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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Guys, I picked up a Sony Vaio for next to nothing and it's in pretty good nick. I am however having internet connection problems. I have connected it to my router via ethernet and wirelessly, but Internet Explorer still can't display the web page. The internet icon says connected with 100mbs speed, but still can't work out what's wrong. Thanks in advance.
  2. Im fuming. It just seems to me that car owners are one big cash machine for councils. Stick some cameras up and let the money roll in. I recently moved to a new area and started driving to work. Unbeknown to me one of the roads I was turning into on my way to work each morning at 7:30am has a time restriction in place that you cant turn into it after 7:30am. Its dark, its christmas , the streets are empty, no one was killed, no traffic was caused. But yet I have appealed against these tickets and am told by the council they are 'certain an offense has taken place' and I need to pay £390 thankyou very much. That is like almost half a months wages. For making a mistake that has harmed no one. Does anyone know how I can fight this?
  3. Name of the Claimant: Arrow Global Date of issue – 4th February 2016 What is the claim for – The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract between the Defendant and MBNA dated on or about Aug 16 2007 and assigned to the Claimant on Apr 20 2012 What is the value of the claim - £7,000 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Credit Card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007?- 2008 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. It’s the Debt purchaser – Arrow Global Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Yes I did. However twice on the document, it says Arrowe Global Global Gurnsey Limited instead of Arrow. A typo I guess … however, does this matter? Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Yes Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Yes, up until it was assigned Why did you cease payments? Financial difficulties arising from partners not working and new baby What was the date of your last payment? About February 2012 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Sort of … We spoke several times and tried to work things out, but I could never keep up with the payments. Notes: I did request and get a CCA in 2012 when the troubles with the agencies started. I’ve been transferred to several agencies and sent all the regular template letters, but now Restons have sent me a claims form. I've spend the last few days searching the internet and I'm not exactly sure what to do next Where I need help … I really don’t need CCJ on my credit file and would rather avoid it. Can I still call them up and work out an arrangement? I don’t think I can pay anything more than £30 per month at the moment, but I’m willing to try and clear it if given time. If I admit this, and they reject my £30 proposal, will that definitely lead to a CCJ? Final question: The error on the MBNA Assignment letter, can that be grounds for a defence of the claim. Though I need to add, I have been communicating with Arrow Global over the years. Please kindly help, I believe I have just 3 days left.
  4. I moved to Canada over 3 years ago with approx £15k in credit card debt. A few months after arriving in Canada, my house sold in the UK and I paid the credit cards off in full but kept the accounts open. I continued to use the credit cards for purchases, and continued to make regular payments. I had no intention of running from debt and I gave all of the companies my new Canadian address. About 18 months into my new life in Canada I fell into financial difficulty. I had a high risk pregnancy and had to go for appointments several times each week at a hospital that was an hours drive from where I lived, and I couldn't keep my job. My husbands wage didn't even cover our outgoings (I don't want to sound like a sob story, but I want to make clear that we weren't getting in to debt by living the high life. Our outgoings were only necessities, we didn't have cable tv or anything like that). Our car broke down and had to be scrapped, we had to have a new heating system because ours failed during winter (minus temperatures in Canada!). a lot went wrong and I relied on my credit cards (all in my name, not my husbands) to live. I racked up approx £20k over 4 cards and reached a point where I could no longer make minimum payments, so I stopped. I had several letters from Barclaycard and the debt was passed to debt collectors. I also had late payment notices from Halifax. We then moved house and I didn't give my new address to the cc companies. Over a year has now passed and I haven't heard anything, I guess they can't find me, or stopped trying when their letters started getting returned by the post office. My problem now is that things have only got worse and we have realised we cannot financially sustain life in Canada. Wages are low and cost of living is high, we have tried so hard to make it work but have got to admit defeat and return to England. Obviously I'm scared about returning to England and having debt collectors show up at my door. My question is, what is my best move to make now? We will sell our house in Canada and after taking into account the money we will need to move back to England, I will have about £6k left to offer as a settlement to the cc companies, but is this likely to be accepted as the amount I owe is so much higher, not to mention interest accrued, and how would I even go about it if all debts are now in the hands of debt collectors? Alternatively I could return to uk and hide out until the 6 years has passed but only 18 months has passed since my last contact, so that's a long time to hide out for and I'm sure they'd find me in that time. Or would calling a debt charity for help be of any use? What suggestions might they offer? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I've got some tenants running some sort of Pregnant Mother assessement centre, basically subletting the property on a residential AST. A lot of pregnant mothers have visited the property. As well as several large families. A confused pregnant mom was seen on the property, & then rushed off to hospital a couple of hours later. I've tried contacting ofsted, & they dont seem to care the tenants dont have the correct permission of the landlord. Can I get an injunction on the tenants or some other legal action, without having to file a section 8? I'm concerned about damage to the property, as well as the safety of the heavily pregnant mothers, as our building insurance doesnt cover business use of the property. Not to mention our mortgage contract.qq I'm also trying to contact the correct authorities, I'm contacting ofsted again, but I have no idea who to contact about the illegal planning permission granted to them. Does anyone know who I should contact about the illegal planning permission granted to them? & if I can get an injunction on the tenants or some other legal action, without having to file a section 8? As theyre subletting illegally, not to mention illegally dealing with vulnerable members of the public. Also because of the large number of families damage to the property. I'm based in London btw ... Thanks!!!
