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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, looking for advice I've discovered this forum. Apologies for long post...... Two weeks ago I was involved in a car accident on a roundabout. I was on my way home after picking my children up from school. I approached in the right hand lane, this lane leads to either the middle lane or the right hand lane of the roundabout. The lane markings on this major roundabout are clearly marked. I travel this route 2 to 3 times a day and as usual went to the middle lane. There were numerous cars on either side of me as we went over the motorway. After the next exit my lane becomes the left hand outside lane - and the roundabout exit lane to the motorway. A white car on my right started to indicate then immediately pulled into my lane, there was a sudden bang and the force of the impact knocked my car from the lane. There was damage to the side of my car – driver’s door and side wing, and side trim hanging off. The third party didn’t get out of their vehicle. As I was about to go speak to her, she made no acknowledgement and drove away through the traffic lights - from the left hand outside lane, which is the exit lane only to the motorway, and back around the roundabout to the right. The side trim of my car was hanging off and scraping on the road but as I had not even had the opportunity to obtain the third party’s vehicle registration number I had no option but to go after her through red traffic lights. She had then gone through a further set of traffic lights. I caught up with her and signalled to pull over. The driver stated she hadn’t left the scene of the incident (despite driving away not knowing whether or not my car was even driveable, had made no acknowledgement to me, driven through two sets of traffic lights before I was able to catch up to her). As she hadn’t stopped at the scene I called the Police as I had concerns whether she would provide the correct details under the circumstances. I was given an incident number. The third party apologised, said she believed the right hand lane she was in merged into the lane I was in. Why did she indicate if these lanes ‘merge’. There was absolutely no reason for her to change lanes, as both lanes lead to the same exit. I told her to go and check the lanes and she would find the lanes do not merge. Third party car had damage to front nearside wing. Can clearly see damage to my car is caused by the front wheel of the third party vehicle from the large round black rubber mark. This shows the third party’s wheels were turned towards my vehicle. This was 100% not my fault and I have told my insurance company I will not accept any liability for this incident. The problem is the third party has the same insurance company, at first they seemed helpful and reassuring but the last few times I’ve called for an update they seem to have a different attitude - where’s the proof she went into my lane, where’s the proof she drove away? Apparently the third party has not yet responded. The insurance company has suggested it would go split liability if it comes down to my word against hers without any cctv or witnesses. Hopefully the third party will be honest about what happened. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. a few days ago my wife ,myself her sister and our daughter went to Doncaster , our return journey (incase anyone knows the road layout) consisted in coming down the road behind the market to the traffic light junction . when the lights turned green we approached onto market roundabout into the middle lane labelled A19SELBY /A638 WAKEFIELD. which as a spiral roundabout takes you over the bridge towards sprotborough etc in the left hand lane as you exit the roundabout onto the bridge. a few seconds onto the roundabout at a speed of less than 20 mph we were hit in the drivers side rear quarter panel by an articluted lorry of at least 7.5 tonne (has a forklift truck on the back ) so could have been of a heavier weight . the lorry spun the car around 90 degrees and we were fully across the front of the truck . the only thing we could see from the drivers side was the full front of the vehicle . we have no idea wewre the lorry come from ,it either come from over the bridge ,or come from wheatley hall road . the car wasn't ours it is my brothers car on loan to us from time to time on the understanding I paid for a separate insurance policy . (as he is a garage owner and has trade insurance so we wold not be covered) I did this in march (maybe earlier) and also included him on the policy as he is the owner and registered keeper as the car is usually kept at his home address. then wagon driver jumped from the cab and shouted its your fault not mine . I didn't respond at all I was in shock my 3 year old daughter was on the side that was hit . luckily the car was an audi and seemed to take the impact well , hate to think if it had been a small car like a corsa . police attended the scene made sure everyone was ok they exchange details not us and then let us go on our merry way . I took pictures of the damage to the car , the rear quarter back door , front door and front wing are all badly damaged .the rear bumper has a slight crack and the rear wheel is scuffed , im devastated and feel wholly responsible to my brother , when I phoned my insurance they stated that as my no claims was unprotected I will lose 8 years ncb if it ends up been a 50/50 split . as there unprotected policy does not consider any ncb over 5 years I wasn't even driving my wife was and Is a named driver. I have been in contact with there transport mamager who was very polite and said don't worry we will have your vehicle sorted in no time as the have a very good insurance company , he said the drivers pride was dented and he was been ribbed by his colleagues . also said if it was my car I would have throttled the guy . I know we are not to blame I know we were in the correct lane on the roundabout , but I have no idea were the lorry came from so quickly I have attached a picture of how the car ended up on the roundabout me and my brother are now in the process of assessing whether it would be better for him to fix the car , in case it goes 50/50 as the car if taken to audi for assessment would be wrote off due to the cost of fixing it. further upping an insurance premium next year as the car was valued on the policy quote at over 11k the wagon didn't seem to suffer any damage except blue paint on it from the car seems my insurance is worth nothing , and all ive had is personal injury specialists phoning me to claim for injuries , all of us eneded up with none , except it effected my sciatica , but I am due to see a neuro surgeon this week as I already have 2 slipped disks the small picture attached is from a mobile phone taken by luck from a girl who works at the public house my sister and daughter work at in scawsby.
  3. Hi guys Appreciate comments based upon experience as well as the law on this issue To my utter disappointment the lorry driver involved in the accident is no longer standing by comments made at the time of the accident. They are claiming I went into their vehicle. My insurers are pushing to settle 50/50 which makes me angry. The facts: As both vehicles approached the roundabout, the lorry in the left hand lane and my car in the right and both heading straight ahead, the lorry started to move into my lane, so I quickly put my brakes on, moving as close as possible to the roundabout in an attempt to avoid the collision. To my horror, the lorry appeared oblivious to my presence, collided with the left hand side of my vehicle in the rear quarter panel, the side of his vehicle scraped the whole of my car, knocking the wing mirror off and only then did he straighten up and move back into his lane; he then applied his brakes and stopped beyond the roundabout. The driver of the vehicle: 1 First said "Where did you come from?", clearly indicating he had failed to drive with due care and attention. 2 Had a dog in his cabin. 3 Spoke to somebody on his mobile phone after realising what had just happened, saying that he had "just gone into the side of someone" and he was going to "lose his job". 4 Apologised to me, saying he was "really sorry". 5 Asked me to write down that I had suffered no injuries. No witnesses stopped to offer details. My insurers are not willing to push further than 50/50. I want justice. I have become very weary of lorries on roundabouts since this eventful day What are my options? Thanks
  4. hi gang i just got my decision back from the esa work capability assesment and im not entiteld to esa but i got 6 points this time this is my second time on the esa benefit as i reapplyed after loosing it at tribuneral last time , ive got depression and hand problems after accident at work , i dont know is it worth appealing again or just go for jobseekers , there so called health professionals are good at lying on there reports im going to ask them to look at decision again before i appeal , but if i appeal now i dont know if iwill get my benefit as i herd it was changing and not paying people on appeal , thanks
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