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Found 16 results

  1. Rossendales hassling me for a £250 approx CT debt. I supplied them, through email docs, proof I'm on benefits and can only afford £10 a month. I set a standing order up and it's been paying a short while. They wrote to say according to my income I have to pay out more than I'm receiving which isn't possible therefore I must pay £50 a month LMAO!!!! Loving the logic there. I found a hand delivered letter today which state I now owe £450 (WHAT??!?!) and that they wanna take goods blah blah. I've been paying £10 so will I still HAVE TO pay the extra they've slapped on? What do I do? Just make sure no one answers the door and...? Will they keep visiting and slapping another chuff knows how much on the bill? I've shown proof it can't be paid, have no money on benefits, surely this is illegal? Wish I could take them to court I'm sure a judge would see it as bullying. Incidentally the original issue didnt reach me for years (from 2012) becuase I'd moved on, wasn't registered anywhere and council claim I owe overpayment of benefits, you know that old chestnut. Irrelevant now.
  2. I have just received a letter from DCA Rossendales Collect for £130.15 for PARKING CHARGE NOTICE. I have not committed a Parking Offence and as such have received no notice. The story goes as follows: A year ago my daughter inadvertently drove through the Barrier Free Toll on the M50 south of Dublin in my car. I was a passenger. It is not clear, unless you are a local that you have actually gone through this toll as just a short distance further on there is another toll with a barrier, for which she paid. We travelled through 3 such tolls on our way to Cork and on the return journey the same (paying the tolls as we went), and again we went through this M50 Barrier Free Toll on our return not realising that we had just done so. The total cost of a return through this M50 tolls would only have been about £5.60 had we been aware of it. Two months later I get a demand from Euro Parking for £11.20 (double) for none payment of toll, plus a further charge of £44 for not paying the £11.20 within the time limit..the demand for payment came after the time limit. The notice stated that the owner of the car is liable, not the driver..I don't own the car as I am disabled and it is a lease vehicle from Motability.. I disputed the charge (£44) and received no reply from Euro Parking who promptly sent me another letter with an additional further charge of £44 added for not paying the last invoice. Now I owe £96.20 for a £5.60 unpaid toll charges. I would have been happy to pay the £5.60 had I received a request for that amount. I then decided to ignored them because as I understand it, Eflow Ireland have a duty to inform you of an unpaid toll, in writing giving you chance to pay, but I received no such notice. I also understand that because Southern Ireland is not part of the UK, they cannot enforce a debt. I heard nothing since about January until today when I get this demand from Rossendales Collect demanding money on behalf of their client: Euro Parking Collections plc. First of all, my daughter drove through a Barrier Free Toll twice without realising it..Rossendales state: Parking Charge Notice...so this is incorrect. Secondly: They state Original amount £89.35 plus a fee of £34.00 adds up to £130.15. In my book it adds up to £123.35...so this is also incorrect. Not really sure what I should do. I am reluctant to contact them and start of any chain of events where they think I will give in. Surely Euro Parking Collections have to prove a debt before they sell a debt on in the first place. And without proving it first in court and obtaining a court order, they cannot enforce it? Or am I wrong?
