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  1. Just got back from holiday and I have a court letter sitting waiting for me Stopped paying this a fair while ago due to lack of funds but unsure actually how long ago. I've had no contact with them directly for ages it may possibly be over 6 years but not sure. I've had letters and it's skipped round the DCAs who I've ignored. Letter is dated 7/5/15 I intend to acknowledge later today on MCOL and I will send Howard Cohen a CCA request as a matter of course. I'm also inclined to send Santander a SAR Request as well but imagine my time to do anything is now limited? Any advice other than the above greatly received
  2. Hello everyone, maybe you can help me. I'm in a bit of a sticky mess. Heres a brief background. I have a debt going back to maybe 2002 an account I and my wife of the time (i'm now divorced, she ran off to America (true story))... opened a Debenhams account and at the point of her leaving me she left me in June 2005 with 5,100 of debt on an Debenhams (GE Money). At that point, not knowing what to do, I joined Kensingtons Financial, who write to all your creditors for you negotiating payments etc. One thing they did successfully with most of my creditors (except GE money) was to freeze the interest. I quit Kensington and started paying the creditors what I could afford on my own after getting some sensible advice about incomings/outgoings etc. I wrote many many times to them since 2005 letting them know I can only pay x amount and have paid them that, but they kept adding interest, but I put my head in the sand, as you do, and its got up to 10,500 now. I know this sounds like I'm trying to play victim here and I hold my hand up I did use the card, so did my wife (mostly), we buried our heads in the sand, simple as that and she left debt free as everything was in my name. Recently, I got a letter from them asking if I was in financial difficulty. etc and if so offering to freeze interest or increase repayments etc. I'm guessing 10k is some type of trigger limit for them. I wrote to them saying Yes please, stop the interest. And then keep paying them what I can per month. They've just wrote a letter unrelated to my plea as it were and said I now owe 15K including arrears. but total owed 10k and minimum payment 10k. I think their computer is screwed up or something because I got something like this last year, where it made me call them up and clarify it and they adjusted it. I'm guessing its some type of fear tactic to make me call them. Bearing in mind I am paying them every month, its not a huge amount but its all I can afford. I'm going to assume their computer again is not right, they surely cant slap 5k on there. The amount of interest they have charged is unbelievable. They are relentless. Ás you can imagine, I'm feeling very nervous and harrassed. I was hoping this year that I could maybe negotiate with them and ask them if I could pay them 3,000 as a full and final settlement as my dad is willing to help me, he should be getting payment around march. And I was thinking since I owed 5100 to start with, and my financial people (kensington) asked them to freeze interest at the time, they might accept it. Now I feel I dont know what to do. Can anyone offer me any advice as to what move to make next? SHould I request a CCA or something like that? Should I try and settle with them? I cant afford more than what I'm paying right now. Even if they scrapped the interest since 2005 (making it 5,100) and I paid the 3000 from my dad, and then was able to realistically pay them and pay the 2000 off a light would be in view. I dont want to go to court, go bankrupt (I have NO house or car or anything of real value). Thanks for listening. Sorry if I just blurted it all out, its the nerves speaking! Sorry for babbling there I think I've calmed down now for the minute! I've looked again at the statement they sent. I think they've stopped the interest for now as on the statement it says against 0.00 against estimated interest next month. So I think they've frozen the interest so far. The "amount including arrears" of jumping up 5000+ I have no idea about. My question is, do you think it might be worth me sending them a full & final settlement offer letter? only... I'm not in a position right now, my dad should be able to help in a couple of months or so. I hope! Or would a CCA request put me in a better advantageous position for negotiating first? Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Just received a letter from Santander stating my overdraft has been sold to Cabot The letter states that Notice of Assignment will be forthcoming from Cabot In the same envelope was a welcome letter from Cabot stating the usual things about 'how my experience Cabot will be different' blah, blah, blah. The account was setup in 2005 and the overdraft is approx £5400 The last payments to the account I am aware off would have been Jan/Feb 2013 Not sure what the process is regarding overdrafts and what documentation is required etc to prove in court, so if it's a different ball game compared to a typical credit card or catalog debt then I would really appreciate the heads up regarding what to expect now.
