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  1. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice on how best to deal with a letter I have received? The letter seems ambiguous and doesn't state if they have had the debt sold on to them or acting on behalf, nor does it include any reference the original debt/account numbers. I do owe this debt however have had a bad run of things lately and became unable to keep up with the contract, the original creditor wasn't interested in my situation (when are they ever?), this is the first time I have received a letter from a DCA in regards to the debt; *MY NAME AND ADDRESS* *DATE OF LETTER* *LETTER REFERENCE Dear XX XX *CREDITOR NAME* Debt: £*DEBT AMOUNT* Reason: Unpaid loan We refer to our client's outstanding debt and ask that you contact us within the next fourteen days to discuss this matter. If you are unable to pay this amount in full please contact us within this period of time as it may be possible to arrange a mutually acceptable repayment programme to clear the debt. Cheque or postal orders should be made payable to Scott and Mears and sent direct to this office. We are also able to acept card payment by telephone, full details of payment methods are shown overleaf. If you need any debt advice, listed overleaf are organisations that will help you free of charge. Yours sincerely *illegible scribble* Collections Department
  2. Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington of 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment has died READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/lance-corporal-scott-hetherington-has-died My heart goes out to his Family on this sad news.
  3. Hi there, I just got back from my honeymoon to realize I had failed to pay my council tax. I had been given a reminder letter later June to remind me to pay it. I forgot to do it before I left for my holiday and now Scott & Co are demanding £1269.47 in a one off payment, which I simply don't have. I never had the cash at the time to pay the £288 in the first place (2 months worth, no idea why I got hit with 2 month at once, just moved here, possibly why?). I have no idea what to do here, they say in the letter they can take my property and freeze my bank accounts. I have literally just moved house, got a new job, got married and to add insult to injury my motorbike was stolen and the insurance refused to pay out, leaving me with a £1800 settlement fee with the finance company. I can easily afford to pay the monthly installments, I just can't afford to pay the whole whack up front. Any idea what my best course of action is? It's the weekend and their local offices appear to not be open.
  4. Hello, 3 weeks ago Scott&co told me they were going for Bankruptcy. This was on a friday over the fone. On the tuesday I was on the fone arranging a new payment plan, placed on hold while he cleared it with his manager, my credit ran out, so the call went dead. When I called back the next day they were closed. When I got back through to them on the friday, it was then I was told they were going for Bankruptcy, despite me telling them it was only tuesday they were happy enough to arrange a new plan.. The total figure owed is over 8k representing just under half of the last 12 yrs council tax (at £1400 per year) including charges. Since finding out about this, I have paid £250 off of the arrears. Last night when I went to pay another £50 using their automated 24 hr system, it would not let me, informing me the system was down for maintenance. I called the today, and the young man told me he could not accept Any payments, apart form the Full Balance. I asked him to send me that in writing, and also that they were rejecting my payment proposal of £150 per month. He said he is not sure if they can do that, we will see. Needless to say, I am terrified. I work, have lived in this house since march 1997. There is around 6 yrs left on the mortgage, it is my only asset. I have enlisted the help of the local C.A.B., and they managed to get me a 4 week suspension, which is due to end in a few days. There are companies that buy properties quickly, for Much less than market value. I do not know what to do. Whist I am very thankful for the CAB, and appreciate they have a lot to do, the fact is communications with them is like pulling teeth. It is a closed office here in this small fishing town that handles money issues, and I can Not get the to answer the fone. So today I wrote a 4 page letter to them, and posted it through their door. So, I await any reply from them. The only comms so far, has been me filling out a large CAB set of forms, handing them in, then getting a letter stating they had attained a 4 week reprieve. I rang Aberdeenshire Council direct, and spoke to a young lady called Sara, she said she could see the £250 I had paid, and said I ought to ring Scott&Co and given the payments I have recently made, they should agree a payment plan with me, but you can read above what their response was/is. I feel powerless. What am I to do if they will not receive payments, not agree a payment plan, and intend taking me to court. What will happen ? Will the Sherriff put me out the house, and it go up for Auction ? It is Aberdeenshire Council to whom the money is owed (a lot of it is charges and the single persons discount I never received..) I am not expecting miracles, but would be very thankful for anything you may think will enlighten me. S Thankyou,
  5. Dear forum, I've been recently receiving summary warrant letters (one of them has been handed-in in person) from Scott&Co sheriffs claiming I owe over £1300 in Council Tax. This is amount that would cover more than 12 months CT for the property I've been staying in for just 4 months! The truth is, I haven't paid (I'm the sole person responsible for CT) CT because I work too few hours and can't get any benefits as I'm non-UK (I don't even pay the rent right now due to lack of sensible income, got a very understanding LL). I've looked through posts on the forum but it's not very clear to me what course of action would be best: a/ Should I ask Scott&Co to prove I owe the debt of £1300 and if I do (which is not true, it's much smaller amount), what is the amount and have them explain what the summary warrant is and why did they issue one. After all, I haven't been summoned to the court? b/ Ask the City Council if they'd consider writing my current CT debt off? c/ Or, should I pursue, at the same time, a and b options? It would be great if someone could point me to the relevant templates - again, I have looked through the forum but couldn't locate the right templates apart from a template asking City Council to write off the debt. Thanks, K.
