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Found 8 results

  1. Our worst car buying experience ever - horrendous! I cannot underestimate how shocked we were at how Bullitt Cars in North London refused to refund us our money when we rejected a faulty car. We bought a car for over £12,000 and the first time it rained it was clear that the roof was leaking. We returned the car to reject it as is our right under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 as it was not fit for purpose and they refused to refund us our money. They then drove and fixed the car without our permission and attempted to force us to pick the car up by charging us £30 a day storage. The police were contacted who notified them they were acting outside the law but they continued on with the same threat. They refused to tell us what work had been done on the car or who did the work. We even offered to sell it back at a loss but their counter offer was for us to lose over £1,000. When told we were going to inform other consumers about them they threatened to sue us for libel if we posted bad feedback unless it was done after we won a court case against them. We are shocked and appalled that a Bullitt Cars could act in this way and it is experiences like these that we feel make people wary of buying from dodgy car dealers.
  2. My partner bought a handset privately and it worked fine for a month. Then it wouldn't make or receive calls. It turns out it's been blacklisted on UK networks. We've run a report and also reported it to the police. It turns out that it's not stolen, nor is it the subject of an insurance claim. I'm assuming then that the previous owner is in default with their contract and hence it's been blocked by whichever network they're in default with. My question is is there any way to get the block lifted? Anyone had experience of this before?
  3. Hi All, this is my first post here so please bear with me. I am here for some advise and guidance as well as reassurance from anyone with any experiences they can can share. I live in Norfolk... and have been looking to buy a nice new car for myself for some time. the car will be used for work purposes (traveling around the country as a rep) as well as needed for two dogs and a small child. I found a Mercedes ML 320 sport online at a garage in Croydon, London. I spoke several times with the garage who assured me the car is an absolute gem. i obtained a loan from Tesco and travelled down the croydon to view the car and hopefully pay for it to drive away if all checked ok. the car is very nice, full service history, a few aftermarket bits and bobs from Brabus and an engine re tune... its one of a kind. I paid for the car on my debit card (£15,500) and drove it away. on 11/10/14. on the 20th of the same month i noticed the car was sitting uneven and there is a residue oil substance all over the driveway... i took the car to our local garage (not mercedes, only a friends local garage) who advised me that the rear drivers side shock had gone but he seems to think that may not contribute to the leveling issue as its all round air suspension. they advised me that under the sale of goods act i should get the garage to fix the faults. The garage which i bought it from told me to take it up with the warranty company, the warranty company said its not covered! I made a real pain of myself to the garage in Croydon who eventually agreed to have the car back to repair it but will definitely NOT come and collect it so i would have to drop it off. I dropped the car off on the 8th November who advised they would call on the Monday (10th) with an update and will be ready in only a few days. They didn't call, text or email and wouldn't return any of my calls until Friday 21st! who i was then told that i could collect it on Tuesday 25th as it will definitely be ready and fixed then.......(i recorded this conversation so i have it as proof that's what he said). I traveled all the way down there again on the train costing me another £45 in fairs only to arrive at the garage where i am told it hasn't been fixed yet!! they have told me that they replaced the damaged shock but it is still sitting uneven. he even agreed its not a genuine shock so it wont match the others on the car. however there is still an issue with the car not sitting level and they don't know how to fix it or do anything more. At this point i asked for a full refund as I have been without a car for 2.5 weeks, paid for an item that isnt fit for purpose and it seems that they are both unable and unwilling to fully fix it. they firmly rejected my asking of a refund. My bank (HSBC) have said they 'may' be able to help if i fill in a load of forms in trying to get my money back.... but it may be a lengthy process. the garage have both my money and my car and i am no further forward. I have lost all faith in the garage and alarm bells are ringing all over the place to avoid them. I dont want them to bodge the job only for something else to go wrong. i just want a full refund plus travel expenses for all my messing around. can anyone shed some light on the best action if the garage is flatly refusing to help in and just keeps ignoring me? matthew
