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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all. First please allow me to explain my situation. I am a full-time carer for my partner who has physical and mental disabilities, and as such is on PIP (standard daily living, standard mobility rates). He also gets ESA (Support group), which allows us to get Housing Benefit and council tax benefit. I also claim carers allowance for looking after my partner full-time. We have been discussing my return to work - initially to supplement our income within the confines allowed by each benefit, but hopefully the work may grow so that we can come off of some of them altogether. I will be a self-employed sole trader, initially only working about 10hrs a week / earning around £75 per week. I want to report my work to the DWP so everything is legitimate without risk of sanction. I am looking for advice on how this will affect our benefits (i have booked an appointment at my local CAB office but it is several weeks away as they are so busy). In particular, how much am i able to earn before it affects certain benefits? If i work, will my partner still be able to claim ESA or will it go to income support (which i thought was being phased out?)? I have used the turntous calculator but the results do not seem to be right.
  2. Hi this is my second thread here, I'm currently on JSA and have been building a port folio to become a graphic designer and have built a very promising android mobile app that I am very proud of, I discussed this with my advisor thoroughly and was still stuck on the work programme as opposed to new enterprise allowance, which cannot be appealed it seems, I have no skills or grades and very poor credit, and the work programme seems unable or unwilling to help me, and everyone else I turn to for support or advice say I must be an SME to qualify for there support or go it alone (poor credit hinders this option) I wondered if anyone here knew the ins and outs for instance if I published my app can I continue to receive JSA and inform them of any monies (if any) I make from it as a freemium app, or do I have to be self employed? And the same would go for being a graphic designer? Any advice would be appreciated as lately while developing my portfolio I have been accused of benefit fraud and am currently fighting my corner (find out soon from a decision maker on that one) but I believe it was the work programme who tipped the job centre that I was building a portfolio even though it was them who advise me to do it :S so I am reluctant at best to tell them anything they don't need to know thanks again for any and all help
  3. I have been self employed for less than a year and was receiving full hb during this period. When I informed hb that I have started self employment last year , I was asked to submit a business plan for the next 6 months which I did and I showed that my income is expected to rise and even treble with this plan as I will add several parts of business strategies to earn more. However after 9 months I was offered a full time job with a great earnings and I phoned them immediately to inform them of this job. I was asked if I would continue self employment to which I replied that I am not too sure depending on the new job. I also sent my contract. Now after 2 months they have written to ask for payslips for new work, bank statements, all my invoices for self employment, if I am doing both etc. I want to end my housing benefit as with the new job I got I had to stop within 2 weeks as the pressure was too much. I did not receive payslips and reg payment I owed this company 3 years ago for money borrowed from them and they have retained the money. We have now decided that instead of full time I do contract work for them on a "when needed" basis. I have worked on and off with them and still no payslips or payments. I do not dispute as I know I owe them a big sum anyway. My second problem is family wise, I have a non dependant child who loves to come and stay over every time he wants, I told her that if she decides to stay full time, she will have to disclose his earnings to the council as I am on hb but she does not want to listen and refuse to give details of any earnings. Therefore I want to stop claiming HB and CTB and work at my leisure the number of hours I want in contract and self employed. What can I do, because I am stopping my claim I dont want to provide any bank statements , I can provide them with a part final account to see my business situation but I am tired to have to report all changes all the time and I am confident I will earn enough with my biz ventures as to not need benefit. Can I stop the claim now, whats the way of stopping the claim easily without any more details request. Thank you Therefore to solve all these matters, I
  4. Hello, I have known all along that my situation was not right, but I have no idea what to do about it & I'm a little nervous about getting in to trouble! I have been working as a full time, live-in carer for 21 months. When I took the job I was given the impression that it was part-time, but it most certainly is not! I had hoped to carry on my usual self employment along side, but this has been impossible. The day starts at 7am & finishes at 11pm but I am also on call all night. My employer is an elderly man of 93 yrs, partially disabled by a stroke just over 2 years ago, but mentally very alert (does the Guardian & Times cryptic crosswords in a few hours). He never leaves the one room he lives in & all his toilet facilities have to be brought to him - there is no plumbing in the room. The location is very rural & the longest I can leave him is 90 minutes, so most of the shopping has to be done on line. Everything that he needs to be done for him, or about the place, is done by me. He has a niece who lives 20 miles away & visits approximately once every three months! It was she who was involved in hiring me - via a hand written advert in a newsagents window. Each week I am paid £200 for 7 days (24 hours per day!) & if I want time off I have to arrange it & pay for it out of this. Since I have been here I have had 9 days holiday, & my employer paid for the cover. I asked about the employment situation when I started & the niece told me that if anyone asked - the money I received for my work was 'household expenses'. I knew that this was not right, but I had hoped I wouldn't have to do the job for very long, so it would not be an issue. The first year I did my accounts, most of the year was still my old self employment, so I just added my carer wages into my receipts. About that time I phoned HM RC to ask them about the following year, but in retrospect I do not think they actually heard what I told them, because the adviser said all was fine & I could earn up wards of £400 a week & still not pay any tax - he then mentioned a revenue document. I made a note of this but didn't actually read it until just before I did my accounts in January this year - when I realized that this actually referred to a scheme where an elderly person is looked after in someone else's home & not in their own. It seemed much too late to do anything about it then, so I described myself as a self-employed carer & filled out my tax return accordingly, even though I know that am actually an employee but I don't know what to do about it! I have been going through a divorce & trying to negotiate a financial settlement, but still as yet have no money. However after 21 months working here I have now had as much as I can stand, and have handed in my notice, & will be finishing on March 27th. The elderly mans niece has already sorted out my replacements, a very sweet young traveler couple, who no doubt will also be told that their wages are 'household expenses'. This may not be such a worry to them as they may be 'off radar' & not care! I just feel that I have been put in a very difficult position - & it has all been done to keep my employers costs down - no employers NI contributions, no employers insurance, nothing! He is not a poor man, though he has a poor mentality - he owns his property which although dilapidated is in a very desirable area, he lives on the income from stocks & shares, receives the higher rate carers allowance & has several tens of thousands in his current account. Should I just leave, forget about it all & hope the HM RC never have cause to look more closely. Should I contact them again & draw their attention to the situation? (If I do I certainly will not get a reference in future & I could do with one if I seek employment as I have been self employed for decades). Do I have anything to gain by contacting HM RC - other than a sense of fair play? All advise gratefully received!
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