  6. Hi there, long time lurker here but first time poster. I'm looking for some input on a problem I'm facing, I couldn't find any specific info using the searches. I'm posting this in both the "Scotland" and "Dealing with Debt in Scotland" forums as I don't know which is more appropriate - admin please feel free to move or merge as required. I missed the last month (January) of our 15/16 Edinburgh council tax payment, an elderly relative fell ill at New Year, subsequently passed away in March and my wife and I were spending so much time with family we neglected our usual finances. We received the missed payment info from Edinburgh Council but by the time we were able to follow up with them, they said that the payment had already gone out to Scott&Co to collect and we should just wait for the info from them to arrive before paying. Subsequently, we were away from home the 2nd half of March for the funeral and had already arranged to spend some other time with family over Easter. The Scott&Co letter w/ top up charge ~ £180 was amongst the post we received when we got home on 3rd April (sorry I don't know the exact figures as I'm posting this during my lunch break at work and don't have the documents here). It took me a few more days to be able to come up with the money (we had to take it from what was supposed to be the 1st payment of this years Council Tax!), I paid them online from work on Weds 6th April. When I got home that night another envelope from them had arrived, containing the previous info and additional hand-written charges - badly written and not making sense! - and a copy of this with the typed charges - making more sense - arrived at the start of this week. So they are trying to charge us an extra ~ £95 for this. I don't know what to do, we have no spare money at all and we can't afford to hand over payment out of what was supposed to be yet another months CT for this year, as it will just send us back into the same spiral. Can anyone tell me, do Scott&Co have the right to charge this extra under the circumstances, and if so is it possible to appeal (internal or 3rd party)? Here's the timeline according to their paperwork: - Original debt plus 10% awarded to them: 10th March (fair enough). - First letter from them dated 17th March, but hadn't arrived by 19th March when we left home to travel to family funeral. Letter read on 3rd April when we returned home. I realise my mistake was not calling them on Monday 4th as soon as I could, but I knew we had some money coming in that week as was just waiting to get it to pay. - Paid online 6th April - Letter with additional charges (hand written arithmetic) received 6th April - Copy of letter with additional charges (printed arithmetic) received 11th April Help! Any advice? Thanks for any input. Ant
  7. Hi, I am in the midst of a complex Employment Tribunal. A bit of background: - I am claiming discrimination - Failure to make reasonable adjustments and Discrimination arising from disability - I am self representing - I originally submitted my ET1 with a 'headlines' version of allegations (to fit in the box) - I was asked to expand on my allegations by the Judge at my CMD. I did this and the resulting ET1 clarification is 15 pages long - The Respondent has now conceded that I am disabled The Respondent has asked for a Scott schedule to be drafted, with explanation of which PCPs were applied to me and how they substantially disadvantaged me. I have agreed to do this. My query is : Given the amount of detail that has already been lodged in my ET1, how detailed does the Scott schedule need to be? Do I need to go into detail about how each PCP affected me, and why, or do I keep it brief? I assume that the ET1 is still looked at and is not superseded by the Scott schedule. Is that correct? Thank you for any thoughts.
