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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all i really need advice on this, i' ve lived at my home for over 33 years, last year i was diagnosed with diabetes then had a heart attack, that drove me into deep depression, burying my head in the sand and from my wife. i started gambling, hiding this from my wife by hiding letters from post ie bank statements all letters so she wouldn't find out what i was doing. next thing i stopped the mortgage direct debit to pay a big bill off forgot to put it back on then found myself in arrears leading to eviction. i am now homeless through this stupidity. is there anything i can do???? been homeless for 3 days not spoke to barclays yet because i dont know what to say? the arrears our around £6,000 plus whatever charges they add on? i can get a loan to clear arrears but i was told no way? should i try to appeal at the courts? if so how? please help anyone kind regards steve..
  2. I got the terrible news on Tuesday that my brothers house has been repossesed. It is a long story but i will try to keep it short. He had moved out of london due to work and rented out the property. He then had problems with his tenant and fell into arrears which he came to and agreement with the Lender (GE Money) to pay back. Months later he had some money issues and defaulted again. During this period he had already put the property on the market and an apparent cash buyer was interested. His hope was that he would get to sell the property and pay all the arrears and use the balance to buy another in the area he now lives. unfortunately due to bad advice from the lawyer, who kept saying an exchange was imminent and that he should not worry he did not respond to the letter from the Lender and the house was repossesed on Tuesday. Is there any possible way he can get his house back? The warrant for the repossession was not sent to him at his current address. Can he use this as a reason for the court to set aside the order? Someone Please please help... Thanks
  3. Hi hope yous can help or point me in the right direction. My son just found this out by accident His wife when opening their mail yesterday by mistake open one addressed to the landlord she never noticed the name until after. It was from the bank to their landlord threatening repossessing due to arrears on his mortgage He's worried that they will be evicted asap as they only have a rolling agreement have told him to phone the rental company that acts on behave of their landlord first thing on Monday and too get the letter to them right away and let them deal with it. He thinks its his fault as he gets his most of his rent payed direct to the rental agency by the council which is always late and he does have some rent arrears of his own due to having to find the rest of his rent but I helped him sort out a payment plan with the rental company for these which I pay through my bank account every two weeks for him and have never missed(so as there is a payment record). Have been on the Shelter Scotland web site got some good advice from it but he keeps thinking due to the arrears they can use this to evict him right away.
  4. Hi all, I hope you can offer some advice on this, it's quite a long story but I'll try and keep it concise My friends property was repossesed on Monday and he only found out when he got home and the locks were changed. He immediately contacted Northern Rock who first of all said if he cleared the arrears (approximately £1,100, two months arrears) and paid three months in advance he could get the house back. They then changed their mind on the phone after speaking to a different department and said they wouldn't accept any payments and the house was repossesed. The reason they gave was that it was because it was the second time they had put a repossesion order on the house. The previous one was served in roughly August 2012 and with help managed to get the £4,500.00 of arrears cleared and the repossesion stopped without going to court. I have done lots of research and can see there is still some potential to get the property back but am struggling with what the next step should be. Everywhere I have read it says he should continue to make mortgage payments yet Northern Rock refused to take his money??!! He is seeking legal advice but finding solicitors are not calling him back, which is proving very frustrating. He was also under considerable stress with his finances as the house had had a significant fire (total loss of the roof and roof timbers) and he only found out after the fire his insurance had lapsed. He spent a considerable sum of money trying to get the property inhabitable again and then ran out of money. He wasn't living in the property again until around August 2012 due to the condition of the house and was hopping between friends homes and that in itself has taken it's toll. The fire was also the reason why he fell into arrears last year. Should he go to his doctor to have it put on file he is suffering with stress? Should he be looking to file an injunction to stop the sale of the house first? Thank you for your help
  5. HI, 11 Months ago we were granted a suspended repo order on our house, We paid the arrears every month, But 4 months ago my partners mother had a stroke and she was forced to take unpaid leave to look after her 81 year old father as well as visiting her mother in hospital, I also lost a part time job i had got which was being used to pay off the arrears. The arrears were £3300. The order was due to finish next month (July 25th) But we still owe £900. We explained the situation to the mortgage company and asked for an extra 3 months to pay, This was refused and a letter came today saying they have applied for a warrant of possesion to the court. What will happen now? At a push we could have the arrears gone on August 25th, So basically 2 months from now. Because we have not kept with the suspended order, Will we be just told to leave? How long will this be? We have 2 young children and are sick with worry we will be made homeless, We tried so hard to stick with the arrangement, But circumstances just got in way, We had nobody to look after my partners father and me losing the part time job also proved a killer. Can anyone give any advice on what will happen please?
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