  4. Hi everybody, first of all, thanks for looking into my thread! i bought a car from a dealer located in Edlesborough, and i paid in full 10 days ago. when the car got delivered on last tuesday, i found that there are a few things i wasn't expecting at all. 1. there is a dent in the rear bumper. my guess is that it was caused because of reversing towards a pole or something like a pole. 2. spring of the left hand side of storage cover / roller blind is broken, so when it is applied there is no tension on the left hand side, but looks like too much tension on the right hand side. 3. in the advert they put on autotraders, it said 35000 miles on the clock. but when the vehicle arrived it has got 36118 miles instead. i tried to communicate with the manager called alan, but he has got a really bad attitude regarding this. after he admitted that they didn't check the functionality of the roller blind, i said 'oh my god', then he had to give a 5-minute lecture about how improper he thought for me to say omg. he also said that no dealers will check the roller blind even the bmw main dealership wouldn't do it. before talking to him i have been to mercedes-benz which is just 5 minutes walk from my house. i told a dude working there about the dent about the roller blind. i asked him if they would sell a car with problems like mine without telling the buyer before delivering out. he said they definitely wouldn't advertise it! i haven't driven the car on any street at all yet, and except the only time that i turned the engine on was to get the car parked in my parking bay on delivery day. i coudn't go there and pick it up myself, because it will take me 10 hours on the road and i have a dog living with me. i contacted citizen advice bureau, but there's not much they could do to help. as they advised i have sent a formal email to the dealer and asked for a FULL refund. the manager of the company, alan, replied that it would be my liability for the cost of delivery, collection and ROAD TAX. after calling citizen advise bureau again, i was told that if i want to get those cost back, i have to get a solicitor, and it will be the Judge's call about who should pay for the cost. hence i do need a good solicitor now, and does anyone know how much will it cost me? most importantly, would i win the case??? please advise!!! thank you guys so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! car details: BMW 09 plate X3 SE Auto, price paid £16400. pictures: roller blind h ttp://i1348.photobucket.com/albums/p722/icanotellu/rollerblindright_zps1126a5cf.jpg h ttp://i1348.photobucket.com/albums/p722/icanotellu/rollerblindleft_zps4d8d152a.jpg dented rear bumper h ttp://i1348.photobucket.com/albums/p722/icanotellu/bumper_zps2687f5b5.jpg mileage h ttp://i1348.photobucket.com/albums/p722/icanotellu/bumper_zps2687f5b5.jpg i don't know if legally i am allowed to reveal the name of the dealer so i can't post the screenshot i have saved of the listing on autotraders.co.uk.
  5. Hi All I'll try to keep it brief Day 1 - I purchased a 2002 car for £1500 from a dealer, 1 year new MOT, 5 mths tax. I viewed the car, but didnt test drive (i know!) and all seemed fine. Purchased it, was given a little paper work that i never looked at and one key and started my journey home. I noticed on the way that there were 2 warning lights on the dash. When arriving home i searched online and these were ABS/ESP faults (im kinda dumb when it comes to cars) and also noticed that the key given to me was manual, and the alarm wouldnt work as it needed the remote fob. I also looked through the paperwork given and noticed advisories on the MOT for 2 x tryes near legal limit and exhaust deteriated. Now i know based on the above, i should have been a more savy consumer, however the car was advertised online as excellent condition with alarm and there were no mention of advisories or any faults in the ad or in person by the dealer at time of purchase. Day 2 - i then tried calling the dealer the next day (3 calls in total) but he was never avail to take my call, i explained in brief the situation to the person who answered the phone, and was assured the message about faults would be passed on. Day 3 - The next day being a Saturday, i decided to get a quote for the advisories, and was told that tyres need replacing urgently, and exhaust its completely rusted, so in the interest of