  8. I made an agreement with Scott and Co for Council Tax arrears and it started in Dec 2014. I paid each month, but they lost the payments in their system somewhere the only payment that reached my account with them was Feb's. The others are in their "big" system somewhere. Because of missed payments they say I broke the arrangement and they are arresting the wages now. They sent a letter (never received) and phoned. Now they may have phoned but they say they are not allowed due to Data Protection to say who they are, so just just say an urgent matter. Have just checked the schedule and the amount they want to take is 5 times more than we had arranged, we had just started to get ourselves sorted out with repayment plans and clearing debt but money is still very tight, this now means other debts wont be paid. I spoke to 2 people from Scott and Co, first one was useless and I hung up on her, second one was helpful and explained things but the dept that deals with that says nothing can be done, arrestment stands. Can they do this, I didn't break the agreement, the money left my account and their system shows this a they got a payment in Feb.
  9. Hi there! I sent a CCA in Dec 2013 to Blair Oliver Scott. They wrote to me afterwards (15th Jan 2014) which was more of a 'payment reminder' notice. They have been on my payplan DMP for several years. Outstanding around £1,500 To date they havent acknowledged my CCA, sent registered. After 2 months waiting, I took them off my DMP.. Now theyve sent me another reminder. I live abroad, out of the UK and EU, so it takes usually one month to recieve normal mail. The last reminder threatened 'further action' if payment not recieved. Any advice for the next steps gratefully recieved!
  10. Letter sent to Blair, Oliver & Scott (from Halifax credit card) requesting CCA. Will await their response. Halifax/BOS £3,960
  11. Hi there, I need help composing a Scott Schedule structured in the following manner: 1. Allegation 2. Date of said act/s, 3. Descriptions 4. Person/s performing said act/s, 5. Type of complaint/s, 6. Response from respondent. I'm really stuck how to go about this. I've looked on the internet but cannot find any complete ones to work and adapt from and get hints. Any advice &/or links regards to what the respondent & tribunal may be looking for? It's regarding a disability and unfair dismissal claim. I'm self representing and so it's all new stuff to me. I want to frame it in 'legal' jargon Many thanks for your support,
  12. Hi there, I had an arrangement with Scott & Co paying x amount each month by direct debit. I cancelled this in January of this year as I fell into financial difficulty for that month intending to set it up again. I received a Form 30 - Earning Arrestment Letter yesterday evening. My next pay day is this Wednesday and I have to wait until Monday to call. Does this mean that it will come come off on Wednesday? I will fall into further financial disarray if it does! I had no warning letters or phone calls after cancelling my DD but I know the onus is on me to have let them know. I'm really worried about this. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. hi all can you help my brother has his halifax debt with bos and has been paying 1 pound a month to them for over 3 years he owes £15k and been paying rbs 1 pound month for 6 months he owes £1800 he is out of work and on benefits he hasnt a hope in hell of ever paying it off he is in council accomodation he is scared to look at his credit score he had missed 1 payment from each before he went to cab and they suggested he offered 1 a month so he s been paying that amount ever since he struggles with fms and depression and cannt found another job i want to know if these debt s would ever be wrote off? as he could never pay it off and will his credit score be bad? will they continue to accept 1 month amounts forever? regards bill
  14. Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone knowledgeable in the field could offer some advice Scott and co have recently sent me a letter stating that due to the length of time I have owed and the size of the debt they will apply for sequestration. No specific dates. I emailed them (as previous experience has put me off phoning) and firstly asked them to break the debt down. They let me know there is some from 2008-2009, some from 2009- 2010 and some from 2010-2011. The total amount due is £3400 I then emailed back asking if they would accept repayment in instalments. The reply came saying yes but they would like payment in full before the new council tax year starts. I mailed them right back saying that was unreasonable, it is more than my household income in that time and could they suggest a more appropriate arrangement. They then replied asking for a phone number which I politely refused to give. Their next offer was for me to pay a lump sum and then monthly installments. So again I asked what figures they are suggesting. Half the amount due as a lump sum and then £200 a month. I have emailed back stating I could pay £600 lump sum and then no more than £100 a month. So my main questions are as follows. Can they apply for sequestration if i get the debt under £3000? I understand that's some kind of threshold. Can they refuse a payment plan without having done any affordability questions first? Surely arrestment of earnings should be their first step anyway? If they are going to apply for sequestration will they have to advise me of this, like a date and give me a final chance to pay? I'm a bit worried as do own my home , if I was still renting I would be telling them where to go... thanks in advance xx