  3. I received a letter today from Rossendales regarding a £500 debt I owe the legal aid agency. Considering my case was only last week they've been fast off the mark. The case concerned an appeal in Manchester which I was unsuccessful. I live in Scotland. I have two questions: Does the LLA or Rossendales have any authority in imposing this charge as I live in Scotland and we do not have bailiffs? If forced to pay what is the minimum I can pay per month? I have no intention of sending details of my personal finances to Rossendales. I have no contacted anyone yet but I am aware not to contact anyone by phone. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Hi all. I have today received a Notice of Enforcement from Rossendales, it is relating to a council tax liability order from 2011. I had made an arrangement with the local council to pay back monthly which was quite a low amount as I was on JSA. rather stupidly we never set up a direct debit and paid via online or payment card as and when we had the money by the due date. Unfortunately after paying regularly for a couple of years we missed a few payments ( I thought the wife was paying it she thought I was!) I called the council and tried to get the plan back on track and they would only accept a one off payment for the arrears £80 and then carry on the original plan at £20 per month. To my absolute horror when I checked my notes from the call after receiving this notice today, the £80 payment was due on the 15th of September, I had it in my mind that that it was due 15th of October! The enforcement notice is demanding full payment or agreement of a payment arrangement for £1466.20 no later than 23:59 on the 15th of October! Does anyone know if these people will actually listen to my circumstances and agree a reasonable repayment plan as I cannot pay the full amount and in all honesty could not afford more than probably £30 - 40 per month . I'm not going to go fully into figures but my monthly salary is just under £1200 my wife works part time and my Rent alone is £700pm (Due to rise soon) my current council tax £139pm without Gas and Electric etc etc plus also the monthly living costs of 3 of us Eating etc! I know I'm not the only one with problems but any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated , I actually feel physically sick after opening the letter and after surfing around a bit and reading things like the Bailiffs will take your car! I am very worried! (BTW the car was paid for by my mother in law as we were without one for 2 years, but it is in my wife's name and is probably only worth about £300) I am not completely naive regarding Baliffs and know not to let them in etc Thanks in advance Simon
  5. Hello Please can someone advise me, a few years ago I had a parking ticket from Excel Parking, I initially ignored it, but then a company called debt recovery plus threatened to take me to court so I paid them in September last year, I have a copy of the cheque I sent and my bank statement showing it was cashed , but I don't have any other letters I didn't keep them as I had paid. Today I received a letter from a company called Rossendales Collect, chasing a parking charge from Excel. There is no date or place of the offence, but it has to be the same ticket I have not had another one, the letter today says they have 6 years to recover the debt and they are going to commence recovery action. What should I do, I don't want to call them, I have no paperwork and I just know they wont accept that I have already paid even if I send a copy of the cheque. I only paid last time to make them go away and now another company is back. so unfair, can any one advise me, I don't know where to turn, do I need a solicitor? Many thanks for your help
  6. To cut a long story short, my partner has some Council Tax arrears which went to Court, were passed to the wonderful Rossendales and now the Bailiff has been out today - the reason? She's in the midst of a DRO application which is half way through processing - but Rossendales don't care. We are well aware that he has no right of entry (only peacefully which he won't get) - so he knocked on the door and got nowhere. A letter pushed through the door with an extra £235 added and his lovely mobile number. Not to be outdone by this chap, she texted him and he left her two voicemails, one saying he won't deal with via text and to call him (my advice is not to call only text as there would be evidence of any slip ups on their behalf). Just got the second messaged and have transcribed it: What's this non-cooperation malarky? The National Debtline who my partner is with have told us we don't have to speak to him at all - but he's claiming refusal to answer your phone is non-cooperation?? Has he slipped up here or just giving out verbal diarrhoea and trying to get the wind up her. If he's slipped up I'll make sure Rossendales are taken to account for such actions - I do think it's just him bullying. One final question - if he continues to ring, numerous times per day, could that be classed as harassment? Many thanks!
  7. Not been on here for a long time but in need of some advice We have just returned home from a 2 week holiday on thursday to find some letters from rossendale for unpaid council tax, well actually 2 lots. One dated a few days before our holiday and then the others dated 23rd july, letters also include a £75 fee and then a £235 fee if you get a visit. The council tax is from 2 previous properties going back about 2 years when my wifes business hit trouble. Since then we had to close the business and lost a fortune. Not here for a sympathy with a sob story but would like some advice on what to do next. Saturday when we got home there was a letter through the door that a bailiff has been so added a £235 charge! Pretty worried about it as we have never been in this postion before. ive read a few things that say do not ring the company or pay them any money and start to pay the council direct. I rang the council and the girl i spoke to although nice said that the account was no longer with them and i need to contact rossendale. Can anyone hep with what to do next or what letters i need to write and to who? Im not refusing to pay, we are getting back on our feet and paying council tax of £180 a month for the current property so can set up a plan to repay but would much rather pay council direct. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  8. Hi need some advice/help before 3pm tomorrow. Bailiffs arrived today after 1 missed an agreed payment over Christmas 'been paying every fortnight since October 2013' I owe £173 which includes £24 for 1st visit and £18 2nd vist. today they put a Levy on my friends car who is using my drive and added costs of £29 walking possession also £160 for coming out. Total cost £363. I showed them proof it wasnt my car V5 and Insurance documents, but they said they had m on surveillance driving the car so that proof wasnt enough. THEY have clamped my friends car on drive till tomorrow? I have never let them in my property nor have i signed any walking possession paperwork, not signed anything. They kept threatening to take car, then gave me till tomorrow 3pm to pay the £363.. I have borrowed the £173 which i will pay the council direct in the morning, but im so scared if i dont pay their £190 fees/charges that they have added on top they will still take car or keep clamp on. Can anyone advice because my friend said if they dont take clamp off by tomorrow evening he will take clamp of
