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Found 16 results

  1. Hi,All please can i get some advice regarding todays events, i was off sick with a trapped nerve in my lower back (I am a delivery driver) i was asked by my manager via text if i would return to work as a passanger to show the lad covering my run the route as my normal finish time is 14.00 and he finished at 19.30 the previous day, I agreed to this and also informed my manager that the Naproxin and anti inflamitaries do help a little so i will chip in as much as i can, Upon arrival at one of my deliveries which was a pub that doesnt open until 11.00am we got there at 10.40 and i was absolutely dying for a wee i checked the gate to see if anyone was already there so i could use their loo however it was all locked up i decided to go to the furthest secluded corner of the car park to have a wee, suddenly i heard a woman shouting at my work mate but couldnt work out what she was saying however her tone was very aggressive, i finished and went to see what the commosion was about, i saw a female hanging out of the upstairs window of the pub (in the whole year ive been delivering there i never knew that they lived above as someone always comes and opens up) she started to hurl abuse at me something about a tramp weeing in her car park i calmly apologised and explained that i was very desperate and couldnt hold until they opened up in 15 minutes she was having none of it again apologised and got back into the lorry and rang my boss to tell him. he told me he would sort it and not to worry. My colleague then returned explaining that they were refusing the order so we took it back. Upon arrival back to work i saw my manager who said that they'd complained and are wanting to speak with the directors therefore he doesnt know what will happen now and the pub has told them they dont want me delivering there anymore if they order tomorrow i wont be on it, (however id only returned from sick to show my colleague this round so would i be in my right to go back off sick) Also the pub had sent in some sort of footage showing my colleague smoking in the lorry and my manager said i apparently "jumped" out of the lorry which is not bad for someone with apparently a bad back, i actually felt insulted and said id already told you im on medication and it does help a little so i will chip in as much as i can. if i was faking it i wouldnt have gone in at all why would i ? would it be advisable to get a doctors note explaining the problem to my bladder that this trapped nerve has caused. My previous 2 deliveries were schools who dont let you use the toilet for obvious reasons and i was in rural area with very thin roads no lay bys nor services. Any advice would be greatly received, sorry about the spelling
  2. This woman who has recently been treating me like **** for being mentally ill (bipolar) I reported for benefit fraud. Do you think I did the right thing?
  3. Hi, I've had a listing removed from eBay - apparently it was reported by Sky Media. There is no real reason as to why the item has been removed just that 'please not (sic) that this item is not allowed on our site.' and 'for more information read the help pages or contact Sky directly.' The item in question was a Now TV Sky Cinema pass - I bought another couple of Now TV boxes before Christmas and didn't need the passes. As far as I'm aware the listing was compliant with eBay rules - item to be posted via Royal Mail, so not a 'digitally delivered item' or 'non-physical goods'. I believe Now TV is a subsidiary company of Sky - but they don't own it directly? The link to contact Sky and for more information is: https://business.sky.com/fighting-fraud/ when you look at this it only mentions Sky Sports, about illegal use of Sky Sports programming and Unauthorised foreign broadcasts - nothing to do with what I was selling. I believe when listings are removed like this it is because the company concerned are a member of eBay VeRO - 'Verified Rights Owner' programme or something. I've read in the past that companies basically abuse this, eBay remove all listings that they report which could be for a multitude of reasons. On the list of VeRO members (UK is toward the bottom of the page) I can't see Sky listed http://vero.ebay.com/ I hate such bullying by large companies - I've spent a while on live chat to eBay but they are adamant that I need to contact Sky and that 'if Sky allow me to sell the item, I can pass the communication onto them'. They won't give me a copy of the report, a specific number to call for eBay listing removals - nothing. It feels very much like a big bully boy company (Sky) dictating an item can't be sold to another large multinational (eBay) who simply bow to them - no mistakes, no appeals etc. What can I do? Has anyone had this issue before? Please help.. Thanks in advance..
