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Found 2 results

  1. Dear all, I owed a total of £1,923.06 to Camden council: £ 969.43 (council tax for period 29/09/08 to 31/03/09) £ 953.63 (council tax for period 01/04/09 to 28/09/09) I was totally unaware of this debt until I was contacted and visited by a bailiff from Rundle&Co who had taken on my debt. The first visit occured in the first weeks of February. I was away from home and was left a message to contact him. The second visit occured in the last week of February. The bailiff visited me and started bullying me into paying the debt immediately etc. I agreed to pay to the debt by direct bank order. Anyway, I ended up paying a total of £2,440.06: £ 1,168.13 (council tax for period 29/09/08 to 31/03/09) on 17 February 2011 £ 1,271.93 (council tax for period 01/04/09 to 28/09/09) on 28 February 2011 meaning that I paid £517 extra in unspecified bailiff fees. Recently, I requested a breakdown of the fees paid and they replied: Council tax debt for period 29/09/08 to 31/03/09: Debt : £1,054.43 Visit fee 1 : £24.50 Visit fee 2 : £18.00 Levy fee : £55.00 Attendance/Van : £120.00 Total : £1271.93 Council tax debt for period 01/04/09 to 28/09/09: Debt : £953.63 Visit fee 1 : £24.50 Visit fee 2 : £18.00 Levy fee : £52.00 Attendance/Van : £120.00 Total: £1168.13 I understand that the levy fee relates to making a list of my property. This never occured. In addition, I am not sure what the van fee relates to but I am sure it is a fraud charge. Also, why is the debt in the first case increased by £85.00?? Is this a standard bailiff practice to also increase the amount of debt? In addition, is it OK for them to charge twice for the same visit? (The bailiff's visit was related to two separate debt collection cases). My question is this. What is the best route to take in challenging these charges/fees and getting my money back? since seeing this breakdown of fees and reading several other threads on this forum I understand that this over/fraud charging is a standard practice by bailiffs and I have no intention of allowing this! thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated
  2. the bailiff dealing with our debt has just threatened to break in to my house!!! i am not happy with this as i have a wife who is 7 months pregnant and 2 young children in the house...he has been very rude and abrupt everytime ive spoken to him on the phone and hung up on me on more than one occasion, he turned up at my house as i had apparently arranged for him to collect it on 28th Jan (i dont get paid till Friday 4th Feb so would not of arranged it for the 28th!!! ) he wouldnt wait a week for my pay day so i have tried my hardest to borrow the money off friends and family to pay my debt today but no one has been able to help me...i phoned Rundle and Co and agreed with the person i spoke to that i would be able to pay the full amount on Friday 4th Feb online...i tried to call the bailiff but as usual it went to the answerphone, he called me back eventually and proceded to tell me he was legally able to break in to my house and remove items!! ive read up on the net that he cant leagally do that but im abit worried as he is claiming he can...can anyone please give me any advice...
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