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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I moved to the Uk from Ireland in 2010, when I arrived I owed around 4000 euro on a credit card with Visa. After failure to pay they passed the debt to a solicitor for debt collection based in Dublin At first I was paying 50 Euro a month. I then got myself into some trouble over here without a job and stopped paying as I couldn’t afford it. 2 years passed and I have since moved house and have been working hard to pay off my debts but I hadn’t heard a thing from them. I recently visited the previous address and found a letter was sent last month saying that there were starting legal proceedings. Question I have is will they be able to send bailiffs to my friends house or my house and what are the chances they will pursue me through the English courts if I ignore it?
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to receive some advice on the following situation. * A description of the issue I left Ireland back in 2005, moment which I stopped payments towards my creditors. I had 2 unsecured loans (Tesco's (Ulster Bank) and Bank or Ireland), 2 credit cards (Bank of Ireland and MBNA), . I'm living in the UK since 2007 and I never heard from my creditors since. I never contacted them as well. Due to personal circumstances I was not able to repay those debts. I'm only now rebuilding my financial life and I managed to get a mortgage with Natwest back in 2012. I'm worried now because I have just found out that Natwest and Ulster Bank are both owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland. I don't have the €30,000 or whatever the amount might be at the present. If I was to sell my studio flat to repay for this debt, I would not only lose the place where I live, but also the 10 years that I have spent trying to rebuild my life. - Can they still enforce this debt after 10 years since my last payment/acknowledgement? - If there is a court judgement in Ireland, can they enforce it here in the UK? * The amount of money involved I believe it was around €30,000 altogether. * Any relevant dates - I don't know if there is a court judgement against me in Ireland. - My last payments towards those debts were made back in August 2005. --- Thank you very much!
  3. I would be most grateful if anyone can advise. I lived for one year in the Republic of Ireland. (ROI), but returned to Northern Ireland 30 months ago. Prior to this I contacted the mortgage company asking for interernest only as I was struggling to pay the mortgage. The bank refused and said they would add a penalty of10% as I was in a fixed mortgage if I sold the house. The house was in negative equity and we could not have given the house away at the time. I work in the Republic of Ireland and my husband works in Northern Ireland we have lived in North Ireland for 30 years excluding the year spent living in the ROI. We wrote to the Bank, surrendering the property returning the keys and informing them of our new postal address in Northern Ireland. To date the bank sends the odd letter informing us of rate changes etc they also came to my work and contacted neighbours to check that we were living in NI. A number of letters were sent to the new address informing us of rate changes etc but they refuse to acknowledge that we surrendered the property. We sent the keys and letter by registered post and they were delivered. I heard that there is some difficulty in repossessing property in the ROI for property bought in the 2000s. My question is, can they get a judgemeneyt against us now that we have returned to NI? Also the property has devalued a further one hundred thousand since we surrendered the property yet the property is still sitting there. We have been traumatized by this situation and it has put our lives on hold. We have no other debt. We have mortgage debt of around, we believe 200.000 euro after the property is sold. Can they take deductions from my salary as I work in the ROI? Should we sit tight and hold off on bankruptcy in NI as it is almost three years since we surrendered the keys? Can I go bankrupt in NI even though I work in the ROI Any advice is welcome as we are so worried.
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