  4. I recently (again) applied for a credit card to do a balance transfer. I was knocked back, which I found surprising so I decided to signed up to checkmyfile to see what had happened. I had applied for some credit cards a year or so back and thought perhaps it was my credit rating, so I did various things to improve it. I have not had any defaults ever or any late payments ever. It turns out Wonga had wrongly report on 25th of Jan 2014 that I had defaulted. Ironically when Wonga had their issues with sending threatening letters from fake lawyers I didn't think this would affect me. Furious I got in touch with them and they have now accepted it was a mistake on their behalf, I am however also chasing for compensation as this blemish has directly affected numerous applications. They replied with this The amount I borrowed £1096 which was paid in full by direct debit at the end of the month with the ridiculous interest (around £1337). Our report to the credit reference agencies Dear Mr Sl***, I am writing to you in response to a query about your credit file. We are sorry that the default was added in error for loan number 00009509****. We can confirm that a request has been issued to Callcredit and Equifax to update your credit file and show the account as settled on 27/07/2013. Any default related to this loan will be removed. Please allow 10 - 30 days to reflect on your credit file. Please be advised that we are not responsible for how lenders who use the reported data make decisions in relation to credit scoring. Other lenders set their own credit policy that we cannot influence. Should you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team on 0207 138 8330. Kind regards, Customer Care 0207 138 8330 Wonga.com Wonga.com is a trading style of WDFC UK Limited. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 6374235. Registered Address: 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 671454. You can contact us in relation to all queries at To me it seems like they are trying to weasel out of the dues I am owned. I read another thread on here which lead me to believe that highlighting the following points is a good place to start? 1. Failure to inform me (via a Default Notice*) and provide me with a means of correcting the decision; 2. Failure to ensure the accuracy of their data, per one of the Information Commissioners principles; I am grateful for any advice. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Hi all. I was discharged from Bankruptcy in 2011. ALL of my debts were included but there are a few companies flatly refusing to change my credit reporting entries and still reporting defaults on my outstanding balances. Also I voluntarilly surrendered my car at the same time over half way in agreement...but they also are still reporting a default on my credit. They surely cant be allowed to get away with this. My credit score is now worse than it was before my Bankruptcy. A lot worse.
  6. Hi, is there a set procedure which Banks, building society's and investment Co are legally, duty, morally bound to follow, if an account holder/investor reports suspicious activity (Fraud) on their investment/account.? I ask as recently I reported a suspicious activity (Fraud) on an investment and was told it was transferred out to ( a person known to me) and "we will be investigating" I asked should I report it to the police and was told that was my right to report it to police but "we will investigate". I decided to report the fraud and contacted, Action Fraud. I explained money had been transferred out of an investment without my knowledge or authority by a person known to me. Action Fraud explained that it was the reasonability of the investment Co to investigate. and that I could not action any police investigation until investment Co had completed their investigation. I could only give details which would be filed away. I was in contact with the investment Co while they were investigating, and asked "Will the account of the recipient be frozen to prevent them removing/transferring money out, after a few replies that they could not give me those detail (Data Protection Act) I finally got one employee to confirm the account had been frozen. I have recently found out that while the investment Co were investigating, the account the money was transferred/deposited to was not frozen and now the money gone/spent. So my question : Once fraud reported, is there a procedure which Banks, building society's and investment Co need to follow in circumstances like mine to protect investors money from being lost/spent/transfered to other accounts by fraudsters, ?
  7. A few weeks ago a bloke knocked holy hell out of my front door. Wondering what the matter was I went and answered. He started ranting on about something, I only caught part of it. Then I saw his jacket, the word Scotcall caught my eye and I saw red. I told him to go away and shut the door. I am registered disabled with COPD, a condition made worse when exposed to cold air, so there was no way I was going to stand at the door arguing the toss with him. It was a very cold day. I have clear 'no cold caller' signs on the door, including one issued by the Police which reads "No appointment? Don't bother knocking'. He banged on the door again, I just ignored him. after a while he went to his car then came back a few minutes later and shoved an envelope through the door. Knowing that it was nothing to do with me I put it straight into the recycling box, unopened. As we are a no cold calling area, and the signs on the door are quite are clear, I notified the local police neighbourhood team and trading standards. A couple of weeks later and he was back, banging on the door again. I was ready for him,. I had prepared a nice little note and had the copy by the door. I thrust it at him and told him clearly to off. He shoved the note back through the door. Ignorance like that annoys me so I opened the door again, told him to get off the premises or the Police would be called. He started to argue and said he was at liberty to call as often as he liked, I corrected him and shouted quite loudly at him, mainly to alert my neighbours of a potential problem. He backed away on to the street and carried on trying to tell me he had the right - I stopped him, pointed out that he had no rights at all, He knew that I was not the person he wanted to see so he was clearly wasting