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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am in a bit of a long running situation and would really appreciate some advice. My situation is an extremely long running affair and I will try and summarise where possible in order to get to the point. I bought a 2.0D Nissan Qashqai with extended warranty for £9500. The car was 4 years old and had only done 32000 miles. 11 months after buying the car and only doing 6000 miles in it, it broke down. We returned the car to Stratstone Honda where we had bought the vehicle from, they spent 5 weeks attempting to diagnose the issue by replacing several parts in the vehicle linked to the fuel system. They could still not get the car to work when they gave up and sent it to a Nissan dealership. The Nissan dealership also struggled to diagnose the issue and presented a quote for £11,500 to fix the car. This was rejected by me and they requoted for £1200 to attempt to diagnose the issue (with no guarantees). I rejected this and at this point we found that there was a potential mileage discrepancy on the car. This was investigated by Trading Standards who have effectively put it down to a previous admin error and advised that I should pursue the garage for the standard of the vehicle as they thought I would have more luck. At this point the Citizens Advice Bureau advised I should get an independent engineer out to provide a report. This has now been done and below are the observations and conclusions that I would really appreciate your input on. In my opinion (and I know I have blinkers on at this stage) I do not feel that such a failure can be considered fair wear and tear on a vehicle this old and only done 6000 miles from when I purchased it. Do I have a leg to stand on. Thank you Observations: As instructed, inspection was carried out in order to establish the cause of the engine not starting and check for possible diesel fuel contamination of the injector wiring. I would confirm the engine would not start. Diagnostic fault codes found by the current repairer, "Bristol Street Nissan", indicated electrical circuit failure to all 4 fuel injectors as being the cause. Initial inspection of the engine found no visible cause or evidence of fuel leakage. The repairer then removed the bolt on injector cover from the cylinder head. This exposed the fuel injectors and wiring. The entire surface of the cylinder head under the cover was heavily coated in carbon and diesel fuel leakage. Heat from the engine had baked the fuel leakage turning it into a solid crust of carbon and tar deposits - see attached images. The fuel leakage had also contaminated the wiring connectors to the injectors which would explain the diagnostic fault codes found. Conclusion / Opinion: Having inspected the vehicle in respect of the reported concerns I would advise; The cause of engine non-starting was fuel and carbon contamination of the injector wiring. The extensive presence of burnt on fuel, carbon and tar deposits indicated that fuel leakage had been occuring for a considerable period of time prior to final electrical failure. The area of leakage was enclosed under the bolted and sealed injector cover. There would have been no visibly detectable evidence of leakage. If it was present at purchase it would not have been noticed during normal pre-sales checks and servicing as the area is hidden without dismantling. It would not have been noticed during any possible MoT test done. It was not possible to be specific as to when the fuel leakage first started. However, evidence was conlusive that it must have been present for some considerable period of time, as stated above. It was not a recent or sudden failure.
  2. On the 14th of November I purchased a 2007 Mazda 6 Sport 2.0L Diesel (143bhp) from a car dealership. On the day of purchase I drove the car away and found that there was no power being produced by the car and it struggled to get up to 80mph. At first I thought maybe I was imagining the problem so I put it to the test. The listed 0 to 62mph of the car is 9.5 seconds so I tried this and could only manage 21 seconds so right there and then I knew it was broken. When I got home I emailed the dealership telling them it was broken and that I would like my money back as the dealership is 65 miles away and would be a nightmare to get home from using public transport. I told them I was not happy and wanted a refund. They told me that I could not have a refund and that I must allow them to try and fix it. Reluctantly I agreed as I have been getting conflicting advice on what my rights are. So I asked if they would be able to give me a loan car while the car was being looked at to which they replied no we do not give loan cars. They have offered me no help what so ever and I have been left without a car for who knows how long. So the next day I drove the broken car the 65 miles back to them. The salesman agreed to take me to the train station in the Mazda. As soon as he started driving it he said it is definitely broken. I then had to catch 4 trains home at a cost of £30 and 4 hours. So anyway the salesman assured me that the car was booked into a local garage for 9am the following day and that he would call me as soon as the garage had diagnosed the problem. The whole day passed with no contact from the salesman so at 5pm I rang him. He told me that the garage could not identify the problem and that an auto electrician was going to take a look the following day (Saturday). This further annoyed me as I have had to call them at extra cost to me when he promised he would call me. I did a little research and I found some info on the Trading Standards website stating that I don't have to accept the offer of repair and that I can reject the car. So I emailed the dealer stating my position again and they emailed back saying they will let know when the auto electrician has looked at the car. So this morning (Saturday) they told me the auto electrician could not find a problem with the car and that an "expert" was going to look at it on Monday. They said I could not have my money back again. I had a big argument with the owner of the company but we got nowhere. This is causing me a great deal of stress. Not once have they offered me any kind of assistance or compensation. The car is clearly broken and was that way when I bought it. They will not budge on their position so I need to know what I can do. What are my rights and what can legally be done to reject the car? Do I need to let them try and fix it? Or can I just demand my money back? I have been told by various sources that because I asked for a refund straight away then the dealer should have given me one. He has bullied me into repairing the car. Hopefully someone will know the exact things I need to to know. Thanks for your help guys!
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