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Found 12 results

  1. Good Morning, I'm seeking some advice/direction from you for my mother following my fathers death in 2014. Her mortgage started in 2002 and was called a Natwest Foundations Mortgage, it was effectively an arranged credit line that allowed you to borrow up to the value of the property and pay off extra amounts when suited. Natwest withdrew this product and started locking peoples money in, there was widespread complaint online about this. At this time from research, many customers moved to other products offered by the bank however my father insisted he was staying on the product. Still to this day that mortgage is in place, it reached the 14 year term in 2015 and has rolled on a SVR extension for 3.5 years... I have drafted for my mother with her consent, the issues that she has with her mortgage. Some advice and direction would be greatly appreciated. Issue 1 - Natwest Payment Protector sold as Life Insurance with Mortgage Foundations Mortgage Account taken in 2002 – This was done 100% at home by an Natwest advisor called XXXXXX XXXXX. We have hand written letters that were included in the SAR that show this. Natwest say that they have no records to indicate he ever worked within the company. I feel this is crucial to my complaint as XXXXX XXXXX completed the mortgage with myself and husband at home and advised us on everything. We were advised we had to take a life insurance product called ‘Natwest Payment Protector’ in order for the mortgage to go ahead. From the beginning of the mortgage up until my husband’s death in July 2014, we were led to believe that the Natwest Payment Protector was Life Insurance on the house. It is proven that this is what we believed as when my husband had his first heart attack in May 2008, he contacted Natwest to try and freeze the account. At no point did he use the Natwest Payment Protector whilst sick, which is apparently what it was for! We both were led to believe this was Life Insurance. At this point, I am upset that Natwest did not inform us what this product actually did - If they had, it would have covered the payments whilst he was sick and also would have made us aware of the product they had mis-sold at a time when we could have done something about it. This has had a huge financial effect on myself. Natwest have produced after many letters to the bank, a document with my husbands signature agreeing to the costs and benefit of the NatWest Payment Protector… This was not signed by myself nor do I believe my husband signed this understanding what it was he was signing – I stress, the Natwest advisor forcibly made us take this product as part of the ‘deal’ and this product was ‘Life Insurance.’ Issue 2 - Failing to supply information under SAR My initial SAR request was handled carelessly and was to say the least, incomplete. It was missing huge amounts of information and the majority of what was sent was not legible. I complained about this and specifically requested it to be resent as well as information pertinent to the mortgage to be sent. Following this second request – there is still clearly information missing. Issue 3 - The original mortgage agreement/contract and terms and conditions Despite two subject access requests being submitted a Natwest complaints handler has informed me that – quote ‘A further search has been completed by the Mortgage Operations Centre and they have been unable to locate a copy of your original mortgage offer’. I find this un-acceptable and ask on what grounds this mortgage is enforceable under the CCA between 2006 and 2016? Further to this, despite two subject access requests and specifically asking via letter to the Chief Exec’s office on more than one occasion Natwest have failed to supply the original ‘Terms & Conditions’ of the mortgage. Nor have I been supplied a reason as to why these are not available. In fact, since asking for this information shortly after my husband passed away in July 2014 I have not seen any paperwork produced by Natwest that form an ‘agreed mortgage contract’ nor an ‘agreed credit arrangement’. Issue 4 - Status of mortgage agreement during the years 2002 to 2018 leading to issues surrounding compliance of the CCA in 2006 and FCA Regulations at the ‘supposed’ end of term. My understanding from recent research is that this mortgage is a pre-2004 First Charge Mortgage that was unregulated when put in to place in 2002. 2002 – 2006 Between these years the mortgage should have complied with the CCA, however from research it seems like the £25,000 barrier stops this from being required… In the Natwest supplied SAR upon opening the loan, I find it very convenient that there is a column entitled CCA (Consumer Credit Act) – marked with ‘NO’. I would like this explained to me as the bank deemed this important information to record however I was never informed of a regulatory body nor law that would be/become important… Is this a fair relationship? 