  15. Hi all, I've used this site many times for bits and pieces of advice - but I cannot find anything on my own situation. Any help anyone can offer would be gratefully received I have council tax debt which Scott and Co administer on behalf of Glasgow City Council. I have an earnings arrestment with them, which, in a strange way suits me best - because then the money comes off my wages and I don't need to worry any more about it. This has been going on for 6 months or so and I pay around £140 each month this way. Yesterday, however, I received a letter from Scott and Co which says : Glasgow City Council v Roswell1211 Address Reference : ******* Current Balance : £3,274.56 We refer to the above and to your existing Earnings Arrestment and write to advise that due to the current balance outstanding, we require you to make further additional payments towards these arrears. Please telephone ********** no later than close of business 14th November 2013. We can confirm that a 7 day hold has been placed on your account in order for you to contact the writer. We urge you not to ignore this matter. ------------------------- Now, before I contact them I want to try to have as much info as possible. Firstly, my understanding of the Earnings Arrestment process was that they take a %age of your wage as decreed by law. The %age is chosen as 'an affordable amount'. Is that the case? If so - is this just bullying tactics to see if they can get more out of me (they physically can't)? Alternatively, due to the size of the debt (>3000) I think they could petition for sequestration - but would this benefit them in any way - I don't own my house and don't own any valuable property (this old PC is probably the most valuable single thing and wouldn't fetch much:-)). I understand the sequestration process lasts a year and then contributions from wages can be taken for three further years - but at my current rate, I'd have paid off the amount in that time frame anyway - so I'm unsure what they would gain from the process. As I say, before I contact them, I'd just like to have some facts - but if anyone has received letters like this in the past they might be able to tell me what happened? Thanks for you time.
  16. Have an outstanding debt with Halifax for credit card, that was handed over to Blair Oliver Scott in 2009. Have been making regular payments and balance is reduced from £7,400 to currently £1529.72. I have had had problems with Blair Oli Scott contacting by tel while working away on business etc, and so stated last year that no telephone communications were acceptable and written comms only. This took 2 goes over 2 months to establish this and make sure it was recorded by collection team, I was annoyed and frustrated when in Nov this year I got 2 automated phone calls from collections team, the first I just shouted at the Bangalore calle centre person to 'read your records' , the second I asked to be put through to call centre supervisor, waited 5 mins nothing called them back and made a complaint about the harassment and debt collection guideline breaches being made by Blair Oliver Scott on behalf of Halifax. I also complained about the costs incurred by me on mobile phone charges to a 0845 number to make a complaint, for this I received a cheque from Halifax Retail Collections Chester for £40 5 days later () to reimburse me on call charges. I then received a letter dated 25th Nov 2013 with a name change from Blair Oliver Scott ( a wholly owned subsidary of BOS PLC) to Halifax Retail Recoveries (same address in Rosyth/ Fife) quoting the same reference number and CC account number they have used all along, so things seem to tie up there. (Thought this would have been in response to the previous problems Bl Ol Sc and HBOS have had with a dormant company with no accounts published) I then sent a letter with £1 SO for a CCA to Blair Oliver Scott dated 26th November only quoting the reference number they have used for past 4 1/2 years with my name and address. I also sent a seperate letter of complaint dated 26th Nov advising them of their breaches in OFT debt collections guidelines and that any further phone calls made to me would constitute harassment and would be reported to the police and OFT and a copy of this letter would be accompanying my complaint to trading standards and OFT. Onto replies, I received a letter from Claire Ellis in Halifax Customer services in Leeds dated 10th Dec thanking me for my recent enquiry and they are sorry to learn I'm unhappy with them. Then promising a reply as soon as possible but certainly within 8 weeks and accompanying leaflet about how to complain with the Halifax. CCA Reply exactly as written from Halifax Card Services Dunfermline Fife dated 5th Dec Dear Mr Xxxxxx I refer to your attached letter You have not provided a valid account number and I cannot trace your account with the details provided. Once you have provided us with a valid 16 digit account number, we will be able to assist you with your enquiry. If you are unable to provide to provide to us this, please supply us with as much information as possible such as full address details any change of name date of birth date account opened Please be aware that section 78 only applies during the lifetime of an agreement. If your account has been closed and paid in full, then there would no longer be a regulated agreement between us. In view of the above, we would unable to provide you with the documentation as requested Yours sincerely Pam Heslop Head of Card Operations As the CCA contained my name and home address and the reference Blair Oliver Scott have used for the past 4 years +, surely this person could quite easily have found my details very easily or is that letter saying they have insufficient data collection and storage procedures within the company. wonder if the ICO would be interested in that ? Only other alternative thought is that Halifax (BOS) are just time wasting ? hindering or delaying a request ? What Steps should I take now apart from including my CC number in reply and should I now only make letters for the attention of Pam Heslop? I thought I read somewhere that she be made responsible if they fail to deliver the said details if I decide to pursue anything with them. As the debt has not been paid in full and is still on my CRA report, surely there is an agreement between myself and the Halifax Any advice welcome, knowing that the Halifax love to crush anyone complaining about them, wishing to take them on and also that I still have a current account with them so they could by rights remove money from it to recover debt on card.
