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Found 5 results

  1. In March this year I started a thread about the introduction of the Criminal Courts Charge. A link is below. As already mentioned in my above thread, Magistrates themselves are very concerned indeed about this additional charge that is added to all magistrate court fines and over the past few months there have been reports of Magistrates resigning. Thankfully the most recent resignation has been reported in the media: For the full story see : - http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/north-tyneside-magistrate-resigns-over-9752472#ICID=FB-Chron-main
  2. Hey there Thank you for reading this. I have been in my actual job for exactly 2 years now. I have received a training in October 2013 and another one a week ago. Now I have found another job - better pay, more free time, satisfaction of doing something that I enjoy ect, so obviously I am going to move on. I am writing this in the eventuality that, they would expect me to pay something back, regarding my training, when I will hand in my resignation in the next couple of days. In my actual job's contract there is a clause regarding training: "The Company will provide comprehensive on the job training as required. In addition, the Company may, at its absolute discretion, wish to provide support by means of sponsorship for employees who wish to undertake job related training. All training agreements will be in writing and will be liable to repayment should you leave voluntarily within two years. Please see your Line Manager for more information." First, I am a bit confused:???: about the "2 years" does it relate to the years of work from start or years after each training? Second, I haven't signed anything at training, first one being a one day training, second one 4 hours. Would they have any leg to stand on? I appreciate all your answers and many thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I have been off work since May 2012 and been on ESA since November 2012 and it is obvious that I will never return to the place of work, they did try to make adaptions but I still couldn't do the job, so I think it would be fairer on the company if I resign so that they can replace me. My question is if I resign will I still be entitled to ESA? I have requested an interview with the Job Center about an interview to discuss returning to work as I have Osteoarthritis of the spine, depression, chronic back pain, deafness (over 50% in both ears), sciatica and recently found out I have ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and I cannot see what work I could do. Thank you for reading this.
  4. Hi I have handed my notice in at work and as required am working out my notice in line with the company rules (1 month). Staff are paid salary (I am not hourly paid) on 25th of each month (or earlier if the 25th is a weekend or bank holiday) i.e. 12 times a year x 1/12th Salary My last day of work falls on November 23rd which is pay day for that month. I have now been told that I am only entitled to an amount equivalent to 17 days pay as this is all of the days I will have worked in November. Even though this is one calender month after last pay day. I have now been told that we are paid partly in arrears / partly in credit and that the salary payment on the 25th of each month is to cover that 'whole' month. This is not stated in the contract of employment or employee's handbook, all that is stated is that we will be paid on or around the 25th. Is what I am being told by the company legitimate or not? Thanks
  5. On the 12th September I resigned after working for company for just over 6 weeks. I gave the company 7 days notice a) to provide me with income till a contract I had accepted started, b) finish up some outstanding work. I was not happy in the job. I should add I had not signed a contact of employment, and have based everything on Statutory basic rights. On the 13th September I was told to "Please treat yesterday as my last day" - in other words I was fired. There was no negotiation on the notice period. I was devastated. I eventually returned the key which was the only company property (physical property). Because I was fired (or at least I believe I was) I did not return some work till Monday the 1st October - but as I was fired without following through the correct legal process I didn't feel compelled to and neither was there any emails or letters requesting this. On the 28th I did not receive my salary of 8 working days (at the minimum and 2 days holiday accrual). I believe I should also be entitled, to 5 days Pay in lieu. I have never received a Payslip, P45, or Letter stating why my salary has been deducted by 100%. The company will not talk to me. I have engaged ACAS to help.... and to start a pre-claim consultation. I am now behind on Rent - and am struggling to meet my financial obligations. ACAS say this process can take 2 weeks to do and then there is no guarantee salary. The question is - what have I done wrong? Is a company legally allowed to deduct salary? Is a company legally allowed to withhold salary? I am aware a company can make legal deductions - such as NI etc. I am worried the company may try to make a case that somehow I have damaged there business. I had previously tried to resign, and there was a comment made by the owner that I had "f**ked them". After 6 weeks? Although I have never signed a contract saying I would stay x amount of time. As an hypothetical, it seems that it is fine for me to be fired after 6 months for poor performance.... but if I am not happy with the company and choose to resign to pursue other avenues, this is not allowed. I should add that yesterday, I was forced to quit the contract after only 4 days, due to ill-health affecting anxiety and depression because of this non-payment of salary without any explanation. The owner is a very rich gentleman, so cash in the business should not be an issue. Michael
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