my time. I said that I was not a messaging service and that I would not discuss another person's financial matters even if they lived there. After he had left I was quite shaken and was in a bit of a state, to put it mildly. My inhalers were not bringing my breathing back to normal and my chest was tight. I suffered a lot of pain through the rest of the day and eventually got a taxi to A&E. They prodded and poked about and gave me pain relief. I had an EGC and x-ray, was sent up to a ward and left to rest a while. A doctor saw me at about 6am, I got no sleep at all that night. The main doctor saw me about 10am and by then the pain had gone, possibly due to the drip and being put on morphine. I was discharged and sent home at lunchtime. Thanks to the unwelcome caller I was unable to do very much for several days. I don't work, I'm not able to, but simple things like making a sandwich or a drink were difficult. I was still very uptight about his visit. I contacted trading standards again. They sent a complaint to Scotcall, I know it's all the same company. I've since had a letter to acknowledge the complaint and I've sent the person who wrote that an email with my side of the story, so there is no doubt about who called and what happened. I managed to get the car registration number last time, so was able to pass that on to TS and the Police. The letter mentions someone who may or may not live here who I am not responsible for. Regardless of if they were here or not, it was me he saw, me he hassled and me he put in hospital through causing me to be so stressed. This has been mentioned to Scotcall. I await their reply. I've repeated that i am not a messaging service and have no reason to speak to their agent at all. I consider his actions to be harassment. He's not been back since. If he does I will be calling 999 straight away as he will be causing a breach of the peace just by being there. He's been told, very clearly, to stay away. Had I been any fitter I would have happily marched him back to his car and shoved him in it. I will not stand for little Hitler's like him barking orders at me as he tried to. I know what Scotcall are about and they now know what little regard I have for them and their agent. I do not bow to threats and intimidation. I'll let you know if I hear any more. If anyone else gets a call from and agent Scotcall or Resolvecall, shut the door on them. If they hang around, call the Police.
  8. Hi, I haven't used this forum before so sorry if I am in the wrong place. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about non delivery of goods being reported to an ebay seller 9 weeks after delivery should have arrived. Basically a friend sold an item on ebay (just their second-hand stuff) and the buyer has just told them that the goods haven't been received but it is 9 weeks later. The item was sent tracked and the courier admit that they didn't obtain a signature (even though they were meant to), but the courier only gives a week to report missing items so they say they cannot give compensation, due to the fact that the missing item has been reported so long after the delivery date. The seller has explained that they are unable to get compensation from the courier so cannot afford to refund the item, and that more could have been if this situation had been raised earlier. The buyer is now threatening legal action against the seller. We are trying to find out what he should do? Can he be sued for the money? He has proof that he posted the item and that he paid for the insurance and for it to be signed for. We can't find any solid answer on the internet and even CAB were unsure. Thank you for reading.
  9. Hi I wonder if someone could advise me. I have been the victim of domestic violence and ended up in a financial nightmare. I could no longer afford the HP payments on my vehicle to advantage. I have not paid a third. I paid 6 payments of £340 for an £8k vehicle which quite frankly has been off the road due to faults more than it has been on, I received an email from Advantage saying that they had decided to repossess my vehicle and that someone from NW collections would be visiting me to remove my vehicle. I am presently living in a refuge and have not updated advantage of my address. on Friday evening I was pulled over by the police as the car had been reported lost/stolen on march 31st. The police officer listened to all I had to say commenting that finance company`s are doing this but as it was reported lost/stolen he would be taking it. I was taken to a nearby train station and I have yet to hear back from either advantage or nw collections both of which I have updated on email (bank holiday office closed) Please help as I am now so scared that I will be arrested
  10. I keep getting spam texts off Brisk Buck offering me the exciting opportunity to take out one of their very reasonable loans. This text comes through as 'BriskBuck', does not give a number, cannot be replied to, and does not give the option to unsubscribe (not convinced I subscribed in the first place). It does, however, contain a link to their website. Unless I'm missing something, their website has absolutely no way of contacting them. There's no email address, phone number, postal address, and I can't see any registration details e.g. consumer credit license etc. They also claim "We are the UK's leading payday loan provider". Really?? Please tell me these dodgy shysters are breaking a tonne of rules? I've reported them to the ICO, on one of those form-filling & box-ticking jobs, but I'd love to know if there are other bodies I should be reporting this to? Yes, call me petty, but PDL companies caused me a lot of upset in the past and if I have the tiniest chance to contribute towards getting them stopped then I'll take it.
  11. Need to keep this short to conceal as much detail as possible. I reported someone for working occasionally cash in hand while claiming IB. This happened after a disagreement and now I'm petrified they will be called straight in and told someone has reported it, if this happens they will know it is me, and it will have serious repercussions. The report was not malicious, but I cant go in to further details for obvious reasons. Basically, will they just call this person in and tell them someone has reported them? Will they give details such as when the report was made or any other details of the report?