  17. Sorry guys but its me again with another one of our cards...... This one was originally Halifax and like my others we started having financial problems back in Jan 2010 and still are. I initially came to an arrangement with Halifax to pay £27 back in 2010 but then on 11/03/11 had a letter from Blair, Oliver & Scott and after speaking to them (silly I know now) I arranged to pay £105 pm which was way to much for us but we agreed out of fright. Now looking at my credit file I can see that the card defaulted on 22/02/2011. I continued with these payments up until jan this year when we realised that we had become more and more overdrawn at the bank and finally sat down and really took a long look at our I & E and realised that there's just nothing coming in to pay these creditors but we can just about manage to pay all our priority bills. On 16/01/13 I wrote to B,O&S and sent them an I & E form and asked them to write the debt off as we just can't pay any more. Response back on 22/01/2013 saying they can't accept nil payment asking me to contact them on the number but I had already requested all correspondance be in writing as because we have so many creditors it really made me ill in 2010 trying to speak to them. I sent another letter 31/03/13 stating again that we just have no spare money and listed all my other creditors and once again asking them to write it off. 05/02/2013 I had a really nasty letter from B,O&S saying "you have failed to respond to our requests for full payment of the balance and you have not contacted this office with acceptable repayment proposals" .... then went on about further action etc but I HAD been in touch with them. They then rung me on 11/02/2013 and I explained I wanted to deal with it all i writing and they advised me get in touch step change etc. 05/03/2013 I sent of a request for the CCA and breakdown of account to B,O&S. This was signed for on 11/03/2013. 15/03/2013 I had another call and I just said that I want to deal in writing and that I had sent another letter. Now for the scary parts ... yesterday I had two letters waiting for me when I got home:- One from B,O&S dated 13th MArch (yeserday was 20th but I have kept the envelope) and this is a Notice of Intended Court Action..saying I could have a charging order put on my home etc. Another from Halifax themselves sending a reconstituted copy of my agreement and is really quite nasty. I think Halifax have sent a letter intended for when a third party is dealing with the matter but I have scanned and attached all the letters. There was also two sets of typed out terms etc one is a duplicate of the scanned form and the other is an up to date version. Now I've been full of bravado starting my campaign to try and sort my and my families life out once and for all but these really scare me.... Please Please can some of you experts on here help me in the right direction x
  18. Newbie here, hope someone can help Without realising I missed the May 2012 Council Tax monthly payment. I was made redundant about then, so was a stressful time. Next thing I know there's a Summary Warrant on 1 August and Scott & Co phoning me to pay them. Not sure how there can be a warrant against me without my defending myself? I told Scott & Co that I wasn't happy paying the surcharge (I would have paid off the Council Tax in Feb not Jan 2013), but proposed making an immediate payment to cover the missed month and the remaining 5 payments by monthly Standing Order. They agreed and sent me a letter saying they agreed to my proposal. I telephoned them again a few days later and they again agreed to the total 6 payments, and I confirmed the arrangement in a letter to them. The 6 payments meant I would pay the Council Tax, but not the surcharge. I set up the Standing Order and forgot about it. Then out of the blue, on 20 March 2013 they sent a letter saying 'despite our previous reminder' (there was no reminder) ... 'your repayment remains in arrears. Your repayment programme has now been cancelled ...' Can they make an agreement, which pays off the Council Tax, and then once the agreement has been completed come back and cancel it and demand the surcharge? Sent them a letter on 27 March pointing this out to them, and on the same date got a Charge from them, where they have added 'other outlays ...' of £93.70, which is a lot to add to a disputed £133. Can they increase the amount owed just like that? Should I argue it out with them, complain to the Council, Financial Ombudsman - or just pay up before they keep adding more? Any advice would be useful.
