery they have failed to do this , should i be entitled to some form of compensation ? And if that wasn't enough yet another 1st class letter using to sign for service, posted on the 6th of this month seems to have gone awol according to the tracking it has been delivered but the place is different to where it was addressed ,Onliner tracking reports that it's @ north west midlands PDO when it should be in Chester !!!!!! ??????????? Are royal mail really so incompetent ?
  10. I'm in the middle of quite a few PPI negotiations with various credit card companies that I have got involved with over the years. One of them is American Express. They made a written settlement offer to me and I signed the acceptance and returned it. I thought that was the end of it. I am now waiting for the eight weeks it allegedly takes for them to refund the money. Today I received the following letter from them. Thank you for your signed acceptance offer received by this office on 21 May 2012. In the final response my colleague explained that he would offer you a premiums refund of x and interest of y. However, having reviewed the case I can confirm that the refunds amounts provided are incorrect due to an administration error. The correct premiums refund is x1 along with interest of y1 which totals z. (The premiums element is £300 less than originally stated and naturally the interest amount has reduced too.) I understand you have now signed the acceptance and agreed to the amount of x+y however, according to guidelines, we are only able to refund the premiums that have been billed to your account. For this reason we will refund the true figure of z. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused and in light of our error we will include a £50.00 credit as a gesture of good will. Etc. etc. I have never heard anything like it in my life. Can they do this? I was unaware of the amount of PPI involved when I received their written offer and I accepted it in good faith. Surely they should pay the amount we agreed? To add insult to injury the letter I received today is dated 11 May 2012 which, given its opening line, takes their incompetence to even higher levels! Can you please advise me where I stand on this? Do I have to now accept the reduced amount? Thanks for any advice.
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