  4. hi i sent the alliance and leicester an LBA, ive had the usual reply, ie sorry we do not accept .... blah blah- before i issue a court claim is it ok to add another charge ive incurred since i sent my letter ? just want to get my facts right before i add another £100 pounds or so to their total thanks gaz
  5. Hi I am helping a friend out with a PPI claim and have sent off the SAR to Santander back in January. This was in respect of an old Dorothy Perkins storecard account she held some years ago. They have replied and provided: CCA's for each account, we requested one and they have sent info for 3 (some of which she had forgotten she had) Lists of transactions - these are mainly internal info and not something useful to us as it seems to be a list of dates and codes (account notes) The letter says available copy statements are enclosed where applicable - but none are Also says that Copies of any correspondence is enclosed but again - there is none enclosed. There is one page which says they no longer hold any information on this account - however they do state an account number. My question is how do we go about finding out the specifics of PPI itself if they only provide the above information? They haven't provided any statements at all (i know they don't have to - and my friend no longer has them) so we have no way of knowing if and what the amounts of PPI added to the accounts were. I would be really grateful if someone could advise my next course of action. Many thanks
  6. Hi all, I'm struggling to manage my deceased Father's debts as the executor. I'm left with a complete mess of paperwork. There is a little bit of money left in the estate but I'm unwilling to pay up to debt collection agencies unless I know its legit having read some of the threads on here. Santander responded to my SAR request and I've traced back a debt of £2131.92 that was with Hoist, and has been sent to Philips and Cohen since he died - they've not contacted me. However I see the original debt for £3000 dates back to 1999, but the Santander info stops in 2008, 10 years ago - how can I find out what happened in between and if he ever paid anything - I assume if he didn't its now out of statutory 6 years? Any advice gratefully received as I'm currently chasing MBNA and GE money and its all v stressful! Letter/info scanned and uploaded. Thanks very much. scan0042.pdf scan0043.pdf scan0044.pdf
  7. Santander is to close 140 branches, putting 1,270 jobs at risk, the Spanish-owned bank said.The lender said the closures are in response to how customers are choosing to carry out their banking. Santander has consulted unions on the proposed changes and will seek to find alternative roles for the 1,270 staff members affected, wherever possible. The bank expects to be able to redeploy around a third of that number. Susan Allen, Santander’s head of retail and business banking, said: “The way our customers are choosing to bank with us has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more customers using online and mobile channels. “As a result, we have had to take some very difficult decisions over our less-visited branches, and those where we have other branches in close proximity. More ...... https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/santander-branch-closures-spanish-owned-101010907.html
  8. Hi I have two ex Santander debts - £4k loan / £1400 cc which were in a Step Change DMP that ended in 2016. These debts are now being chased by Westcot. I received a letter for one of the debts on Saturday, and today Westcot have started calling me. I have not responded yet. I am aware of how aggressive Westcot are, Ive had previous dealings with them. The debts themselves are from around 2011. The letter from Westcot states they are looking for an 'affordable' payment plan. No mention of court has been stipulated yet. I really do not want to have to deal with Westcot again, as they made my life a misery last time. They have given me 10 days to respond. Would it be better to write to Santander instead? Or should I request that Westcot send me proof they can chase the debt? Many thanks in advance for any help. RJW
  9. Sant refuse to allow payments to registered payees unless I give a mobile number for them to send a OTP I have a registered list of payees but S will not allow online payments without a mobile number. The Ombudsman has said Sant can create any Ts&Cs it wishes and this is covered in new Ts&Cs. FCA says S are not 'in breach' I am seeking another way to contest this demand as it puts me at risk of IT attack because I cannot operate a mobile phone securely and also I consider that it is a 'harvesting tool' for S's benefit. I have other accounts banks and brokers and none have demanded mobile numbers. S declares it as a necessary safety requirement. but that is plainly untrue. I am aware that I can change banks but that is to gift victory to Sant in a dispute that involves that section of folk who do not have a need or want of a mobile phone. Surely there has been a long enough history of banks imposing restrictions on customers that benefit only the banks and dis benefit the customer. Can anyone offer guidance as to how to bring pressure on Sant to revise its policy.
  10. I have just received a letter from Howard Cohen and co solicitors Without prejudice as to save costs settlement offer Including claim number With reference to my defence please find enclosed Signed credit agreement Default notice Statement of account Certificate of name change Original court claim was Feb 2015 I defended it with CPR request they failed to respond to my defence judge struck it out Taken them two years to respond (2 days short of) The last payment was November 2011 so over the 6 years am I right in thinking that they can not restart the 2015 claim and would have to start a new claim from now but now statue barred Thanks
  11. Took out a loan with A+L in 1998, trying to claim the PPI and Santander say they don't have any details on their system now, due to the time that has lapsed. How can I get the account number for the loan, as I have moved 3 times since, and my documents for the loan have long since disappeared too. The loan was for £7500 and the PPI added was £1200 which over 20 years is going to be a considerable sum!