  19. Hi, I need some advice on what to do next. I have a defaulted MBNA debt which changed hands to Experto Credite. I managed to fend off the phone calls for a time then got a letter from Aktiv Kapital informing me they had purchased the debt from Varde Investments on 31/3/2012 and had requested Experto Credite to continue contacting me. I then received 3 letters from CMC. The first on 19/6/2012 was a Fantastic Offer to reduce my account by 50% if I agreed to an instalment plan. The second on 7/7/2012 with which I was offered a choice of discounts depending on what sports I was interested in. The third on 20/7/2012 was a final demand or else! it got passed along to Scott & Co who seem to be getting a little heavier handed about it, but referred on their letter as the debt being due to Experto. The first from them on 3/10/2012 was a demand to settle the debt within 10 days. The second on 18/10/2012 they had no alternative but to consider instructing legal proceedings. I then decided to send off a CCA request which was sent on 30/11/2012. I did not receive anything from them until 8/2/2013 which had a signed copy of an application form/credit agreement. I now have a letter "Notice of intented court proceedings" with the creditor still listed as Experto. If I send a SAR to MBNA to try and remove excess charges and PPI can they still initiate court proceedings? Also, can they actually pursue this in court for Experto when Aktiv Kapital own the debt? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi All, I'm new and just wanted to ask a bit of advice please? I had a Halifax Credit Card upto 2006 when I got into arrears to the tune of £5400. At the time I was in quite a mess as my father died and it was all quite a horrid situation and took me a long time to get myself back on my feet. Anyway, I got in touch with the debt collection side for the credit acrds and was told that my outstanding balance was £5400 and I agreed a re-payment plan of £70 per month which I have managed to stick to. All these years I have paid it back thinking - 2012 will be the year I am free. Only it seems not. I called Blair Scott Oliver today to ask for a statement as I have never received one from them - they say they have had post returned from my address which I don't think is true as I have never had problems with post at this address. They then gave me the shock of my life by saying I still owed over £1000 and that my outstanding balance had actuall been something like £6200 (I don't remember the exact figure as I was in shock). They then said they wanted me to pay £80 per month. I refused as a). I don't believe I owe that much at all and b). I simply couldn't afford even if I did. I pointed out the amount I was told I owed at the time of agreeing a repayment and also that that same figure was in black and white as my credit limit when I checked on the internet banking. I said I wanted a statement and letters from the time and they told me the bank doesn't hold info going back that far and they might have to write me a letter about the figures. I said this wasn't acceptable as anyone can make up figures in a letter and I wanted proof as to how the £5400 I had been told at the time shot up over another £1000 for no apparent reason They have apparently sent a request to the bank for some explaination but didn't seem too hopeful that I would get one. I am truly gutted. I have taken a screen shot of my internet banking page which clearly shows the credit limit on the card. They also said the person I spoke to at the time wouldn't have upto date information? How could it be out of date by over £1000 when I was not even using the card at the time and hadn't for quite some time. I also no longer have my paperwork as it was lost when moving 4 years ago. I don't know what else to say......I am devastated. I was so happy this morning thinking it was nearly all gone and now this. If anyone has any advice or been in a similar situation I would be very grateful. Thank you
  21. Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I did search the forum but couldn't find I have sumitted an ET against my current employer which has ended up including direct sex discrimination, indirect sex discrimination, breach of contract, and most recently, victimisation. At the case management discussion the judge asked for me to make a scott schedule, and gave the column headings. I'm fine with most of it (eg 'date of incident', 'nature of incident' etc), and the judge did explain it to me at the CMD (I am unrepresented). However, when I received the notes from the tribunal, it asks for an extra column that the judge didn't mention at the time (or I would have questioned it) called "jurisdiction". So - what does this mean? What am I supposed to put in this column?
