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Found 16 results

  1. Rossendales hassling me for a £250 approx CT debt. I supplied them, through email docs, proof I'm on benefits and can only afford £10 a month. I set a standing order up and it's been paying a short while. They wrote to say according to my income I have to pay out more than I'm receiving which isn't possible therefore I must pay £50 a month LMAO!!!! Loving the logic there. I found a hand delivered letter today which state I now owe £450 (WHAT??!?!) and that they wanna take goods blah blah. I've been paying £10 so will I still HAVE TO pay the extra they've slapped
  2. I have just received a letter from DCA Rossendales Collect for £130.15 for PARKING CHARGE NOTICE. I have not committed a Parking Offence and as such have received no notice. The story goes as follows: A year ago my daughter inadvertently drove through the Barrier Free Toll on the M50 south of Dublin in my car. I was a passenger. It is not clear, unless you are a local that you have actually gone through this toll as just a short distance further on there is another toll with a barrier, for which she paid. We travelled through 3 such tolls on our way to Co
  3. I received a letter today from Rossendales regarding a £500 debt I owe the legal aid agency. Considering my case was only last week they've been fast off the mark. The case concerned an appeal in Manchester which I was unsuccessful. I live in Scotland. I have two questions: Does the LLA or Rossendales have any authority in imposing this charge as I live in Scotland and we do not have bailiffs? If forced to pay what is the minimum I can pay per month? I have no intention of sending details of my personal finances to Rossendales. I have no contacted
  4. Hi all. I have today received a Notice of Enforcement from Rossendales, it is relating to a council tax liability order from 2011. I had made an arrangement with the local council to pay back monthly which was quite a low amount as I was on JSA. rather stupidly we never set up a direct debit and paid via online or payment card as and when we had the money by the due date. Unfortunately after paying regularly for a couple of years we missed a few payments ( I thought the wife was paying it she thought I was!) I called the council and tried to get the plan back on track and
  5. Hello Please can someone advise me, a few years ago I had a parking ticket from Excel Parking, I initially ignored it, but then a company called debt recovery plus threatened to take me to court so I paid them in September last year, I have a copy of the cheque I sent and my bank statement showing it was cashed , but I don't have any other letters I didn't keep them as I had paid. Today I received a letter from a company called Rossendales Collect, chasing a parking charge from Excel. There is no date or place of the offence, but it has to be the same ticket
  6. To cut a long story short, my partner has some Council Tax arrears which went to Court, were passed to the wonderful Rossendales and now the Bailiff has been out today - the reason? She's in the midst of a DRO application which is half way through processing - but Rossendales don't care. We are well aware that he has no right of entry (only peacefully which he won't get) - so he knocked on the door and got nowhere. A letter pushed through the door with an extra £235 added and his lovely mobile number. Not to be outdone by this chap, she texted him and he left her t
  7. Not been on here for a long time but in need of some advice We have just returned home from a 2 week holiday on thursday to find some letters from rossendale for unpaid council tax, well actually 2 lots. One dated a few days before our holiday and then the others dated 23rd july, letters also include a £75 fee and then a £235 fee if you get a visit. The council tax is from 2 previous properties going back about 2 years when my wifes business hit trouble. Since then we had to close the business and lost a fortune. Not here for a sympathy with a sob story
  8. Hi need some advice/help before 3pm tomorrow. Bailiffs arrived today after 1 missed an agreed payment over Christmas 'been paying every fortnight since October 2013' I owe £173 which includes £24 for 1st visit and £18 2nd vist. today they put a Levy on my friends car who is using my drive and added costs of £29 walking possession also £160 for coming out. Total cost £363. I showed them proof it wasnt my car V5 and Insurance documents, but they said they had m on surveillance driving the car so that proof wasnt enough. THEY have clamped my frie
  9. Hi, I overheard a conversation today that I couldn't help but get involved in. The upshot was that a mum had got behind on her council tax and there was a liability order. She sent an email to the council copying in Rossendales who had visited her putting forward an offer of payment. Rossendales responded - the council didn't - but she did not respond to Rossendales. She has an outstanding complaint with them levying a fee on a car that had finance on it to which they had never responded and had refused to deal with them until they did. Rossendales turned up on her doorstep
  10. Hi there, I signed up to the forum after being helped out (Lurking) a few times. I have received a letter from "Rossendale Collections" over a random amount. I've not subscribed for anything, paid all of my bills on time, paid for everything I've bought etc. There is literally no reason for this amount. So under this belief, I called them. Not only was his opening line (after verifying that he had the right person) "So, payment time. Card number.", he also stated (after my asking of him several times) that the debt was for a company called "Adult
  11. Back in 2005 i aquired a debt to Littlewoods catalogue but due to having to move house i had no communication with them till 2006 when i finally found a home.i informed littlewoods of my new address and had a letter from Pheonix saying i was to make a payment to them via postal order. This i done and paid £10 to £20 and asked them to send me bank paying slips so i could continue with the payments this was August 2006. However i did not recieve any more contact from them. In October 26th i had a letter from Arrow Global regarding this debt and they required certain info.This i done
  12. Hoping somebody can help. I have council tax arrears of about £3,300 for 2010-11 and 2011-12. Council have set up several arrangements and because the monthly payments were unrealistic, I was unable to keep up payments, so they have now passed it on to Rossendales. Council have said to contact Rossendales but I haven't contacted them yet (it was passed to them yesterday). My income is well below £16k per year, but because of the trauma of financial hardship and trying to keep my head above water, I have been unable to complete the paperwork to the Council's satisfaction and am not in rece
  13. Hi Just had a letter from Rossendale regarding an alleged Barclays Bank debt from 2001 I believe that Barclays Insurance finished paying the debt 10 years ago I have contacted Barclays Insurance they don't have any documents from that long ago I was under the impression that any debt is statutory barred after 6 years is this correct
  14. Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle and don't know what to do. It's all my own fault, I know, but I've had a liability order for non-payment of CSA and bailifs are coming. My partner will go mental! I've hidden the letters from her. It's a mess; where do I start? I'm a recovering alcoholic, been sober for over six months now with the help of A.A., but have kept my head buried in the sand about not paying CSA. I'm a self-employed window cleaner, but severe depression is kicking my arse and earning a living is difficult. It's tough getting out the door; the world seems to be coming
  15. Hi was just wondering if anyone could advise me here. I received 2 letters today delivered by hand from a bailiff working for Rossendales regarding unpaid council tax. I believe this is to do with unpaid council tax from a flat I lived in about a year ago but I have not received any warnings or notices prior to this bailiff turning up today! Also the bailiff turned up at my parents house and I don't live there anyway! He is threatening to take their possessions to pay for my debt even though nothing in that house belongs to me!! At the moment I don't have a fixed address but surely some no
  16. Hope you stick with me as it's a little long winded. On tuesday of this week I had a visit fom a very abusive Rossendale baliff. I wanted to try and get some advice on a couple of things and whilst googleing Rossendale , I came across this forum. In september of last year I answered the door to what I now know was a Rossendale Baliff. He told me that I owed council tax which amounted to £440. I agreed to pay £60 a month , I sorted this out on the door step as I know never to let them in. I paid 2 months and then money became tight, inbetween this I changed jobs so thin
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