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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked, I am sure it has been but I cannot see it. I have a moneybarn HP agreement. I am in arrears of 3 months, and they have issues a default notice (allegedly). I am able to meet my monthly payment of £195 but they will not set up an arrangement because I can only offer them £200pm at present. I have paid £7070.04 of my £10391 arrangement so 68% of my total arrangement. Can they repossess? even if I pay the £200pm on the online portal so they are still getting a contractual payment? Thanks
  2. I was unable to pay the mortgage for about 10 months, but then I got a new contract and was able to set up a standing order which was larger than the statutory amount. I decided to pay this larger amount in order to gradually reduce the size of the shortfall in a way that I could sensibly afford. Prior to my first default I was actually overpaying over a number of years, so that my 10 months gap was actually only 4.6 months on the balance sheet (this is acknowledged by the lender). I have already given Mortgages 2 my assurance, several times, that I will be able to overpay the
  3. Hi all. My family have come into a predicament whereby the mortgage on a second property (buy-to-let) that they own has expired. Just before the mortgage expired they had put the first property they own on the market, in hopes of selling it and repaying both mortgages. Once the mortgage expired the mortgage lenders gave up to now an 8 month "grace-period" to sell the property and repay the debt. The house was very close to being sold to a potential buyer that was about to exchange contracts with us but pulled out last second saying it wasn't a great investment for them anym
  4. Hi everyone. Im new here and need helpful factual advice for my situation if anyone can help please. The situation is this: In October 2016 a friend of mine needed help in buying a van for his business. We are good friends so I didn't hesitate to try to help out. I lent him the money to buy the van £2500 and at the time my brother said we should draw up a contract and he would sign as a witness. I was a bit embarrassed but my friend was good about it so we downloaded a contract online that said secured the loan on the van and if he was to fail to pay then I could repo
  5. Hi all, Need some advice please... Details are as follows... I took out a finance agreement for a car with MoneyBarn in Nov 2014. Made all payments up until June 2015 which was missed (an error on my part which I never noticed). Every subsequent payment made successfully. Monday Feb 1 I have a knock on the door with 2 bailiffs requesting to take my car there and then. They showed me on an iPhone a copy of the termination notice which was the first time I had laid eyes on anything like that. I telephoned MoneyBarn immediately to ask what was going on,
  6. Hi All Firstly , a little background history about my predicament.... I am heavily in debt, I have the following monthly outgoings: NRAM morgage on my 2 bed house £389 NRAM mortgage on mine and my estranged wifes house(with our 3 children) £675 Firstplus Secured Loan £383 Individual Voluntary Arrangement via Debt Free Direct £247 Food, fuel, gas , electric, living expenses approximately £300 TOTAL £1994 INCOME (depending on how much overtime I can get) £2000-£2150 As you can see, I am living on a knife edge financially. Now, during the middle of last yea
  7. I took out a conditional sale agreement with Moneybarn in March 2012. I can't remember the total figures but the agreement was over 60 months and my monthly payment is £215. I part exchanged my previous car as the deposit. I made 20 payments on time with no difficulties. Then on 1 December 2013 I missed a payment. I got a letter on 14 December advising they had noted I had fallen into arrears and to make payment immediately. A lot has been going on and it sounds awful but I almost forgot about it all until today. I can catch up the missed payment plus the £25 charge on the 31st
  8. I have a situation that stinks of some kind of fraud but I really need help to establish the facts as the maneuvers this company have made are beyond me. A property management company are trying to repossess a flat that we are the landlords of claiming we owe unpaid fees. Very long story but in essence the builder of the development went bust sometime between 2006 and 2009 and although the properties are all complete (I think), the roads are still not complete (no surfacing) amongst other things. The builders were also the management company (under a different name I think) and went
  9. Hi all and great forum I have a Welcome finance secured loan for £26k. I have defaulted and am not paying regular amounts into it. As it is a secured loan can and would they repossess for 26k ? Also is there a way I can find out if I have ppi on the loan Thank you
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