safety and roadworthiness decided to pay for repairs. I had every intention of keepping the car. Day 5 - Come Mon, i tried phoning the dealer again, and again too busy or not avail, so emailed them advising the faults up to that point, and although i have replaced 2 tyres/exhaust, i was ok with this as i would get the future benefit, but wanted the other times sorted by them. No reply to email. Day 7 - Looked on the VOSA website, and found out that the car previously failed an MOT a few weeks earlier for ABS fault, rear coil spring incomplete, and a few other things. At this point i was concerned as the fault was present at time of purchase! Day 8 - After 3 more calls to the dealer, finally spoke to the person who sold the car to me, went over the faults we decided that i would call back the next morning to arrange a time to come in to check it out. Day 9 - called again 2 times, guy was not avail, messages passed on. By this stage i'm fed up. Day 10 - today, decide to pay for a diagnostic, which highlighted £500 in repairs (clutch, brakes, lumdar ) and that one ABS sensor was completely missing, which baffled the mechanic, as this obviously meant it was missing since i purchased, so car was clearly not fit for purpose. Armed with this, called dealer again, and you guessed it, not avail. So, dumb as i am, and as the quote to replace ABS sensor was less than £100 i decided to fix, in the hope that would be the end of it and i could start enjoying the car. Part replaced by mechanic, however after diagnostic, ABS/ESP fault still present, and would require alot more investigation, could be ECU which costs anything from £400 - £900!. I asked the mechanic to check the rear coil spring (fail from previous MOT), and you guessed it "incomplete" The car failed an MOT on 2 points, then passed a week later, but clearly both faults are still there. I now want to reject the car because it needs £400 more work doing along with the unknown cost to fix ABS/ESP. the car was clearly not fit for purpose, but as i've paid £600 in repairs already on this, can i claim the cost of the car and repairs to date? I did do the advisories in good faith (this makes up £500) to ensure the car was safe to drive, but i never dreamed of the problems to come. I know i can ask the dealer to repair somethings, but i have lost faith in this car and him, and just want all my money back and move on. Where do i stand? (sorry about the length of this)
  6. Can anyone help me?!! My son bought a secondhand car for £3,600 in April 2012. Two dys after buying it it conked out and some diagnostic lights came on. He phoned the garage who said wait a while and try again its probably some dirt in the fuel pump? (or something like that) It did start and seemed to drive ok for 2wks then it conked out again. He called the garage and they said bring it in, which he did the following morning,9am. He didn't get a call back and had to call them after a few days. They said it needs a new turbo and will cost him £1200. My son is disputing this and feels they should fix it. The garage has refused to even discuss it. They did however call today (12 June) and again said they wouldn't fix it and that basiacally my son could take them to court if he wanted. My son has spoken to trading standards and citizens advice as to whether they can take the car, get it fixed elsewhere (as the garage has refused to do it for them) and bill the garage. They won't say if he can do that or not. What should he do? Thankyou, if anyone has any advice.
  7. We bought a second hand car (X reg 1.4 Astra LS 16v) from a dealer for the sum of £1750 + P/X of old car, The car came with a 12 month MOT, !2 month warranty and a full service. The dealer told us they had sold the car when it was 6 months old to an older gent and that it had been serviced by the dealer ever since, and as they knew the car so well they were selling it on, as the car only had 52,000 on the clock we thought the story was plausable. The dealer told us the car had a misfire which would be 'sorted' before we collected it and the timing belt would be replaced as part of the service. Since then the car has been back to the dealers garage for the rear crank seal to be replaced (which they did begrudgingly), The battery has blown all it's cells which had to be replaced by the RAC at a cost to us (£70) and now, after a trip from Yorkshire to Dorset, the E.C.U. is acting up cutting off fuel when the E.C.U. gets too hot? How do I stand with statutory rights, what can I demand of the dealer and can I claim back the cost (part or all) of the battery, (If he serviced the car for the best part of 10 years he should know if the battery is in good condition or not)? Any help/advice would be appreciated, Thanx
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