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  1. Thank you for your time and advice. We're looking for some general advice on this issue regarding my partner who is off work with depression caused by her workplace. The employer has told us they will visit this Thursday to "discuss her absence". Here's a bit of the back story: Mt partner is a Cleaner. She is off work due to depression, this was caused by her undergoing treatment for recurring miscarriages and her Manager moving her from a job she was happy in to another part of the company where it is very quiet, no interaction and a totally different world than where she had bee
  2. i have been sacked from my job the employer is refusing my final wages, i had been working for the company for 3 months, i was still in the probationary period, the company acused me of stealing cash ( 7 pounds), this is a lie, the area is fully covered by cctv, I had a dispute with one of my co workers a few hours later he telephoned the manager and claimed i stole the cash The next day i arrived for work and was sacked on the spot, they said they have the right to do this as i was in the probation period, i didnt argue as i hated the job and my workmates
  3. I have been sacked one and a half weeks into a two-week trial period. The employer says that, because I only worked for a short period, he doesn't have to deduct tax and Ni from my wages. I was working a 37-hour week for which my pay (due at the end of March) was £7.50 per hour. My employer confirmed this in an email to me before I started work. I was directly employed (not through an agency) and was not self-employed. My questions is this: Is the employer legally obliged to deduct tax and NI after such a short period and does he have to give me a P45? Also, what can I do if he doesn't
  4. I'm writing on behalf of my son who was recently dismissed for Gross Misconduct from his employer because he tackled a thief that was trying to run out of the shop with some goods (which, apparently, contravenes one of their policies). We're currently going through the appeals process. My son has given a statement to the police and may be asked to appear in court as a prosecution witness. I've spoken with acas, who have been very helpful and, because my son has less than 2 years employment, cannot claim unfair dismissal, only wrongful dismissal. My s
  5. Hi I really hope someone can advise me because I am so worried and stressed out. I have worked for a company for 4 years, but for the first 3 years with an in house agency, and almost a year ago I was given a contract, with 2 YEARS probation period. Which is apparently standard for this company. I was off sick in Oct last year due to flu. I am off sick again now due to severe stomach problems that I would rather not go into but my doctor has signed me off work for 2 weeks. I am on annual leave at the beginning of next week for 2 weeks. All being well I am due to go back to wor
  6. Hi, hope somebody can help advise me. I am with employer for less than one year. I had a number of personal issues that were affecting my ability to do my job efficiently and my employer kept extending my probation period. I don't think I was able to turn my performance around before my third (and I was told, final) probationary meeting which was to be in early Jan 16. I went sick after new year and haven't been back to work since - actually, I did do a couple of weeks late Jan but didn't do much as was suffering from flu and so went sick again after. I've now got a sick note/
  7. Hi My 19 year old son was sacked for poor performance 16 months into his 3 year apprenticeship. He was given 15 minutes warning of his disciplinary hearing and no evidence in advance. No notes were taken and his companion in the hearing was told to make no comment. No notes were taken and when i asked for a copy of the notes they should have recorded they cobbled together a 9 sentence document (spread over 3 A4 pages) as a supposed record of a 20 minute meeting. It takes 1 minute to read. My son was stunned as he had received no verbal warnings and thought things were ok. 2 da
  8. Hi, My daughter has been working for a relatively small firm for 8 months. In all this time she has felt as if she was being bullied by one of the managers. It got so bad that she raised a grievance against him. In her letter documenting this she included examples of bullying and she also got statements from other members of staff which showed she was being treated differently/unfairly. She received a letter on Tuesday saying the grievance wasn't being upheld. No surprise there, the manager doing the bullying has been there a long time and is friendly with the owner. She was a
  9. I have a sick note saying from the drs that I have anxiety and depression and am I'm in quite a bad way tbh. I feel quite unwell but my manager is being awful about it and says she will sack me. Now I've been looking online if I have any rights and read this... I’ve had to take time off work due to mental illness, can I be fired? Or not paid? No. It’s illegal for your employer to not pay you, or fire you, if you’ve had to take time off. Make sure you read your company’s sickness policy, as what you’re entitled to differs from company to company. ----- Source: http:
  10. I am very worried In October my partner was dismissed gross misconduct. He was accused of company theft stealing a large amount of money (he worked for Sainsburys) he was investigated by his employer numerous interviews with a witness in the room taking notes. CCTV was shown of him attending to his duties this is the point where he was accused of stealing (May I add he did not do what was accused) Eventually it was determined that they had to dismiss with immediate action gross misconduct. At the time of dismissal they stated that police would be involved. N