  12. Submitted claim for mis sold PPI on Debenhams store card in Feb 2016. The card was sold to me whilst being served in Debenhams clearance dept in 2000. Queue of people waiting : assistant "crossed" the parts of the form including payment protection. Santander dismissed my claim : not mis sold : Couldn't refer to FOS as pre- regulation. However Santander then wrote back after the Plevin ruling. Possible unfair relationship because of the commission. They rang me last week for further info ie employment, savings etc at the time I took the card out (18 years ago!!). They say I will have a final response by 5th July 2018. Not holding my breath, but let's see. Am I correct in my understanding that if they refuse my claim I can then contact Genworth Insurance and if they also refuse I can then refer Genworth to FOS?? Many thanks as always
  13. I will start with possibly the easiest question first - I got a letter from drydensfairfax regarding an unsecured loan I still owe money on, this goes back to 2008, I think. I have paid half of the original loan. Former partner is on the loan too. I was paying it back to avoid trouble, as you do. I then had two companies chasing me at the same time, Moorcroft and someone else. Naïve, I rang Santander who said they would clarify. Then ex put the loan into dispute, for his half, so naturally, I wasn't able to pay. The dispute was settled not in his favour and I waited for instructions, from Santander on who to pay. So, the letter has arrived, telling me "not to underestimate the seriousness of this matter" and to contact them by 16th to discuss repayment. The letter states that they are acting on behalf of their client, Santander. I realise the dates are missing on this, as an initial query, my first question is who owns the debt, the letter seems to imply that Santander does, and they are just collecting for them? Can you please help me get mental clarity? thank you xxx
  14. My partners ex husband took out a mortgage with abbey national 24 years ago , my partner moved in and her ex was working away , they split a year later and he emigrated, my partner carried on paying the mortgage from her bank not knowing it was an interest only mortgage, the lump sum is now due and we haven’t got it , we’ve phoned Santander and because of data protection they won’t discuss it with her , she has lost touch with her ex and all we know is he is in the USA somewhere, what can we do ? They won’t tell us if they are going to repossess the house or not
  15. Hi All, I have a mortgage with Santander. I have just received a letter saying that my payment will increase due to the increase in BOE rate. That's fine but it's just arrived today for the payment that's due tomorrow! I pay by Standing order and already paid this month. Don't they have to give a little bit more notice than that? the letter is only dated Sept 2018 (no actual date!) I know it's not a massive increase at the moment, but if it was the notice given wouldn't be enough. Is there some rule about this?
  16. Hi I am hoping someone can help. I currently have a mortgage with Santander. I lost my job at the ed of March and have been taking money out of my mortgage to keep making the payments in the belief that i would have a job by now. I have also been diagnosed with depression. I should be able to make this months payment (after withdrawing money from the account again) and I have only just started claiming Universal credit. Can I ring the back and ask them if they would consider taking a small amount every month for around 6 months until I can get better and back on my feet. Thank you for reading and also any replies
  17. Wife had a Burtons card from 2003-2014 and I submitted complaint via Santander website, cited numerous reasons for PPi missell and had a reply today: Seems they don't think they should uphold ( unsurprised !) but for 2 of the reasons I gave they want more info about in the form of a questionnaire, savings i.e where they came from and where were they lodged ??? Also she works for NHS and they want proof of her sickness benefits at the time ?? Haven't got any proof of savings but can hopefully get something cobbled together from her employer but will this suffice? Whats annoyed me is there's no acknowledgement or reasons for not upholding other areas of my complaint such as: adequate needs assessment being carried out, training of staff , pre ticking of the box on the form, saying it was mandatory.
  18. Santander have rejected my PPI claim (store card) from 17 years ago on the grounds they believe it was sold in a proper manner (over the phone - which it wasnt - as I signed-up in-store with an agreement the assistant ticked for PPI) and was offered as optional and appropriate for me etc etc - which I absolutely disagree with. I have issued a SAR - but already do have copies of Agreement and statements etc. Unsure of whats best as next move - do I escalate issue with FOS (that I'm not hearing good reports about!) or small claims action? The amount of money involved is probably fairly small (circa £200 in PPI premiums?) Any thoughts appreciated!
  19. Santander Default Short story first – I had a financial Problems due to Gambling , pay day loans etc… I sorted everything having help from the Forum here sending complains and going with some of them for Monthly repayments plans. I have arranged all payment arrangements myself, and done all negotiating myself also. I have a Loan with Santander and from October my Monthly payments were not any more affordable for me I called Santander and we agreed minimum payments each Month of £20.00 where I was paid anyway usually £100.00 or even more. I never missed anything what we agreed. After a couple of Months I received letter about arrears I called them again and someone told me that its automated printed letter and because I am on the repayment plan I should not be worried about and I should continue paying what I can. On Friday I received another letter dated 22.05.2018 telling me that they going to place Default on my account. I was sure that being on repayment plan Default won’t be placed I just called them again and someone from collection Team told me that I am not an arranged plan or repayment plan so they can place Default. How many days I have to clear my areas (I have around 2,600.00) – I am not sure if I can pay this in full in one go but do I have some time to stop them? Can I put my account on hold and complain because of the wrong information given? I have to add that I don’t have any copies of the letters which I received from them, I didn’t keep them, probably my fault.
