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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Can anyone help and advise My partner and I contracted through a transport booking platform - they went into administration 2 months ago We were using a factoring company to get paid and they were dealing direct with the booking platform company to get our money back (or theirs as they had bought our debt from the company) The factoring company was also being used by the booking platform company - we were not aware of this untill they went into administration Our debt with the factoring company started at 38k, they then said there was 38k of discrepencies but still paid us 24k which they got back from the administrators plus interest as they were a secured creditor, but now they are saying they are not going to pay us the outstanding 14k as they did not claim this back from the administrators but as all 38k had been verifyed and approved and the only reason they did not pay us the 14k was because they knew they were going to take the booking platform company out, but they would have got this back along with the 24k How can you have an opening balance, despute the full total but pay 24k of the total then refuse to pay the balance of the opening total Sorry if i'm wafling but I really don't have any ideas on how to get my money back Please, can someone help and advise Many Thanks
  2. I sadly have been hoodwinked by them into taking one of their debt management programmes, on Friday they took £250 from my bank account however they have not contacted me since their initial cold call in January where I foolishly parted with £50 to set up my account. They are not managing my debts, in fact they do not have the details however when i asked them for a refund I have been fobbed off by them stating they will not refund me. Even though they have done nothing about managing my debt. Good luck!
  3. Took out a policy with autonet. Received a letter stating that the insurer no longer wished to insure me as they received notification of a previous claim - which I told them about on the quotation form! Said I had to take another policy through them otherwise i would face admin charges. New quotes jumped from £500 to over £1000! Told them I wouldn't pay that. Was then slapped with almost £200 in admin charges for a policy which lasted 6 days!! Also, lines were NOT open on a saturday - they are still arguing with me that they were! Had to take a week off work as i have no insurance! Want to warn other people of this insurance company!
  4. Warning about this company http://www.cookingtime.co.uk. I ordered a knife set from them cost £120. The knife set was never delivered to ME or my home. I own a flat in a mansion block, so the delivery company left the knives with a near buy shop WTF. No one informed me ! I called cooktime.co.uk they failed to take responsibility. After some heated emails( they said oh we delivered it, yes to the wrong address) they promised to refund the money but then failed to thus I am out £120...... I am now going to post this all over the internet to warn people about this company. Please feel free to re post. Share your experiences if you have been ripped of by a online shop.
  5. I have an issue with EMO Oil ( A division of Shell), on which I would like comments please. I had a standing order arrangement with EMO Oil and the agreement was that they would replenish my tanks as they believed that we were using the oil - which suited fine. In December they raised my monthly direct debit from £60 a month to over £200 a month without warning. At this time we contacted them, asking for the reason for the increase and telling them that we did not want to continue on this basis. They said that this was fine and that they would amend their records. On Tuesday this week we received an unwanted delivery of oil from EMO and when we contacted them to tell them we did not want this as we were moving house, they said that we have never contacted them and they told my wife she was lying. Naturally, my wife got upset and angry and, unfortunately, she fired back. I have spoken to the "customer service" team at EMO this morning, and the belligerence and attitude of the person I spoke to was unbelievable. Basically, she called my wife a liar, and said that we had never made a call. When I challenged this, politely I may add, she told me she was not interested in talking to me any more and was going to terminate the call - which she did!!!! She further added that no-one had called and that it was "tough on us" and we should have written in - which we were not advised to do. she backtracked with my wife yesterday, and said that we did not call on the 4th December but we did call on the 11th?!!!!! - who is the liar? Has anyone had experience of this kind of practice? What can I do? They are quoting £300 to remove the oil we do not want and other than that it appears we do not have a leg to stand on? Is this how any customer should be treated? Is it because they believe they are all powerful, and can do and charge what they like? HELP!!!!!
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