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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, was hoping someone can provide some advice for a family member, car was on finance, missed last 3 payments, did not receive any paperwork until debt collector arrived, offered to pay all monies owed as was an oversight, finance company refused to accept payment as stated monthly payments no longer affordable, car was taken immediately. A letter has just been received asking for an immediate payment of 3k or will be passed to debt collectors The offered payment would have taken payments over 1/3 of the agreement, we were given no other opportunity to settle the finance on her behalf and have received no other communication, what is the best action to take? Many thanks
  2. My home was repossessed a couple of years ago now, due to health reasons i gave up the fight as i also ended losing my business and owing money left right and centre. My mortgage was a self cert through a mortgage broker (mortgage express) for about 125k with BM which was around 2008. I had a bad credit history and at the time was working in IT freelance no accounts, no hmrc, i was never actually asked how much i even earned. i remember looking at my application and the mortgage broker put down that i earned 40k a year but i was never asked to prove this. Now i have nothing, im in hiding no fixed address, mortgage company will be after a shortfall soon i reckon After doing some reading after hearing about the wonga case where they have written off debts to people as they where not checked out before loans etc where taken out. i believe i wasn't fit or in a good financial state to take a mortgage out. Do you guy think i have a case for a misold mortgage? or shall i just suffer things and go bankrupt before the bank starts chasing for shortfalls etc? Should i start by asking for a SAR and then seek legal advice when i get it all? I also took out a Loan with spml which since having the house repossessed they cant find me although i know they will catch up with me one way or another. Also do i look at misold loans as these guys didnt even ask for proof of my income either. What do you guys think?
  3. my car was repossed by loans2go as previous owner had defaulted, i was gutted but i should have hpi,d before i bought it , gave the keys to loans2go agents when they called at my home, asked for my personal belongings from the car but was not allowed to enter the car as it "belonged" to loans2go, the agent said she would get my belongings for me, the agent passed me a bag from the boot containing car cleaning products, when i asked for my tax disc, cd player, engine (i bought the car without one in it), carpets cd,s etc, the agent said the cd belongs to the car ,yet i have the front of the cd player, as i had it put in, of the engine the agent said " stop going on and on the car belongs to us now". i have all receipts for engine, tax disc, the petrol i had just put in. i want my stuff back please please help if you can thanx
  4. Hope I'm posting in the right place?! I have an agreement with Close Motor Finance. My payment was due yesterday, but I didn't have the money in the bank, so straight away, I got a text from them asking me to contact them immediately. I text them back to say I couldn't today as was at work but would call them today. I said that I would hopefully pay them on Friday but definitely by Monday. They weren't happy with this and I called them today. The lady said if I'm having difficulty paying, when would I want them to collect the car!!!! I've paid 29 months, not missed any payments. I won't miss this one either albeit a few days late. Why would I just want to hand the car back? They don't give you any grace, they're on to you straight away Where do I stand with this though. Can they just take the car? I have every intention of paying, I just can't physically today. I have 3 children who we're struggling to feed this week! I have money going in on Monday definitely, so can pay them then. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, i have tried to explain this the best i can but sorry if it gets a bit confusing! I took out a HP with ford finance on my ford fiesta. I got into some difficulty with the payments and i had phoned them to explain. I said that i was selling the car to ford busseys(Local ford dealership) and was just waiting until i could afford the excess money to cover the whole cost. Ford busseys offered me a price of £10,500 for my car... Ford Finance phoned me up and told me that they had passed my debt onto Link Financial and they were now dealing with it. Next thing i know when i was at work Link phoned my mobile and told me that they were at my address to pick the car up. The car wasn't there as it was at ford busseys waiting to be sold. I told them where it was and they picked it up from Ford Busseys without me being there. I informed the bloke from Link that the they had agreed to pay £10,500, but he told me that it would go for more in auction with a reserve price. I got a letter through the post yesterday stating that i now owed £2,700? I phoned up link to ask what the car had sold for and he said £7,000. and that my debt owed for the car was £10,200. I was told £12,500 when i was trying to sell the car. My questions are; Can they take my car without me signing anything? & Can they turn down a price which covers my debt and more? and then sell for nearly £3,000 less!!? It just feels very unfair to me. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Looking for direction on a ten year old problem, that now I am retired, and met someone who is more savvy than me, really needs an end putting to it. Its with the Black Horse, who I notice are very unpopular on here. I will try to be brief so you don't get bogged down and I do hope someone can answer my question , here goes........ In May 2002 and due to divorce I was coerced into agreeing to the purchase of a motor home by solicitors. This was to enable myself and daughters to regain the family home, and my then husband to move out and live in the motor home. He initially agreed to have this as his financial settlement for the divorce. The original debt totalled £40,094.35 , which included interest charges of about £ 10 k. However, the divorce dragged on and my husband changed his mind, and I was left repaying the debt. The payments were £333.63 per month and with having two teenage daughters I soon got into difficulty with the debt. Eventually Black Horse repossessed the motor home and it was sold at auction for £19400.25 (no receipt of this amount), which Black Horse said left me with a balance of £17024.17. At this point I went to CAB who negotiated on my behalf. They achieved only a small reduction in charges. I cashed in an endowment and started monthly payments to Black Horse of £30 per month. (By this time Nationwide Collection Services Ltd had taken over the account.) I paid Black Horse a further £9000.00 from the payback of the policy and continued to pay £30 per month, then after constant pressure from the collection company I raised the payments to £40 per month and then more recently to £50 per month. I now have a balance of about £5000, which I cannot continue to pay at £50 per month. My partner has pointed out loads of discrepancies in the lack of accounts, and the fact that the vehicle was paid for within 3 years of the 10 year agreement, and that now they are just chasing for interest /charge payments. The Financial Ombudsman was very sympathetic but could not take the matter further as it was unregulated. A solicitor more or less told me to pay, and wanted loads of money in the bargain. Is there any way I can get this debt looked at properly? Is it possible to get the balance discharged or reduced? Can they take me to court for interest charges, and keep adding to the account , as at the moment I am just sending £5 a month.? It is no longer recorded on my credit file as in the words of Black Horse , “the vehicle has been repossessed and its more than 6 years ago? Thanks for reading ...
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