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Found 4 results

  1. Hi can anyone tell me what my rights are regarding a Fridge Freezer which was noisy from day one. According to the manual some noise of the refrigerant is 'normal' but the noise is meant to stop after a 'couple of weeks' once everything has 'settled down'. It hasn't! It crackles and pops like a bowl of Rice Crispies with Tourettes! It is in the kitchen but can be heard in the lounge and upstairs when we are in bed. I was willing to wait a while to see if it stopped but it is clear now it has not improved. Not sure if this is relevant but this is the second one we have had. The first one was not the same as the one in the picture on the website and the door was dented. I spent ages (and lots of 10p's per minute) on the phone trying to find out which model was the one in the picture. After assurances that the first one must have been old stock the second one turned up and was the same. I informed the driver this was not the one we were told we were getting and he phoned his 'office/depot' and told them as well as writing this on the delivery note we signed. Would this count as rejection of the item at delivery? If not/so what action should I take? Thanks in advance PS It is less than 6 months old.
  2. Here's a warning to anyone thinking of taking out a policy with this company..... I trawled the Internet in 2011 and found the 'best pet insurance' to be VetsMediCover with plenty of positive feedback. The company advertised pet insurance policies on the basis of 'One Pet, One Price' and for dogs, was not breed or age related other than the dog had to be under 8 years old at the started of the policy. There was one price for small dogs and another for large dogs and this was the reason why I chsoe the company to insure my dog. I took out a 'lifelong' policy for my dog at £252 or £21 a month in 2011. I made one small claim during the year and renewed the policy ay £384 or £32 a month in 2012. My dog developed heart failure earlier this year and now requires medication for the rest of his life, his prognosis is six months. VedsMediCover has paid for the medication to date with no problems. Just before renewal next month.... I received an apologetic letter from the company stating that my dog was now classed as a 'select' breed (whatever that is) and the premium would rise to £720 on renewal. I received a second letter the following day stating that my premium would now be doubled again from £720 to £1440 or £120 a month. In addition, as my dog was over 7 years old, I will have to pay 20% of any future vet treatment in additon to the £95 excess. The have complained to the company, and received the offer of a small reduction to £1332 or £111 a month. I believe the company is trying to deter me from renewing my policy to avoid paying for the ongoing medication that my dog needs. The new premium is actually more expensive than the cost of the ongoing drugs he has received over the last few months. It seems bizarre that the first renewal figure of £720 has been *exactly* doubled to £1440 and the company can offer no explanation for the arbitrary doubling (think of a number, then double it, perhaps). The point I am making is that I was sold a 'lifelong' policy in 2011 and was told at that time that the basic terms and conditions of such a policy could not be changed in future years. A new underwriter (Qudos from Denmark) has taken over as the insurer and has retrospectively introduced 'select' breeds and an age limit where formerly (at the time of taking out thte policy) there was none. I believe this is not withing the law (i.e. to sell a life product, then significantly change the basic terms and conditions). This is going to be refered to the Financial Ombudsman. A 400% increase in premium renewal on a 'lifelong' pet insurance policy is unreasonable, unfair, unrealistic and great for bad publicity. My advice to anyone thinking of buying pet insurance is to AVOID VetsMedicover at all costs as an insurer, as they most likely will change the terms and conditions AFTER you buy it.
  3. Hi Guys, Just seen in my e-mail a demand from MMF (Over £500) for a debt that has existed for almost 6 years. I can't get the exact date as it was tied to an old bank account I no longer have, but by my estimation I failed to make payment in June or July 2008. Now looking at the e-mail I have from the DCA it states they are just about to register a Default Notice with the "3 main CRA's", surely after this amount of time they can't do that and leave the default on my account for another 6 years? I have not acknowledged the debt in any way shape or form and this is the first communication I have seen about this debt, the e-mail was sent out today. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I am currently having a pretty terrible experience with Vodafone. I'm a horribly overdrawn student and my dad pays for my phone, making it impossible to try and sort out myself. Its a Nokia N8. The N8 has been a constant source of annoyance for about a year out of the year and a half I’ve had it. It froze all the time, shut down on its own and stopped recognising its sim card whenever it felt like it. So I wouldn’t be able to receive calls or texts and would be none the wiser until I’d suddenly have a barrage of them once it found its ability to acknowledge its sim card again. Last week my terrible little handset finally gave up the ghost on me completely and refused to turn on at all despite a full day of charging. I went to my local Vodafone store to see If they could help me. They said they’d do a software update in the store which would mean losing all of my contacts and data on the phone and to come back in an hour even though I had insisted it wouldn’t turn on. After an hour I returned to be told I was right, it wouldn’t turn on. I was then assured the trusted Vodafone repair centre could put the handset right. I signed over my phone and received a highly unfashionable but practical loan phone while they supposedly fixed my own. I had a text come through a few days later telling me that if I wanted to have my phone repaired a charge of £100 would be issued. I could buy a phone 10 times better than the one I was struggling by with for that money I did not call the repair centre and instead went back to the shop. The manager looked up what had been noted down on the system and to my absolute astonishment he explained that the HDMI cover on the top of the handset was split. I knew about the tiny bit of plastic being broken and it had been for quite some time. The manager explained to me that the repair technicians would not even have attempted to repair the internal system of the phone because of this ridiculous tiny physical fault with its exterior and this was apparently what was going to cost me £100 to repair. as the situation stands my dad is paying £30 a month for a sim card, a plastic (toy) loan phone which I’m guessing has to go back soon and a faulty phone which Vodafone are refusing to repair due a bit of torn plastic. I was told my options are to pay the £100 and receive my two year old handset wiped of all its contacts and memories despite it being faulty in the first place or to pay £210 in order to buy myself out and upgrade. Both of these options seem absolutely unfair especially when my dad would be paying the £30 a month for a sim card and a dead handset until July 2013! My family have been customers at Vodafone for over 8 years and between us we have 3 different contracts with you. Surely any reasonable person can see that this situation is not right and there must be something further they can do for me to sort it out!?
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