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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I had a letter off RW last November chasing me for a B/Card CC for £1300 (opened in 2002) last payment to BC in Summer 2017. I requested CCA off RW and they responded 2/1/19 with "couldn't find it and debt now unenforceable, but they would be in touch with regards to setting up a payment plan". Today have received a letter off them with a copy of BC CCA, but not signed by me, looks very much a generic T&C? and wanting details of my Inc & Exp. Can you tell me how I should proceed please.
  2. Evening you beautiful lot. 1st time poster, be gentle! Lowdown- Cancelled my gym membership as per the gyms advice, which was to email the gym, cancel the dd on my account via the bank, then that's pretty much it. Receive a dd from "Harland group" for £32,00. No thanks- cancelled, indemnity claim put in, as i had no clue who these people were, after cancelling my gym membership in may. Have received a letter since then saying "we weren't informed that you were cancelling, so we have correctly collected the funds". Wrote them an email stating i had cancelled as per detail through the gym, with the email thread linked to it. Come home to another letter today, but now for £57.00 for the liberty of the £32, plus a lovely Admin charge. whatever that is. I've seen that we shouldn't really contact them by phone, but don't fancy having another letter through, or someone knocking on my door for £57 . Whats the best way to deal with this? Any help would be mega. Thanks!
  3. Brief background details Account is for a credit card with Santander. Amount £2xxx There is no record of this debt on my Experian credit file or when I check the same using Noddle. Debt has been passed from Viking Collection services > Moorcroft > Wescot > Robinson Way. 13/02/15 I sent a CCA request to Robinson Way after receiving a letter informing the account would be passed to their solicitors Howard Cohen in the next 10 days. 21/02/2015 Letter from Howard Cohen titled 'Notice of Pending legal action' requesting payment within 10 days. 06/03/2015 I get a reply from Rob Way acknowledging my request and informing my account has been placed on hold temporarily pending receipt of the documentation. 21/03/2015 Get a weird letter from Robinson Way saying ' We write to acknowledge the recent update that you have provided us in relation to your current circumstances. we confirm that no further action will be taken on your account for the next 2 weeks from the date of this letter. Please ensure we have your proposal for payment within this period to avoid collections activity resuming. If we do not hear from you within 2 weeks, our solicitors Howard Cohen may be instructed to proceed with issuing a court claim................' I assumed this was scare tactics and ignored it as they still hadn't satisfied my CCA request. Today I received a County Court claim form from Northampton. I still haven't received any CCA from any of the parties involved. I obviously need to acknowledge service of the Claim form but what's my next course of action?? Library letter - 'Letter to solicitors threatening legal action / in default of agreement request'?? If yes, do i send this to Hoist as well as Howard Cohen? Thanks for any help you may be able to give. Dan
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