  20. Hi Im trying to claim mortgage charges on a mortgage taken out in1984 and redeemed in November 2004 initially with Alliance&leicester the initial period was 25 years and the total of the charges is£1,555.00 plus compound interest total £2,527.69 This claim ia now in the small claims court and Santander solicitors has submitted a application notice to get the claim struck out and the hearing is on May 3.In a letter received yesterday they mentioned section 5 of the limitations act and said the sums claimed were irrecoverable. They say i can withdraw the claim and pay santander just under£300.00 or if i pursue the claim they will claim the full costs witch they estimate at over£1,500 advice please
  21. Can some one please help. I have received a final response to the letter that I sent to GE regarding my PPI payments on the loan that I took with First National Tricity Finance in October 1999. I have the agreement and I know I paid £155.00 as a lump sum. Single premium. Santander was saying that I should have checked the PPI. However, in 1999 I did not know anything about PPI, and also I was told that this formed part of the deal. In order to continue with the loan I had to take this so I did. Has anyone able to claim an PPI from Santander please? Many thanks
  22. Good afternoon everybody, A long time since i've engaged on this fantastic site,had an awful lot of trouble at the Vicarage but thats for another day. Just a little bit of thought regarding this matter would be welcome, Abbey National - Santander Had a bank account and overdraft got into difficulties not going into more detail no need to at this point in time. Account ended up at Debt Managers around 2006, balance of around £2500 i did setup a payment plan and that continued until June or so this year. Received letter from Arrow - Capquest, saying Capquest are now managing on behalf of Arrow, balance around £2100. The question is do i engage with Capquest and set up new payment plan ? i have no problem with that for time being,as some more hornets nests are gonna get rocked over next few months i think. I think a cca request doesn't count in this situation ? Bless You, The Reverend
  23. I'm just wondering if this is in breach of responsible lending rules and if I could do anything about it. Years ago I realised I had a bit of a gambling problem and when having a slip what would happen is I would lose all of my money, then keep extending my overdraft to the maximum chasing the loss until everything had gone. Around 2 or 3 years ago I told Santander about this gambling problem and made it clear to them I wanted no overdraft facility on my account whatsoever. At the time they told me that overdraft facility had been removed from my account. I tried to create a £50 overdraft in my online banking and sure enough I couldn't. Several months later I had a huge gambling slip and when I emptied my bank, I tried to see if I could create an overdraft in my online banking account and sure enough, I created a £500 overdraft and lost the lot. I made requests several times again to stop any overdraft facility on my account, but they never helped with this. Last year was horrid. In January they let me extend my overdraft to £2000 (Which was ridiculous considering I was only earning £420 a month carers allowance and income support). I had a huge slip when mum died and lost everything in my bank and the entire £2000 of my overdraft. Towards the end of last year and start of this year, 2 more slips where I was allowed to create overdraft amounts of around £1000 where I had to sell my Santander shares to clear the overdraft. Then this year. I made a complaint with them about this, yet it was vastly ignored. I got a complaint response in a letter but again they said nothing apart from every few months they review overdraft facilities on peoples accounts and set the maximum overdraft limit. 2 months ago after doing so well I had another slip, I was allowed to extend my overdraft to £600 and again lost the lot gambling. Then now in the last 2 weeks, just as I managed to clear my overdraft (After paying £1 a day in charges for the last 2 months), I had a slip. I only had about £80 in my bank, but Santander allowed me to extend my overdraft to £700 and I lost the lot trying to chase back that £80 I lost. The thing is, Santander have been fully aware of my gambling problem. I can safeguard myself by leaving minimal money in my bank (withdrawing as much as possible to store at home), but the overdraft facility is something they won't stop for good on my account. In fact, every single time I have increased my overdraft limit or created an overdraft, it has been lost gambling online right after. I have never once increased or created an overdraft for any other purpose. Thanks
  24. Hi all, Today i received a random letter from Santander regarding a £5500 loan debt. At first i was wrecking my brain what hell is this as i have my bank account with them. Thought i was stung for fraud again. There was no information, just my name, a sort code and an account number. It states opening balance march 2017 and current balance sept 2017. i googled the sort code and seems it belongs to a cahoot accounts. The last cahoot loan i took out was over 11 years ago (march 2006 to be exact), im almost certain i settled this (but haven't kept all those papers) and it would surely be statute barred? Wondered if i could get some advice? Ignore, write a letter? Thanks
  25. Hi, Trying to claim mis selling from Santander ( bought as A&L mortgage 1991). I have completed a questionnaire, they came back with it was another company who sold me the endowment, on submitting a request to them, they say an agency worked in their office, it has now ceased............... .Im struggling, I'm sure I've read somewhere whoever the mortgage/endowment policy is with, ultimately they are accountable by law, cannot find this anywhere now. Can anybody help me out with some advice on where to go with this please?
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