  6. The Bear Garden is a place of variety. A place where people can say what they like,discuss,debate and have a fine old time. So i thought i would put this on to cheer us up. Say what you feel.
  7. Which uses more energy in standby mode, a computer or a phone charger? You might be surprised Most of us know that to cut our energy bills we should turn things like televisions and computer monitors off at the wall rather than leaving them in standby mode, which consumes power even when they’re not being used. But smaller gadgets and appliances quietly running in the background could be pushing your energy bills up much faster than you realised. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that an average household will spend up to £80 a year powering appliances left on standby and not in use. Annual energy usage while on standby: Wireless Router (e.g. BT Hub) - £21.92 Printer (Laser) - £18.26 Set-top (Satellite) - £18.26 Amplifier - £12.18 Compact Hi-Fi - £12.18 iPad charger - £12.18 Nintendo Wii - £12.18 Set-top box (Freeview) - £7.31 Alarm Clock - £6.09 Microsoft Xbox 360 - £6.09 Modem - £6.09 Sony PlayStation 3 - £6.09 Air freshener plug-in - £4.87 CD player / Tuner - £4.87 Television (Plasma) - £4.87 Video Player - £4.87 Inkjet printer - £4.26 Desktop PC - £3.65 Nintendo DS - £3.65 Oven (Electric) - £3.65 Microwave - £3.04 Television (CRT & LCD) - £3.04 Mobile phone charger - £2.44 PC monitor (CRT) - £2.44 Electric toothbrush - £1.22 Childs night light - £0.73 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/household-bills/10920520/The-devices-quietly-running-up-your-energy-bills.html
  8. Good morning I was hoping some valued advice regarding a situation I am in. I had a taster session with a local running/activity club. After this we were told of we joined within 24 hours we wouldn't have to pay the joining fee. I didn't join but was contacted a few days later by phone to ask why not and was persuaded into joining over the telephone. I wasn't informed at that time of any specific terms or conditions or what the monthly fee was because the guy wasn't sure. I was only able to see t&c's after a direct debit had been set up and I received a welcome email at which point the fee would be confirmed. I have not attended the club at all since joining. The truth is I'm facing redundancy at work and suffer from a back condition since a car accident which is sometimes fine sometimes painful. At no point was I told that I was signing up to a rolling 6 month contract. I cancelled my direct debit and received several emails threatening dca involvement and small claims court process. I re-set the direct debit but again cancelled it when my salary wasn't paid. I am now in correspondence with daniels silverman who have said they have their clients instructions to commence court proceeding and that I signed up to all this when I joined. But I didn't. I didn't join via the website whereby you click to confirm you accept t&c's and none were given over the phone. Can anyone advise where I stand on this. Am I likely to end up with a ccj here when in reality I feel like I've been taken for a bit of a mug. Should this company have furnished me with such important t&c's before confirming my direct debit??
  9. Hi, This is my first thread on this site and i'm hoping that someone can help me urgently. I have an old council tax debt that I thought had been dealt with (by my wife) but it turns out it hasn't been. The company collecting on behalf of my local council is Rossendales. They contacted me by telephone in February to see if I could make a payment or pay the balance off in full, I explained that this debt was being dealt with (as we have another tax bill we are paying off, not realizing that this was a separate issue) they called me back again in February but this time to tell me that they have passed the case to a bailiff, I tried explaining that there were crossed wires and that I was willing to setup a payment plan to rectify the issue, I got cut off and rang them back the following morning only to be told that there was nothing they could do (or willing to do) as the case had now been passed to the bailiff. They gave me the bailiffs number and I gave him a call, he told me that he hadn't picked up my case yet but will do later that day and could not discuss the case until he had looked at it. I asked him if he could call me back once he has looked at the case, but he said that was not something they do so I called him back instead. I was told that the next course of action would be them calling at my address to hand deliver a letter and that there was nothing more I can do until this has happened. ... I received a hand delivered letter yesterday evening and called the bailiff back this morning to setup a payment plan only to be told that its not an option and they will be back at 2:30pm today to collect my goods unless I make payment in full (£1100 that I don't have). I have spoken to Rossendales since and have been told that they are unwilling to call off the hounds even though I have expressed my wish to settle the account with monthly installments and that its all been one big misunderstanding. I have been reading on here since that call but thought I would start my own thread for some tailored advice. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Hello there, I need desperate advise. What would happen if I run away from my UK debts which i've on Credit Cards around 10k. Would I be chased even till India if I move there..? Will they be able to find my home address.there? Can they sell these debts to an Indian debt collection agency. I am in big financial mess which myself is responsible. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards H.
