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Found 7 results

  1. Morning all. This is a written response from Cabot for 3 CCA requests, All outstanding and no communications from them since the date of the letter. No response from the failure to comply letter either. The prescribed period 2.14 The period within which the duty must be complied with is 12 working days after the request is received. This is set by the Consumer Credit (Prescribed Period for Giving Information) Regulations 1983 [sI 1983/1569]. Since the period of 12 working days runs from 'after' the receipt of the request, when calculating the period the day the request is received is not included. However, the information must be given 'within' the period, so that the calculation of the period will include the day the information is sent. 2.15 By section 189(1) of the Act, 'working day' means any day other than a Saturday or a Sunday, Christmas Day or Good Friday or a bank holiday. Next steps please? This is a 2010 debt last payment was in 12/10. Debt is IRO £300 The CCA request was sent by RD on the 17/01/2014 Signed for by Cabot 20/01/2014 they know what it is but will not respond Same story for the other two as well all same details Yes I know it is 12+2 days lol but hey they are still not responding MM
  2. Hi everyone. I am assisting an old lady where I live and Cabot are acting as collecting agents in this matter. It's a credit card full of fees and will follow protocol to see if it is enforceable, as it was taken out in mid 2004. A SAR will go out at the appropriate time, as we do not have all the statements or letters. A CCA request was issued my me on the 17/01/2014 signed for on the 20/01/2014 screenshot taken of the receiving signatory. All in all there are 3-5 accounts with CABOT and this same letter was sent out for all of them by CABOT in response to my CCA requests. I have received this reply as attached (PDF) They have said they are entitled to 40 days to respond to my CCA request, even though I know it's only 12+2 days. When I rang them and queried this the agent simply responded that new rules state that they now can take 40 days to reply to it. I said no it's 12+2 only. (calls recorded) The response from them was put on hold and they checked out the regulations on this matter,my response to this, you are wrong, they duly returned and said no it's 40 days, I again reiterated that a SAR is 40 days and a CCA is 12+2. They then said can we email you the legislation and you will have to wait till our clients get back to us and we will forward the CCA response to you. So my question is, 1. will they fail the CCA time limit? 2. Are they correct? 3. Am I right and it is 12+2 days Letters sent by me so far 1. DPA release to deal with 2. Prove it letter 3. Telephone number removal notice 4 Doorstep threat reminder (don't Visit) 5 All contact is to be in writing. So far this DCA has been good and compliant thus far. I don't envisage any issues with regards to compliance from them and all contact has been believe it or not pleasant for a change. MM
  3. Hi all. Does anyone have a current email address for Barclaycard Customer Relations dept, their PPI dept someone to contact directly or similar? I have looked in the contact details and cannot find anything, it would be really useful if someone could provide this information because when you ring their Customer Relations dept, it's actually the telephony team you get through to, and they're about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Plus, they won't put you through to the Customer Relations dept, because they don't take calls apparently. And if that's not bad enough, when I queried why correspondence I had sent by fax had not been replied to, I was advised I should not be using the fax number on the letter from them as they don't pick up any letters from it as it's located on a different floor! When I stated that it is pointless to include such contact info if that's the case, and that customers are not mind s*****g readers when it comes to what contact method B/card would 'prefer' customers to use! Of course there is snail mail, which seems to be what B/card prefer, then they can respond to letters when, but mostly if, they can be bothered. I think their whole system for getting in touch is designed to be as obstructive as possible, and I have really had enough of dealing with the script following, tunnel vision, telephony team! Any help would be appreciated, as I am getting nowhere fast, or slowly for that matter! Figgydoody.
  4. Hi,new to this site,got esa medical in 2 weeks time,,need advise regarding asking for a recorded medical,I am 59 ,male ex miner,have been unable to work since 1992 due to accident in the mines.have been on invalidity,incapacity since then,I have been accessed at 50% industrial disability,back problems,miner beat knee & Pneumoconiosis, by DWP for life, just had right hip replaced .any advise would be appreciated
  5. Hi Cage, not sure which forum this belongs to but here is my issue in brief: Northampton CCBC Claimant MKDP LLP not Barclaycard Particulars of claim states account assigned to MKDP LLP - NO DATE ? looked on credit ref files and info stated on Experian acoount ended in XXXX X but that is not the account number for the card ? particulars of claim number is correct though. Experian 1st entry May 2012 as a straight default without any communication from them ? Equifax & Noddle 1st entry Jan 2012 as a straight default again without any comms?? Last full account payment to Barclays was Oct 2011 when we an agreement was requested as considering a debt consolidation company, did not do this , so wrote to Barclays, SAR, with a view to reduce the balance as much as poss with the payment recieved, no response, non SAR letter sent 3 months after still no response, another non SAR letter sent June 2012 still as of today no response now this. No default from MKDP, I suppose they will make some letters up and send upon request ? Please any help would be gratefully received, panicking and worried to death AG
  6. Hi Had a Barclays account which was taken over by ME III Ltd, Mortimer Clarke. The month they took over they automatically defaulted the account and sent an application to Northampton BCCC. I requested via a cpr 34.14 to Mortimer Clarke/ ME iii Ltd but they did not respond within the 10 day indow given to them. As I have no paperwork for this debt I had to pay the court £210 to defend and request that they write this matter off. Today received a letter from the court stating the court orders that the claim and counterclaim is stayed until Aug 10 2012 to enable parties to attempt settlement. Either tha claimant must notify the court that the whole of the claim has been settled or claimant/defendant must write to the court requesting an extension of the period of stay or all parties must file a completed allocation questionaire at the court. I have already sent in an allocation questionaire, form n150 and paid the £210 fee when I responded to the first enquiry. Can anyone help? @andylglover Cheers
  7. Good morning, my TA was up for renewal on the 6th June, i had spoken with my LL and we had agreed to renew, last week on the 7th i received a phone call from the new agents countrywide ( who are the parent company of Bairstow eves) my original agents stating that they req £125 admin fee to draw up the TA, i objected stating that i was not willing to pay this, now today i receive a letter from them stating that as we have not reached agreement the tenancy will become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy, what is my position and are these agents allowed to just come up with any figure they dream up for admin fees, previously i had paid around £50
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