2006-2016 Between these years the CCA was amended significantly and as this loan is a pre-2004 first charge mortgage, from my understanding it was subject to compliance with the CCA between 30th March 2006 and 21st March 2016 when the mortgage becomes regulated by the FCA – see PS17/6. During this period, several compliance failings occurred however two of which I feel are significantly important: Failure to send NOSIA – At no point was a specified notice of sums in arrears sent, by trawling through statements I can see that this should have happened several times. The first of which took within the 2006 onwards period is May 2008. Failure to do this would make the agreement 'unenforceable' until notice is given. Failure to send Annual Statements – None sent. Failure to do this would make the agreement 'unenforceable' until notice is given. During this period of time, my husband had passed away and I was completely unaware that the bank had these obligations to me. Further to this, I made several complaints via telephone and in branch as I didn’t even have access to my mortgage account online. Furthermore – I still don’t have access to this online now! (August 2018) Issue 5 - Product Extension Concerns June 2015 – August 2018 (Taking into account FCA Regulations enforced on 21st March 2016) It is my understanding that the verbally agreed extensions following the ‘supposed’ end of term mortgage are subject to the rules and regulations of the FCA now. This loan extension and all monies paid on this ‘extension’ should have been a ‘Regulated Mortgage Contract’ and there should be certain paperwork in place, such as a Loan Contract, Terms & Conditions, Key Facts, Annual Statements etc. There have been serious failings by the bank to comply with FCA regulations during this period. ----------------------------------- Thank you for any advice and direction in advance.
  2. Hi I've got two PCNs from two different London boroughs and a congestion charge from TFL. The two PCNs have been sent to the traffic enforcement people for a warrant to be issued. The TFL one is probably going down that road now I reckon as it went from £80 to £160 and now at £240 to be paid by last week. I called the traffic enforcement people and they told me to approach the councils to ask for time to pay. Ditto TFL. I tried for several months with the councils but they won't give me time to pay which is why the tickets have gone from like £60 to £128 and £173. Actually the £128 ticket didn't respond to my emails at all. TFL are horrible anyway so not sure it's worth even calling them. I wasn't even aware I had entered the congestion charge zone until I got the ticket about a week later but I didn't have the money to pay for it. Does anybody have any advice for me - or is anyone familiar with what might happen next. None of these tickets were intentional on my part, but it's either heat the home, buy food or pay these - well actually cannot pay these as they cost more than the food and heating combined for a month or so. I don't know whether to offer each of them £5 a month or what. If anyone can advise I would be very grateful. thanks
  3. Hello I have a few pdl's listed below taken out 2016 which i have not paid. I would like to try and get these sorted out and would like advice on the best way forward. I also have credit card debt listed on a seperate thread here. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?489391-Debts-of-Credit-Cards-amp-PDL-s-advice-required(1-Viewing)-nbsp Thanks in advance Drafty PDL- now being chased by Asset Collections £746.55 wage day advance PDL £492.71 - Moorcroft The money shop PDL £768.84 - BW Legal Piggybank - £700 - Assett Collections Safetynet credit £503.89 PDL - Opos satsuma PDL £738.00 no dca activity western circle/cashfloat - £607.37 no dca activity
  4. Finsbury Park: 'Several hurt' as vehicle hits pedestrians READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40322960
  5. Hello I have various outstanding PDL loans that I've been ignoring and need advice on the best way to sort them out. I want to begin repairing my credit file ASAP. Wageday. Default £286 Not paid since Nov 15 Lending Stream. Default £507 Not paid since Sept 15 Uncle Buck Default £307 Not paid since Oct 15 Instant Cash Loans t/a Payday UK Late Payment £608 Not paid since Jun 16 I also show two settled accounts: Pixie Loans LTD and Mr Lender - both of these accounts I've received letters chasing the debts from CRS and SLL Capital. What does this mean? These two companies who the letters are from aren't on any of my credit reports. My account with Instant Cash loans hasn't defaulted. If I ring them and agree a payment plan will it default? I have already rung Uncle Buck and agreed to clear the debt in two months with a partial settlement. Was this the best thing to do? My overall objective is to prevent any CCJs. Thanks for reading