  11. OK, now this has been going on for well over 2 years now so I doubt I can remember everything that has happened but I'm basically looking if I have anywhere left to go. I had an account with 3 in which I never once used over my monthly allowance - after 18 month (into a 24 month contract) I contact 3 and asked if I could reduce my contact and pay less as I was never anywhere near my monthly allowance. 3 agreeded to lower my bill by £10 a month if I paid a £5 admin charge - which I agreed to. That month my bill was correctly charged the new balance plus the £5 admin fee (which came to £25). The next month however I was also charged £25 which I could not understand and presumed that they had accidentally charged me twice for the downgrade. I contacted 3 but the man was very rude and insisted that there was no mistake. I was left with no choice but to make a complaint to 3. I tried to follow 3's complaint procedure - however 40 days after complaining I had heard nothing - I hadn't even been given a complaint number. As a method of last resort I contacted the CEO direct. 20 days went by and I was finally sent a letter from the CEO that simply said the complaints team were looking into it. After waiting a further 20 days from that letter and still having no reply I went to the ombudsman. My complaint to the Ombudsman was that 3 had charged me twice for a service and that they had failed to acknowledge my complaint after 80 days. The Ombudsman - presumably being swamped with complaints about mobile companies has taken nearly 18 months to fully review the situation. The first reply I had from the Ombudsman was that 3 claimed that they had replied to my complaint and they the charge was for calls made outside my normal allowance. My reply was that I had had no reply to my complaint from 3, and that I could provide myemail chain where every 3 days I contacted them to see if they had done anything yet. I also pointed out that I never made any calls outside my allowance and I only had the phone for incoming calls and the internet (I had an all you can eat internet package). I asked for proof of any contact 3 had had with me so I could dispute it and a record of calls I was supposed to have made. The second reply I had from the Ombudsman was that they believed that 3 had replied (still I was given no proof dispite my proof that I was constantly asking for a reply) and a bill that showed a call to an 0845 number that turned out to be my local bank branch telephone number ( I presume 3 used this as they know the bank I banked with and my local address) I replied to the Ombudsman asking how they can know that 3 had replied when they were unable to send proof yet I was able to provide proof that I was constanly asking for a reply - something I obviously wouldn't do if I had had a reply. I also pointed out that I would never call my local bank branch as it would be cheaper to call the 0800 freephone head office number, and even if I had had need to call my branch direct I would not call the local branch as my account is actually held in a city at the other end of the county (as the account is still from when I was a student) - I also pointed out the unlikely fact that - for the very first time in 18 month of having a contact - I would make exactlly £5 worth of calls the month after I reduced my bill. the final responce from the Ombudsman is that they still believe that Three did respond to my complaint (despite the fact that they are unable to provide any proof) and that 3 have provided a bill showing the charge of the phone call (because as we all know it's impossible to fake a bill) and they they will not look at the matter further and their view is I should pay the full cancellation fee - I should have pointed out that after they failed to reply to my complaint I cancelled my contract. So now I am wondeing what more I can do - the ombudsman has ruled against me but doesn't actually appear to have listend to any of the points I have made and their investigation seems to have boiled down to nothing more than asking 3 if they did something and then taking their word for it. Can I take the matter any further - is there such a thing as an Ombudsman Ombudsman? Am I intitled to copies of the Ombudsmans contact with 3 as I do not feel this was investigated properly. Any help people can give will be much appreciated - I'm now going to pay the fee, as I can't claim it is disputed any more (having had a 3rd party say it was valid) but I'd like to claim it back or get it refunded and continue the fight if possible.
  12. Hello there, just found this website thanks to google As the title goes, my debt is too much to handle, and I'm currently on JSA due to redundancy some time ago, I've been struggling with payments, basically I've been getting 0% interest cards and shifting them over when I can, but I cannot continue in this way for much longer, its really making life hard at the moment, I owe £7k to Halifax £8k to Barclays and also other cards below £2k. I've phoned debt consolidation, they said they could get it down to £100 amonth (currently paying almost £400, but I use it back around £250 of it). Thought that could help, but I heard its better to get in contact with the creditors themselves than rather call a second party so to speak. I've read here briefly of offering £1 amonth, is this doable? I mean can it be done? if so, be a tremendous help! and I can relax and get better food and spend some of the cash on getting some new clothes for my kids which I haven't done so for such a long time! I've never missed a payment btw, and I feel like enough is enough cannot go on, cannot afford it any longer.. Sorry if such a topic has already been opened or discussed, as I have limited time on the net. Thank you all for your time.
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