  9. Hi, I overheard a conversation today that I couldn't help but get involved in. The upshot was that a mum had got behind on her council tax and there was a liability order. She sent an email to the council copying in Rossendales who had visited her putting forward an offer of payment. Rossendales responded - the council didn't - but she did not respond to Rossendales. She has an outstanding complaint with them levying a fee on a car that had finance on it to which they had never responded and had refused to deal with them until they did. Rossendales turned up on her doorstep and she refused them entry pointing out that she will only deal with and pay the council directly, reminding them that there was still an outstanding complaint and that more over, since their visit 3 years ago, she had gifted all non-essential electrical items or those not fixed to the wall to her son. Rossendales response was to say 'so what, you still owe the money and we will keep on coming back so that you incur charges'. She advised them that she wasn't giving them access and shut the door. They exact same bailiff had visited her today and left a letter and that's what she was talking to her friend about. I chipped in and asked if she had given them proof that she had gifted the said items and that there was still a complaint and she said that she printed off both letters and handed them to them with the items blacked out as she had sent the letter to the council when she had complained to them about Rossendales previous conduct. The council had finally responded to her on Friday saying that they will accept her proposal and she replied informing them of what had happened with Rossendales last week, that she would not deal with for the reasons she had laid out and that payment would come to the council direct as well as reminding them that items had been gifted. I thought that Rossendales actions were intimidating and bullying as there is nothing for them to levy on and they admitted they would keep on attending to incur charges as did she. Does she have grounds for a complaint? Very interesting afternoon at the park! Bel
  10. Hi there, I signed up to the forum after being helped out (Lurking) a few times. I have received a letter from "Rossendale Collections" over a random amount. I've not subscribed for anything, paid all of my bills on time, paid for everything I've bought etc. There is literally no reason for this amount. So under this belief, I called them. Not only was his opening line (after verifying that he had the right person) "So, payment time. Card number.", he also stated (after my asking of him several times) that the debt was for a company called "Adult Friend Finder". I have had previous run ins with this company, through several other collectors whom I have reported to the police and gone through the whole "crime reference number" charade. The amount isnt substantial (£40), but its the principal, and I was just wondering if you guys had any advice... Thanks in advance, Reece
  11. Back in 2005 i aquired a debt to Littlewoods catalogue but due to having to move house i had no communication with them till 2006 when i finally found a home.i informed littlewoods of my new address and had a letter from Pheonix saying i was to make a payment to them via postal order. This i done and paid £10 to £20 and asked them to send me bank paying slips so i could continue with the payments this was August 2006. However i did not recieve any more contact from them. In October 26th i had a letter from Arrow Global regarding this debt and they required certain info.This i done explaining that this letter is the first time i have had contact regarding this debt for more than 6 years.and told them a payment was sent as above to Pheonix. I received a letter back saying thank you for the information and it was being forward to Pheonix and was being investigated, they also wanted some info on named cottage which they wanted to know of when i moved from before i aquired this debt. There was a delay in sending this info back to them but i never stayed at a cottage with that name however i was going to write to them asking them to be more specific with a address. Before i could send this info back i now have had a letter from Rossendales stating that the debt is now passed to them.they are instructed that i have ignored previous requests for payment and they intend to recover the outstanding debt immediately. In red letters i have to contact them with paying the debt full or contact them with my proposals or recovery action will commence. I have been given a phone number to ring but i would rather write a letter. Not sure what to do so can anybody advice please? Its over 6 years now since first contact on this matter till 26th October.with Arrow Global and never asked for payment just info.As i explained in the letter to Arrow Global that if Pheonix replied to my letter back in 2006 this would have been delt with straight away.
  12. Hoping somebody can help. I have council tax arrears of about £3,300 for 2010-11 and 2011-12. Council have set up several arrangements and because the monthly payments were unrealistic, I was unable to keep up payments, so they have now passed it on to Rossendales. Council have said to contact Rossendales but I haven't contacted them yet (it was passed to them yesterday). My income is well below £16k per year, but because of the trauma of financial hardship and trying to keep my head above water, I have been unable to complete the paperwork to the Council's satisfaction and am not in receipt of the 75% or so reduction I should be entitled to. A few questions - how do I deal with the bailliffs/prevent them from visiting, is there any documentation I should be in receipt of from the council or Rossendales. Getting a bit panicky here so quick responses appreciated...