  6. Hi I have several defaults for various amounts totalling approx. £5000. For whatever reason I didn't pay my bills for several months and am now in a position to begin tackling this mess. I can probably pay off all of the debt in around nine months settling several smaller accounts within three months. Lots of the debts have been sold on to various debt collection agencies. They're offering me various discounts to write off part of the debt which I am open to for obvious reasons. However I am also keen to begin the process of rebuilding my credit rating ASAP and am wondering whether it is better to settle in full for this reason? I've also read that if you only settle partially, the remainder of the debt can be sold on which is concerning. If I decide to offer a partial settlement which is then accepted, how do I avoid that scenario? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys Don't know if this is right area but, here we go..... Firstly thanks for all the helpful posts £60,000 of unsecured debt in default and 6 years down the line a clean credit history...... A friend has an issue he needs advice over:- Some time ago his limited company got into trouble. He was supplying the banking sector and when the banks crashed his customer base disappeared overnight, he mistakenly paid off his creditors leaving a overdraft of around £20,000. The bank could see he was in trouble and asked for a second charge on his property when his partner refused HSBC called him in and sold him a managed loan to pay off the overdraft. He maintained payments till last year form his own pocket as the business wasn't trading in any way. The current balance is around £4,000. His new accountant looking at the situation suggested desolving the company and this was done, at this time he wrote to the bank explaining the situation and notifying them of financial hardship, since then all they have done is tried to bully him into payment. He believes the original loan to have been mis-sold as affordability checks would have clearly shown he had no income (after all this was why he had been called into his branch), also the loan wasn't offered it was thrust at his as a no option situation. We have been through the financial ombudsman route but because the company doesn't exists as a legal entity they can look at this!!:mad2::mad2: What everybody missed was a Joint and several agreement, that he doesn't recall signing let alone having explained. This was signed by another Director and himself, he doesn't know the whereabouts of the other director having fallen out several years ago. The bank have now placed it to a debt collection agency who are attempting recovery of this business debt under the terms of the joint and several agreement. We have done a SAR and they do have the J&S although HSBC have admitted that they can't at this time produce the original loan agreement. My Questions.... 1/ As this is a business debt, are they able to mark his personal credit file? 2/ it is my guess that the J&S although legal is a civil matter and a court ruling (judgment) is required before his personal credit file can be marked? 3/ Is there any useable defence against the J&S? 4/ Being that he has personally re-paid 75% of this loan from personal funds could he tell them to get the rest from the other director who signed the J&S? 5/ Can we use the lack of loan agreement to default HSBC and stop recovery in the same way as we would for a CCA? 6/ Could any of his personal assets be at risk, without this going to court? Thanks guys, i know you will come through Regards Dave
  8. I have applied to several UK banks for current accounts over a period of approximately two months and, for various reasons (such as mistakenly being classified as not being on the electoral roll), been rejected by all of them. The application searches are on my Experian credit file. I appreciate that having too many applications in a short period of time is not something the banks take too kindly to. Should I wait a period of time before applying to further banks? I appreciate it's a question one can generally only guestimate, but how many banks would be "too many" to apply to before further banks get suspicious and reject an application? If I should wait for a while, how long should I wait please? Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi there, friend of mine is also enduring several threatening letters from RLP. Incident arose at TK Max which police attended but took no further. At that point, it was mentioned that some civil recovery would happen. Total value being chased is £50 - value of items in question on the day - less than £10 Two letters sent in reply asking for evidence on which RLP will rely and denying any contract with RLP and liability. Latest reply, RLP have provided a description of their understanding of events at TK Max and carefully word the involvement of the police that they took the civil claim into consideration. RLP are referring to an admission of guilt at the time and justifying the civil claim. In the latest letter they say their client will be entitled to issue a claim in the county court and the £50 currently claimed will jump due to fees. Read plenty on this site - how likely is it that this will go to court and what sums / fees are possible worse case. If my friend signed something - I dont know this - at the time, would this be used in a civil case at court? Also the letters seen are unpleasant, latest letter mentions tortious actions. Any advice would be appreciated. Not sure whether to advise my friend just to pay the £50 or keep going with not paying. Thanks