  11. I am a very worried about getting sacked. If I got sacked, will I ever get another job?
  12. please can anyone help me, At 6.50pm today (20/10/15) I was sacked on the spot - no warning, investigation or suspension. I have been there for 13 months, I have done nothing wrong. I made a complaint that my line manager was bullying me 2 weeks ago - then out of the blue I am sacked for lacking the skills to do the job? no warning, capability or ever has this been brought to my attention before. Do I have any rights? I have been offered 2 options and have until 7pm tomorrow (21/10/15) to decide. a) be sacked with 2 months pay, or b) resign with 4 months pay. there is no rep
  13. Took a job , I do not have the tech skills for, No time to learn on the job I am under pressure, the company is 2 guys and feel like I have let boss down, anyway if the guy lets me go after 10 days working on the grounds that I do not have the skills to do job will I still be able to claim job seekers ? Pretty worried so ideas much appreciated
  14. Hi all, I recently gained employment with SKY in a retail store position, part of the application process was to give my consent, to what i thought was basic disclosure (disclosure Scotland) I was sucessful with my job applicatrion and was offered a formal contract of employement, wich i accepted. I had to travel to luton for a 2 week residential induction course, fully paid and my official start date of my employment was 08/06/2015. I was 3 days into my course and on the afternoon of of the 10/06/2015, just before the class of 11 were leaving for lunch i was pulled aside and asked to
  15. Hello Guys / Gals, I love coming here as there is people that give expert advice, and if followed you can save a scrape or two. I have a mate that works a 6-2, 2-10 pm shift, on this day he has gone in early at 5:45am. He has had a few beers that day before and someone has smelt alcohol on his breath. He has suggested that there is some harresment from some fellow employees. Anyway, he has started work at 6am but got breathalyzed at 6:15am. This had a reading of 36... 1 point over the 35mg limit... West Yorkshire Police do not Prosecute anything under 40mg My ma
  16. Hi I filled an appeal after an unjust decision. I wrote to my employer listing 56 points of bullying breaches of employment law etc. My appeal is Thursday but they won't hear new evidence. I'm only going as it's part of the process. they'll not overturn which is good for me as it's tribunal all the way. I just want to know, do I tell them I will take them to court, do I show my hand etc etc I'm going on my own, they don't scare me anymore Got a new job and loving it, if they overrule I'll resign anyway. Shall I tell them that. These are a council, been very naughty Tha
  17. Long story short - Apart from the company evading tax by telling staff they are paying a cash 'after tax' figure, none of the staff including my father ever received payslips. And the P45 he received indicated a lower amount than what I was paid. His new Manager was taking over, which was the owners son. He told my father to not come into work a few weeks ago, and would talk to him the following monday as he felt that my fathers heart wasn't in it anymore, and accused him at the same time of passing work over to another rival company. My father went in but recorded the convers
  18. Hi, I have had nothing but grief for a few years from my employer. A local council. I have put in a few complaints of bullying, being treated differently etc but always tried to just do my job. I have challeneged my employer in the correct process but it is very much an old boys club Yesterday I was suspended on a possible gross misconduct charge of theft of council time and frog marched out the building. I admitted to using the internet but I have to alot as I am the only person that does my job and I network with other specialists around the country for advice. I have to do this as
  19. Saw this on the Mirror website http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/iain-duncan-smith-hauled-out-3848022 Took them long enough. Do you think he'll cry?
  20. A friend has been told if he doesn't his a sales target by tomorrow, he will be sack. Was said verbally in one-to-one meeting with his manager. He started in mid December on 3 months probation, then moved roles (a promotion but no new contract) and had his probation extended to 6 months in total. He has now been there 6 1/2 months but hasn't passed probation. According to contract, probation is up to a maximum of 6 months. If/when he is sacked on Friday, is in one week's pay (as per probation) or 1 month due to being there past maximum probation period?
  21. Hi old poster here but had to go by different user name for this because it would be as plain as the nose on your face who I am employee on holiday (common knowledge they are abroad) while on holiday letter sent by recorded delivery letter inviting them to an informal meeting regarding there lateness and sickness at the start of there first shift back obviously they didn't get the letter (there was a card from the postman but didn't have time to go collect it ) can they say in there appeal letter I was not formally invited to a disciplinary meeting in writing
  22. Hi all, I started a job a few months ago and had no problem with Epilepsy for ages but a month into the job I started having a few issues (seizures) with it. After a week my employer asked me if I had had any medical issues that they should be aware of and I told her no as I thought it was just a blip and had a bad experience at a previous job once they knew about it. I'm going to tell them now after having a few days off so they know in case it continues to be an issue but my worry is, can they sack me for not telling them about a disability when asked? Thanks
  23. Hi I wonder if any of you could advise on the following. My Neighbour started a new job 6 months ago, on December 1, 2013 the company split it self in 2 & formed a new company . She was Tuped over , with out consultation, no meeting or given any new contract. After a lot of thought she decided too hand in her resignation [ one weeks notice] effective from 6/1/2014. Today she was given a letter stating that as from 24/12/2013 her contract was being terminated. Is she being sacked?, having already given notice can the company then terminate her employment ?. She has never seen her
  24. Hi, my grandson has been working through an agency, he was sacked by the agency recently even though he produced a sick note, is this allowed. Surely this can be classed as unfair dismissal.
  25. Hi guys My question is can i be sacked even though i have 2 sick notes signed by my doctor over the past 5 days ive had viral gastroenteritis and ive had the worst pain in my stomach with than ive ever had before i defiantly could not go to work. Luckily now im on day 6 and im not far better not 100% but im getting there and hoping ill be ok on Friday when i return to work. Basically my sickness started 22nd November until 26th then i still felt crap so went back to my doctors where he signed me off for a further 3 days 26th - 29th. Basically my question is even though ive been
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