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Found 22 results

  1. Now the UK has decided to leave the EU, what is the time scale to activate article 50 of the Lisbon treaty ?..
  2. I am in court on Monday for a CCJ claim against me. I have only just noticed that in the other sides witness statement they have listed a proposed payment agreement by me which was sent Without Prejudice. Its too late now I know but should I raise this matter immediately with the judge or wait for the other side to use it in evidence. Obvioulsy the judge has read the witness statement now. TIA
  3. Hi all, Sad (but happy!) to be back on the CAG - as it means another legal issue. For my sins I took out a contract for fibre with TalkTalk a few months ago. Previously I was with BT directly and never had problems. Once the switch was done to TalkTalk it was dire and never worked fully since - dropping connection, slow speed, awful CS, and so on. I initiated a complaint with them internally and they gave themselves 28 days to fix it; over a month later it still isn't fully fixed so I have given up with them. I have written several letters and CC'd them to the CEO but just get boi
  4. I used to have a credit card with Fleming Save and Prosper., with a PPI. Does anybody know who now owns the Credit card business? I want to know where to make my claim.
  5. My father in law took out a joint Save & Prosper Protection Account with his late wife, back in the late eighties. The sum assured being £300k for a monthly premium of £85. He has made all payments on time. Now the insurers are trying to massively (like £3k pcm) increase his premium or massively reduce the policy benefit (£7K). Is this legal / normal? The Ts & Cs from the inception allow for review of the policy annually but such increases are surely taking the mick. Do the UCCTR apply even though the policy was in force when they were enacted?
  6. Hi all, I recently had a very bad experience with a purchase I did on a website called icoinela.com. Long story short, I was looking to buy an iPhone 7 plus on Gumtree, where I was contacted by a seller who informed me about a website with good discounts on Apple products, and he seemed kind enough at the time to provide me with a 40% discount code that was expiring a few days after. After some research I did online about icoinela, I found several articles saying that people have used it and that it is legitimate. One of them was BBC (well, not the official site, but a spoof site tha
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raNgg0dOuHk The member of staff is yet to be named.
  8. The Government is spending more money assessing whether people are fit to work than it is saving in reductions to the benefits bill, a damning official report has revealed The study by the National Audit Office (NAO) found that the Department for Work and Pensions is handing over £1.6bn over the next three years to private contractors who carry out the controversial health and disability assessments. But at the same time, the Government’s own financial watchdog has warned that savings in benefits payments are likely to be less than a billion pounds by 2020 as a result of th
  9. Or rather, could be a source of some new antibiotics to help in the fight against infections. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35350886
  10. My daughter agreed to take up their reduced telephone charges offer on the phone. She received the hub and paid the connection charges. Then six weeks later with a poor qualitity land line and no internet just promises to fix. She decided to return the equipment and rescind the contract. Now she has a bill for over£500 and seven days to pay. Surely this cannot be correct.
  11. A cap on the fees that banks charge businesses to process credit card payments could save UK retailers up to £700m a year. From December 9, the fees banks can charge will be capped at 0.3% for credit card transactions and at an average of 0.2% for domestic debit card transactions. It's hoped that retailers will pass on the savings to consumers. But a number of major credit card providers, have already scaled down cashback and loyalty point schemes, citing the forthcoming caps as the reason why. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/news/credit-card-fee-caps-could-sav
  12. Hi, Little bit of info required as to hich way to proceed I received a letter before action - without predjudice save as to costs , yesterday, dated 27th may which i had 7 days to reply which has passed anyway the letter was from lyons davidson solicitors it says they are acting for LV in relation to the recovery of their claim incurred as a result of the above incident for which they hold me fully responsible says IMPORTANT NOTICE - under the terms of section 152 of road traffic act 1988 we hereby give you notice of our intention to commence court proceedings unl
  13. Saw this elsewhere and thought I'd bring it over. "I am writing this post here in case it is relevant to any people in the UK especially those suffering chronic health conditions. I want to raise awareness of potential spending cuts the UK government may make to the welfare budget. My friends and I have started a petition on change.org asking the UK conservative government /DWP not to abolish national insurance contribution based ESA and JSA welfare benefits. ESA is employment support allowance benefit paid to individuals if they become ill unable to work for few weeks /months an
  14. I have just lost a county court hearing against Travis Perkins builders merchant. The judgement amount is £2100. 10 days before the hearing TP wrote to me offering to settle at £1500 if I paid within 14 days. The letter is marked "without prejudice save as to costs". Their letter (sent to the wrong address) arrived just before the hearing. I did not take it with me to the hearing to hand to the judge (never thought I would lose!). I have now paid them 1500 the day after the hearing ie day 11 of the 14 days. "the said sum to be paid within 14 days from the date of this lett
  15. This war hero turned up on our seafront out of nowhere almost like rising from his grave to tell us something, his expression tells of 2 story's, 1st the look of pain and sadness for the thousand upon thousand of his comrades who fought and fell at his side for the freedom and rights of our country and us, We need this war hero,and now he needs you ..... the towns people have only 10 weeks left to raise enough cash to keep our soldier "Tommy" We need £102 thousand, and fund raising is strating now please see the facebook page for more info and see some
  16. Nearly four in five UK tenants have never switched energy suppliers - a move that could save them £190 a year, the energy regulator has said. Ofgem said that 77% of bill payers in rented homes had never switched gas and electricity supplier. If a tenant is directly responsible for paying the bill, then they have the right to switch. If the landlord has a tie-in with a specific supplier, this must be made clear to a tenant. However, if the tenant is responsible for paying the bill then he, or she, has the right to switch at any time wit
  17. I own a half share in a house. My brother owns the other half share I have lived there for 6 years on my own My brother has been made bankrupt He has enough assets to cover this debt without selling the house Will, can, the Trustee in Bankruptcy evict me and force me to sell ?
  18. Just need a bit of advice about my DMP. I'm expecting a pay rise in April and would like to save some of it to help pay for my wedding in September when i call them to give them my new budget. Does anyone know if this is possible, or will the banks see it as an unnecessary expense? I thought the DMP was going to be a life saver, while it has obviously eased stress it also makes me feel like my life is on hold. We are getting married in September and hoping my future father in laws will make it until then as he is quite ill, if it wasn't for his illness we would probably be putting it off
  19. Would you make the right choices? http://www.heartrescuenow.com/
  20. Hi Guys, After a little help, my wife is currently going through a tribunal claim for constructive dismissal/sex discrimination by her previous employer, she has recently had a face to face CMD, the judge has said she does not have to pay a deposit & there is no need for a pre-hearing review as he sees the case as "black & white" Yesterday she received a letter from her previous employers with the above title & this is what t they have said: "Further to the case management discussion held at London South Employment tribunal on xxxxx, I now fully appreciat
  21. I received this email today. Having much to thank the NHS for over the years, I would encourage caggers to sign the open letter and hold Jeremy Hunt to account - Have a look at this: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/Hunt-letter Jeremy Hunt has been announced as the new Health Secretary, replacing Andrew Lansley. This means he is now the minister responsible for the NHS, so it is really crucial that he understands just how important our NHS is. If enough of us sign the open letter telling him that we'll stand strong to protect our NHS, then he will realise that we mean bu
  22. Will mean that there will be just 2 providers supplying the UK following the tie up with Always and everywhere (Orange / t mobile) and 3. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-2156085/Vodafone-02-set-share-network-phone-masts.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
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