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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I obtained a Revocation Order for a PCN after making payment to bailiffs under duress in 2013, which required the authority repay /refund the monies that I have paid over £800, initially they said that because I have made payment the order does not apply, I spoke with the Traffic Enforcement Centre who confirm the Revocation Order is still valid, question is how can I enforce this order
  2. On 3rd September 2014, the House of Commons debated whether or not new legislation should be implemented to shut down energy companies who repeatedly breach the terms of their licence. It's quite a lengthy debate, but here's the full thing: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm140903/debtext/140903-0001.htm (scroll down to column 292) 214 voted yes to the proposal, 298 voted no. Naturally there are a lot of different, often conflicting, opinions throughout. Quite hard to summarise briefly but will try: ----------- It is proposed to the house that the belief is: Consumers have a right to be treated fairly Energy companies will meet their obligations and provide good services Should a breach occur, decisive action should be taken to put things right and prevent further breaches Since 2001, Ofgem has imposed at least 31 fines totalling at least £90 million. Despite this many energy companies face ongoing investigations. Whilst the energy regulator has power to revoke a licence in limited circumstances, it is powerless to do so where an energy company complies with a penalty notice and then commit further seperate breaches of their licence (i.e. the slate is wiped clean). Since 2010, average energy bills have risen by £300 (twice as fast as inflation, four times faster than wages). Some argument as to whether or not these increases are due to green energy initiatives. Noted that where wholesale costs rise, increases are quickly passed on to consumers. The reverse is not true. Suggested that lengthy enquiries (sometimes even spanning 18 months) don't actually acheive anything and instead, consumer protection law should be implemented to speed up the process. Argument that current financial penalties do not present enough of a deterrent to energy companies - merely "a cost of doing business". Also concerns that such fines eventually get passed on to the consumer anyway, in the form of higher prices. Proposal put forward that the regulator is granted new powers to revoke energy company licences when repeated instances of serious and deliberate breaches of licence conditions occur, especially when they harm the interest of consumers. Counter-argument that such a power is harmful to competition. If an energy company were to be closed down, how would those customers be redistributed to other suppliers? Whilst the secratary of state acknowledges there are far too many cases where energy companies let customers down (citing mis-selling, poor complaints handling, poor billing, unacceptable treatment) and acknowledges this has been going on for many years - he believes that revocation of a licence is the nuclear option and is instead harmful to the consumer as well as the company. The secratary of state believes the energy regulator already has the power it needs and that the right balance is currently attained. Npower and British Gas (Centrica) are specifically mentioned throughout for providing terrible service to customers for many years. Revealed that Npower, Scottish Power, E.ON and EDF energy refused to provide the full £50 reduction to customers on fixed price deals (result of government changes to green levies on energy bills announced December 2013). Although the government stated non-payment would be unacceptable, to date no action has been taken.
  3. In May 2012 the DVLA revoked my license following my advice to them, on my Consultants Neurologists recommendation, that I have a congenital Hemianopia which does not affect my eyesight but does have an effect when undergoing the Goldmann's /Esterman peripheral vision tests (flashing white lights in an enclosed dome where one presses a button when lights are seen) My Consultant has written to the DVLA on several occasions and stated that there is nothing wrong with my sight and suggests they put me on a driving assessment to establish the fact. The DVLA resolutely maintain it is their decision whether I am allowed to undertake an assessment and to date have not allowed me to do so. I have involved my M.P. to no avail and am now considering submitting my case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman but wondered if anyone has experienced the DVLA's total lack of consideration even when a case is supported by a Nationally recognised Consultant Neurologist specialising in the field of Optomatory. Despite the fact that it is some 21 months since I lost my license I can assure anyone who may be interested that I have continued in my endeavours throughout that time despite the sluggardly nature of the DVLA's response time, to get a review of the decision. I am astonished that if I had one eye I would be allowed to drive but I am not with my supposed condition. I believe it is a case of Bureaucracy gone mad. Any adice would be appreciated. Kevin P PS 42 years of driving cars and powerful motorcycles with a totally clean license in all that time.
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