  10. Basically I took out a loan with mini credit a last year november time and defaulted. At the time they were hounding me and took several small payments from my account. But they suddenly stopped all contact, stopped taking payments and have blocked my account. Where do i stand with this? Ive sorted out my payday loan hell now all bar these cowboys and dont want it returning to bite me in a few months time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Vinnie
  11. Hi again everyone, I have got my credit report from Experian and have a couple of questions. My Very account now appears to belong to Lowell on report, who have been texting, ringing etc for weeks now which I was just ignoring until I knew who it belonged to. Have now had letter from Hamptons. Do I now sar Lowell as I believe that there are plenty of charges from when NDR were collecting previously? Also my debts from running a pub (I came out of pub in March 2012), are not on my report anywhere. They are Unicom, Anglian Water, and British Gas. Unicom is just termination charges (£335, offered them 50p per month, they have refused, continue to send me threats of court etc etc, wont deal in writing and I dont answer their calls! Anglian Water (debt £550), I have offered £1.35 per month, had letter back from them saying account is being dealt with by Scotcall so they cant deal with me? British Gas (debt £345) made an offer of £1 back in May, no reply, am now getting emails from Clarity collections, do I make them the offer now? Many thanks
  12. Hi there, I got myself into a complete mess with payday loans. I am already fighting my way out, but would need further guidance from all the experienced people here how to proceed. The very short version of my story is that I started taking out my first payday loan back in 2009. I then was unable to repay in full (well actually I repaid in full but had to take the loan out again later in the month, so effectively "rolled over") and the amounts gradually increased. In December 2011 I was at a point where the sum of my outstanding payday loans were nearly 11000 GBP and where I paid nearly 2000 GBP month after month on interest alone. I must have paid over 20000 GBP on interest over these years and this makes me so angry with myself... Then beginning of this year came the breaking point. Lucky for me I found this forum and so I cancelled my debit card, contacted the payday lenders and tried to arrange repayment plans. Some (a few) were surprisingly helpful, others were not so helpful, but I managed to get a plan with most of them. The issue was that my aim was to not have a default on my credit rating. So despite paying off monthly to them, some lenders did not agree to my proposed 12 months repayment plan and insisted on shorter periods (some 6 months, some even shorter). So I paid these higher amounts with the "help" of "fresh" payday loans. After 6 months of repayment I managed to reduce my payday loan debt from 10732 GBP in Jan 12 to 5352 GBP today. Some of these 5352 GBP are "fresh" rolled over payday loans, some are outstanding balances of repayment plans. I can see the amount rising again so I think I will not be able to avoid a default on my credit rating, so I am prepared to simply default on some of the fresh loans as this definitely has to stop now and I will not take out another payday loan next motnh (or roll over). Here is an overview of the companies and amounts (incl interest): Microlend 780 GBP - "fresh" loan, due 31 Jul Wonga 620 GBP - "fresh" loan, due 31 Jul (I already repaid over 6 months a 200 GBP my previous Wonga loan, no idea why I even got a new one coming fresh off a repayment plan!!) Lending stream 600 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 75 GBP Toothfairy 544 GBP - "fresh" loan MrLender 520 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 65 GBP British Pearl/Spondoolies 450 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 50 GBP SafeLoans 440 GBP - "fresh" loan QuickQuid 438 GBP - on repayment plan - the 438 GBP is the last payment due on 31 Jul MEM/PaydayUK 300 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 60 GBP Pounds2Pocket 212 GBP - 212 GBP is the last rate due on 31 Jul TxtLoan 150 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 40 GBP Minicredit 130 GBP - "fresh" loan WageDayAdvance 85 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 85 GBP Speed-E-Loans 52 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 52 GBP CashOnGo/Peachy 26 GBP - on repayment plan - monthly 13 GBP My "available" money each month to pay these off is 1150 GBP. But with the "fresh" loans above I would need to pay over 3600 GBP on 31 Jul to satisfy all. Now the advice I need, if anyone has experience with: - Do some of these companies accept full and final settlement offers, or is this something you can only offer the DCAs? - If yes, what percentage is reasonable? - Some of the above I read here add exorbitant charges if I default (e.g. Toothfairy, Minicredit). I am afraid that these charges will bring me further in debt. Anyone has experience how to deal with these and if they "write off" some of the charges later on in the process? - Will Wonga set me on a repayment plan again?? - Any idea who to pay on 31 Jul and who can wait?? Any help on the above questions, or any other help is so much appreciated. Thank you very much!
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