  12. This is quite a long story. Back in July 2003 I was a customer of Woolwich and went in the branch one day. I am disabled with many health problems and at that time was very unwell. I went in to draw some cash and the clerk asked if i would like a Barclaycard. Having lost my business some years before, ill and living on benefitsI immediately said yes. I was given an immediate limit of £3000 which each quarter was increased and after two years it was £7000. As we were on a very low income I used this to help feed my still young family. Need less to say by 2006 I was very much in debt to Barclaycard and had difficulty paying. We came to an arrangement and I began by paying £5 per month. All interest was frozen and was reviewed each year together with help from the CAB to £20 per month. Fast forward to 2011 and I began getting calls from Cabot. Did not even know them. I bascially told them I was disabled and put everything in wrting. I contacted tthe CAB and I told them my agreement was with Barclaycard. The CAB said it was common practice and that if I refused to pay Cabot could take me to court. So I bit the bullet . I had an explanitory letter back in January 2011" Welcome to Cabot" they expalined they had bought the debt and were happy to agree to conitiue the repayment plan I had with Barclaycard with payments of £20 per month, with interest frozen. Fast forward to today and I receive a letter from Cabot asking me to contact them as they are "reviewing" my account. In other words they will want me to pay more. I have just looked at my credit report and Cabot is listed and the account is marked satisfactory and my credit score is fair at 790. However being short of cash as I always am I have never seen my Barclays Credit Agreement or had one from Cabot. We face huge bills increases this year rent is going up £90 per month alone so I cant afford to pay these people any more money each month. How would things stand if I just refused to pay these wretched people??? It seems I will soon loose my mobilty car and was thinknig of applying for a loan to finance a small car.. Would I be delcined ???
  13. Hi guys hope all is well and hope im posting in the right place, i have a vehicles which have been reported as stolen, by the people who i leased from. the lease was for 24 months, i made payments for 21months the three outstanding payments i was unable to make due to money problems. the people in question are a ltd company, not registered with FSA or anyone else like that. i only found out it was stolen when i did a hpi check. my question is can this company do this? what can i do? what should i tell the police? i am willing to make the three outstanding payments once i am able to. the v5 is currently under my name.
  14. hello i had a accident in work and my solicitor asked the health and safty executive for a report but was told the accident was not reported but was reported to the local council as i had to give a statment of my accident ,
  15. I am wondering if anyone can let me know if this has happened to them also as I am feeling very distressed and upset at the moment. I had my phone stolen last Saturday 25th August and reported it stolen as soon as possible after the theft in an shop once I got home. Probably about 30 mins after the act. I spoke to Vodafone reported it stolen and they told me they would put a block on the phone and sim. I then went down the route of an upgrade rather than insurance for a new phone as I was due an upgrade anyway and this would mean I would not have to pay for the claim on insurance. Anyway I managed to get my phone on Friday after days of delays from the courier company. I managed to get them to let me collect in store due to the delays etc. Today I receive a call saying my phone had been suspended as in the past week I had spent £2,000 on the phone! After a few minutes they realised that the person doing my upgrade had taken the block off my phone and so for the last week those horrible criminals had been using my phone freely until I got my new phone on Friday. I feel sick to the stomach that this has happened as they have been using my identity and phone with all my details and pictures etc and I want an explanation. In fact when I did get my new phone I did hear a few strange voicemails and texts but thought nothing of it. Now I know why. SOmeone had been using my phone. Has this happened to anyone else?
  16. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. Please. I'll keep information vague so as to protect myself from any prying eyes - but keep the facts straight. A number of years ago, I had a business which took a loan in 2004 against which I stood as personal guarantor. The company got into difficulties in 2008, and eventually ended getting wound up. The value of the original loan was £30K, and at the time of winding up, approximately one quarter remained outstanding. Barclays began contacting me personally with regards my liability of guarantor in late 2009, so I made a CCA request of them to understand how they could enforce their claims against me. In essence, I was never really in receipt of anything from them. I wrote a number of times to them in ealy 2010, but pretty much everything was ignored. They subsequently defaulted me personally in late 2010, and when I complained about the default, the only information they have been able to give me is an unsigned 'offer of loan' letter to the business, dated back in 2004. It still sits as a defaulted account on my personal Experian report. A number of questions: 1) The last payment was made by the business in 2008; yet the personal default made against me some two years later. When does any liability become statute barred? I, of course, as an individual have never made any payments, nor acknowledged any debt to them. 2) How can they make inputs to my credit report, when no credit agreement exists bewteen them and I as an individual? Any suggestions for how I best proceed? I'd like to get my credit file cleared as soon as practiaclly possible, but don't want to spend excessive funds to achieve this. Thanks in advance of any wisdom coming my way - really, really appreciated
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