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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and forums in general so please forgive any lack of etiquette. I am in very serious trouble and have been for years, and will shortly be going bankrupt and making myself homeless in order to get out of it. With what i'm reading and hearing, I may have cases to bring which I've decided to look into before going Bankrupt. I'll try to be as brief as possible. Below is a list of what i have going on and my comments & questions. I appreciate any assistance or advice for any of it. My problems stem from setting up my own business and it subsequently failing in the recession. 1, Mortgage on my home: Spml/Capstone/Ascenden interest only mortgage for 92k taken out in 05. Current outstanding is 97k. Obtained through broker. Late charges throughout the life of the mortgage. Currently in arrears but under agreement and 'safe' for the time being. Could this mortgage be mis-sold?, Are the charges refutable? Is the fact that I have been forced to take buildings insurance with them refutable? 2, 2nd charge on the property with Nemo Finance for 25k 2006. Currently in arrears but under agreement and safe. Charges throughout the life of the loan, current balance still 20k plus. Are secured 25 year loans being scrutinsed for mis-selling? 3, 3rd charge on the property for 25k with Halifax 2006 within 6 months of the above loan. Charges throughout the life of the loan. Same question as above. 4, Santander mortgage on another property taken out in 2004/5. Increased mortgage to 85k. Charges throughout the life of the mortgage. Ran into serious arrears 2011 to 3.5k. Started back in full time employment following the collapse of my business in september 2011. paid Santander 1800 in October and entered agreement. Missed the following 2 months payments due to more pressing debt catch ups with other creditors. House repossessed on the 18th of Jan 2012. Called the head of dept to try and get the repo reversed but was told i would have to settle the entire 85k for that to happen. Advised the woman that the property had been empty for years and that they should have notified me at my home to tell me what was going on. She did not know I had another house and thought she was making homeless. Despite the fact that my Santander bank account is registered at my home address and not at the repo'd house. House was on the market by the end of Jan 2012 for 1 day and was sold for less than half it's value, leaving me with a shortfall of 50k. They are now in pursuit of this money. the whole process from entering agreement, to sale of prop was 3 months. Do I have grounds to sue based on: duty of care to make sure they had actually spoken to me to tell me what was happening, consideration to my change of circumstances i.e. not earning any money until i went back to work in Septemeber, after which I paid them 3 quarters of my 1st months wage. giving me the chance to sell the house for a larger sum, or to a family member so as to not lose (what they thought) was my main residence, allowing the property to sit on the open market and not accepting the first and only offer on it for less than half its value. the property has now had it's refurb (which I had done half of) completed at an estimated 20k and is worth 120k. Santander sold it for 45k. Additional borrowing had PPI attached. 5, HFC personal loan taken out circa 2005 for 7500. current staus is 12500 owing. I paid a company 500 to see if this had been mis-sold which took about a year. They came back and said it was enforcable, but they got my ppi back. Since then i have not recieved any demands for payments but do recieve a yearly statement telling me the balance is 12500. I do not know why they do not chase me for this anymore. 6, Halifax current account, charges totalling at least 6k over the last 10 years. Already put a claim in but was told by them that they were fair and the court case ruled against payouts. Is there any point in attempting to reclaim this money? 7, Santander/Alliance & leicester bank account, Charges througout the life of the account. Apologies for the convoluted way this is written, I am currently putting together a more concise and detailed history of my circumstances in order to submit to somebody that may take up any or all of these cases. I am finding it all a bit overwhelming and want to find out if people think I do have relevant grounds to bring cases. Also, how would I go about this? Does anybody know a good manchester based law firm that deals with this? Please help. My wages don't cover outgoings and I only eat 3 weeks out of every month to maintain my current status. Any help is appreciated and i can go into more detail on any points above if requested. I also would like to know if it is possible to sell the house I live in now for less than it is mortgaged for ( and therefore not covering the 2nd and 3rd charges) as I know from experience that if I hand the keys back, they will simply gice it away and chase me for more shortfall. Best Regards,
  2. Hi kaz320, I have just written out a long winded message detailing where I am upto, only to be told I don't have a high enough score to send it to you and then it was lost. Pretty infuriating but there you go. I have an interest-only mortgage with Spml/ascenden/capstone. it was sold to me by a broker in 2005 for 92k. it now stands at 98k. What can you tell me about mis-selling of mortgages of this type? Do you know of cases that have been successful? How do I go about it? I am going to be chasing them for charges also, but this is a seperate issue Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, D.J.F.
  3. Hi my mortgage was with gmac from 2001 to 2009 hit with dd charges and late paments 50 pounds a month these were added to mortgage arrears i calculated at least £3500 in charges what can i claim back plus interest
  4. I have read of many individuals considering attempting to recover mortgage arrears charges and I have read the FSA's statements on the subject but I have never read of anyone successfully recovering a meaningful amount of mortgage arrears charges back. Have you?
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