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Found 5 results

  1. http://leaderlive.co.uk/news/153109/parking-enforcer-swaps-sides-to-fight-penalties.aspx it's absolutely disgusting that he STILL profits off the misfortune of drivers that got caught out by PPC's. More so that the local media is actually advertising his business.
  2. This show the country is the same as it always was. Bringing down the wall hasn't changed it one bit. It's still run by a Communist KGB Officer.
  3. i have a bill of sale for a car with CLS, i lost my job 4 months ago and was struggling but kept up with the payments, i took it out over 3 years and ive only 12 months left to run .i got a letter saying id missed a payment so posted a cheque on sat 21st by regesterd post. on xmas eve i received another threatening phone call from them saying they had not recieved it, as i explained i had the receipt that it had been posted and would be tracking it, but all i got was, this little jumped up JOBS WORTH saying were repossessing the car. After my wife heard all this sadly late on xmas eve she took her own life, i have a severly disabled 8 year old son and 15 year old daughter. so forgive me if I am a little grumpy but i hope that jobs worth has had the same xmas as me. also when they reposses the car i want him to do it and we will see if he can back his mouth up. This will go to court and when it does my mother in laws solicitor will make em look the idiots they really are. NOW PLEASE ANYBODY THINKING OF DEALING WITH THESE. DONT
  4. This case is quite unusual, but I am determined to make an example of the Bailiff, TASK Enforcement and TfL. They are all [deleted]!!! I am a very resourceful and determined person. I dont give up. I do not have a legal background, hence I am here to seeking advice and guidance so that I can hold these people accountable for their actions in a court room. My anger is not motivated by the loss of my money, but simply by the behavior of these [companies] who manipulate and [seek to obtain money from] people legally. My motivation comes from reading about thousands of people on this forum who ALL have been mishandled in a similar way. Not too long ago, I had 2 bailiffs turn up at my door demanding £373 for a TfL PCN my brother had not paid a year ago. My brother and I share similar names (ask the parents), for arguments sake, my name is Adam John Smith and my brothers name is Joe John Smith. My brother was given a courtesy vehicle from Enterprise Rental when his car went into the garage. He got a PCN from TfL which he disputed for some reason and didn't pay. I told the bailiff that my brother no longer lives at the address and I dont know where he is. The bailiff asked for my name, which I gave, and he said I was the person he was looking for, John Smith. I said "Thats impossible...why would you be looking for me since this has nothing to do with me"....He asked me for my DOB....which I gave....He said that this matched with his records...I asked to be shown this record and warrant....He claimed he was not obliged to show this to me. I then became suspect of whether he had my DOB or not. Where did he get my DOB from? DPA 1998 breach somewhere....or he's lying. I told them to go away, but the second bailiff would not move his foot from my front door. So i called the police. The police arrived an hour later. The bailiff spoke to the officer before they spoke to me which I found extremely annoying since I called for them. The bailiff showed some documentation to the police officer and got them on their side before they spoke to me. The police then heard my story. I told them I am not my brother and if they check the vehicle hire agreement, the drivers license on the agreement would be different from mine. This was not at hand, but surely the bailiff should have this document. This would go to prove I was not my brother. Police was NOT at all helpful in this situation. They actually made it worse it seems. I am making a complaint to the Police about the officer concerned. After 2 hours of arguments, the second bailiff walked into my house and threatened me if I didn't pay. The police did nothing to stop this trespass and watched him do it. I was then forced to pay the debt. The debt then suddenly changed from £373 to £799.34 (Its funny how this figure is exactly the same as another Task Enforcement case in this forum /forum/showthread.php?371939-Bailiffs-Fee-s-I-have-been-ripped-off-what-can-I-do I wrote to TfL looking for a refund of the fees since the debt was not mine. I proved it to them by sending them a copy of my drivers licence. They had a look at the enterprise rental agreement, and confirmed on the phone that I was not the person who hired the vehicle since the DL numbers did not match. I spoke to TASK Enforcement and asked them where they obtained my DOB, the lady on the phone said, there is no DOB information on this case. Did the bailiff make a not of my DOB when he asked me and use this against me? In the "Letter Before Action" to TfL, I asked why the fees went from £373 to £799.34, they responded with a breakdown which included Case Received £202 Letter Fee £13.44 1st Visit £68.08 2nd Visit £71.82 Attendance to Remove £192.08 Aborted Removal £234.00 Payment Surcharge £17.92 What on earth is Attendance to Remove and Aborted Removal. These were dated the same as the 2nd visit date. Are they allowed to charge for card surcharge? On the 1st visit, we told them that my brother does not live here, they went away. Did they not get it the first time..!! TfL refuse to return my money since they now apparently believe I am my brother.... .... I want to recover my money and make this bailiff pay for his lies to me and the police. TfL say that they they believe Task Enforcement has charged within their statutory guidelines. Can anyone verify if this is true? I paid on my VISA card.... TfL say no DPA 1998 breach has occured since the bailiff company use DBs where DOB is given.....I will request to see what information they hold on me. Any tips on how I should proceed with this case would be appreciated. I want to teach all of these people a lesson, and I believe I have a strong case also.
  5. Hi, we seem to be having the same problems with Bristow & Sutor as manyof you are, To cut a long story short I was made redundant at the start of the recession and found my self on the 'dole' for a while, as we have four kids, two of them lads we don't want them thinking that the'dole' is an option in life, more a crash mat for when life goes wrong! As a result of there being no work other than short term agency work (no good for a family of six) I set up a little company designing and installing kids play equipment. During the last couple of years things have become extremely difficult and we've ended up owing council tax every year, this was handed to Bristow & Sutor for collection. The first debt was 2009-2010 for £34 +£50 costs for the offensive little peon to knock on my door, which we paid there and then. Our next encounter was for 2010-2011 council tax for 6 months outstanding;we set up a payment plan and paid it off at our distress at £35 per week. They are now demanding council tax for 2011-2012, Bristow & Sutor sent another bailiff to our door demanding the outstanding ct, I was not in at the time and the bailiff used all the usual fear tactics to get my wife to agree to a payment plan of £150 per month! The debt is in my name and I haven't signed anything! Does this make the contract void? I am not denying owing the money, Ido, the fact is I have not got any money! We made the first payment which was for £97. we made a reduced payment of £80 the next month, another payment of £80 and then a payment of £125,due to lack of funds we defaulted on last months payment, and a bailiff called at 7:30 in the evening yesterday demanding either a payment of £560, or seizure of goods (which wasn't going to happen!) or committal to prison. This creep has also added £180 charge for a removal team, he was one guy in a car, how is this 'a team with a van' ? What can I do about these 'people'? Can I refuse to deal with them and deal direct with the council? By making payments, have I in theory accepted the payment contract even though I have never signed it? Do I have to pay this ridiculous charge? Please help! Many thanks
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