  22. Hi, I am stressing out trying to figure out how to deal with Scott and Co for Council Tax arrears. A month or two ago they were at my door every few days trying to contact my mum. After a few weeks, my mum asked me to call them and try so sort something out. After calling the Sheriff Officer who left his card with me on his mobile. He informed me that it was my next door neighbour he was looking for and not us after all. He even came to my house to apologize in person. Now yesterday (31.10.12) at 9am a Sheriff Officer knocks on my door and hands us a Summary Warrant for unpaid Council Tax for the last 10/11 years. This is the first actual document received from them and it tells us we have 14 days to pay. My mum lost her job and it took her 6 months to get employed again, we have fallen 6 months behind on rent, gas/electricity and are in arrears to Virgin Media for house services. Add in current council tax, car insurance, home insurance, breakdown insurance and money needed to be paid to Freemans catalogue we are really short on money and struggle. I am on Jobseekers and currently searching employment to help out. I have printed out a Time to pay form as i seen on this forum. After filling it in I have also printed the following letter and will add it in with the Time To Pay form. I really could use some advice before sending it away as I struggle to sleep at night with worry they will get permission to enter our home and take our property. Thanks a lot. I am writing in reply to the Summary Warrant delivered on 31/10/12 I am writing to ask if it would be possable to start up repayments at a rate of £20.00 a month until January 2013? In January I will be able to double the payment and pay £40.00 a month. I lost my job for 6 months and have found myself in 6 months arrears with my rent and gas / electricity. I am also struggling to pay my car insurance whic h is vital as I need my car for work. I am asking to reduce payment until January as my youngest son's birthday is the 16th December, my grand-daughter's birthday is the 1st December, then i have Christmas. I look forward to your reply,and will be able to make a payment on the 9th November and every 4 weeks from then.
  23. Hi Just need a bit of advice, I have a debt (originaly IF) that I was payin through Blair Oliver Scott. I have been paying for around 5 years through Payplan, on some of their letters at the start of the year I noticed they had my balance around £400 more than mine and this was the figure payplan were using. they said the had to go by what Blair Oliver was telling them. Anyway acording to my figures im all clear, I sent Blair Oliver a letter saying Account in Dispute and asking for a statement as the figures dont match up. This was May of this year, and I heard nothing at all, not even chasing letters due to the payments stoping. Today I got a letter from Halifax saying Robinson Way are now going to be dealing with it, so I will be expecting a few letters from them shortly. So I just need to know what should I do from here, contact Halifax again or wait and contact Robinson Way? I had always thought your account couldnt be passed on when it was in dispute? Hope someone can help.
  24. Hi everyone, i hope i have posted in the correct area ! I really need some direction a credit card debt i have with the HALIFAX , the card was taken out early 2011 the current balance is £2300 , i was unlucky enough to have an operation last year and had 3 months off surviving on SSP and tax credits ,the same happened this year again another 3 months off work. I got behind with this card and a default was issued , i wrote to the Halifax with a budget sheet with all my financial commitments and offered them £10 a month as a goodwill gesture untill i got ack off the floor. I know they recieved the letter but they never replied so i rang them and i was told to just keep paying the £10 a month. Since then i have been recieving daily phone calls ,mobile /landline and have had a load of letters from BLAIR ,OLIVER AND SCOTT , the latest one demands the whole amount by 8/10/12 or notice of intended court action BLAH BLAH BLAH etc etc . Firstly who are these people ? have they bought the debt ? or are they Halifax (other dept). I have been continuing to pay £10 a month but i am starting to wonder why i am bothering ! ANY help would be fantastic TIM.
  25. Hi Folks So far I have been successful with getting a PPI claim out of Santander and I have had a suspension of activity on an Ambrose Wilson account. My newest issue is an old council tax debt appx £2400. I have written and made an offer to SCott and Co to pay this off at £100 per month for 24 months which i think is reasonable. In response they have sent me a letter saying that they need to assess this further and will I complete an income and expenditure form. Which would be allk well and good however they are asking for all my bank details, my NI number etc etc of which of course I will not be giving them. How can i respond to this letter and get them to acept what I have offered? Everyone here has been very helpful in the past so Im back looking for advice. The other thing is this they have issued 2 charges for payment for the one debt which makes me think that they arent really charges as I understand this is a common practice with these bandits- issuing a charge for payment when there isnt actually one. Please advise. Kind Regards Ceebee:!:
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