  13. Hi Just had a letter from Rossendale regarding an alleged Barclays Bank debt from 2001 I believe that Barclays Insurance finished paying the debt 10 years ago I have contacted Barclays Insurance they don't have any documents from that long ago I was under the impression that any debt is statutory barred after 6 years is this correct
  14. Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle and don't know what to do. It's all my own fault, I know, but I've had a liability order for non-payment of CSA and bailifs are coming. My partner will go mental! I've hidden the letters from her. It's a mess; where do I start? I'm a recovering alcoholic, been sober for over six months now with the help of A.A., but have kept my head buried in the sand about not paying CSA. I'm a self-employed window cleaner, but severe depression is kicking my arse and earning a living is difficult. It's tough getting out the door; the world seems to be coming in through it. I know I need to support my kids, but the amount they're asking to too much; we're on the bread line as it is. I live with my partner; we're not married and it's her house and things. Can they take those? I have a van I use for work. Can they take that? They may as well for the use I make of it. Any help would be appreciated; it's all feeling a bit too much; I'm a mess, I know I know - I'm not even sure how I ended up like this. Tom.
  15. Hi was just wondering if anyone could advise me here. I received 2 letters today delivered by hand from a bailiff working for Rossendales regarding unpaid council tax. I believe this is to do with unpaid council tax from a flat I lived in about a year ago but I have not received any warnings or notices prior to this bailiff turning up today! Also the bailiff turned up at my parents house and I don't live there anyway! He is threatening to take their possessions to pay for my debt even though nothing in that house belongs to me!! At the moment I don't have a fixed address but surely some notices or warnings regarding this debt should have gone to my parents house if that was where the baliff was going to turn up?? I am going to send a cease and desist letter to the bailiffs for my parents address and then send another letter to the bailiff stating that I did not know I owed any money, I hadn't received any letters before this and I don't live at the address he visited. I can't afford to pay the full amount straight away but have asked if I could set up a payment plan. I have just started a DMP with stepchange so I would have just included this debt on that if I had known about it!! Can anyone advise me if I am doing the right thing with the letters? Also should I phone the bailiff to discuss this? Is there anything else I can do? Thank you and sorry for the long winded explanation! Hope it makes sense!!
  16. Hope you stick with me as it's a little long winded. On tuesday of this week I had a visit fom a very abusive Rossendale baliff. I wanted to try and get some advice on a couple of things and whilst googleing Rossendale , I came across this forum. In september of last year I answered the door to what I now know was a Rossendale Baliff. He told me that I owed council tax which amounted to £440. I agreed to pay £60 a month , I sorted this out on the door step as I know never to let them in. I paid 2 months and then money became tight, inbetween this I changed jobs so things became a little worse. To cut a very long story short I was defrosting my sons car as he was taking me to work, as I walked out the door there was a stranger standing on the step. He never showed me any I D he just said he was here to remove some of my possesions and he was from Rossendales and unless I paid the amount in full he would need to enter my property. I went back in the house forgetting that the car was running he went to get in my sons car and said he would take that instead . I told him that I was on my way to work and he was having nothing I would ring the council and sort it with them. He said it had to be done right here right now. I told my son to go out and I would get to work in the other vehicle. I told the baliff to go away and again that I was going to be late. I came in the house and got the keys to my other vehicle and told him I was going to work, as I got into my car he blocked the dive with his vehicle and said I was going nowhere. I got out of my car and came back into the house to ring my partner as by this time I was feeling intimidated and getting very worried. When I was back in the house the baliff kept banging on my door. I eventually watched him get in his van, my driveway was still blocked by him so I got in my vehicle and drove away down the bridle path at the side of my house. When I came back in he had tucked a walking possesion order in my font door , he had put his costs on and had put a levy on both of the cars . There is a lot more to this story but I just want to stick to the facts. I found out from another forum that the council have to accept my payment of which they did yesterday. The lady from the council says that now the full liabilty order has been paid she will withdraw the baliffs for 28 days. I never signed the walking posession order and on the order he wrote the wrong registration number down of one of the cars. my question to you is , now that I have paid the full liability order , do I have to pay the baliffs fees and does his levy still stand , bearing in mind that I have not signed the walking posession order and he wrote the reg of one of the cars down wrong. I have spoke to someone from the National debt helpline who says that once the liability order has been paid the baliffs can no longer chase me for their fees. Thanks for taking the time to read this ...... Hayley !!!!
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