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Found 16 results

  1. Hi,All please can i get some advice regarding todays events, i was off sick with a trapped nerve in my lower back (I am a delivery driver) i was asked by my manager via text if i would return to work as a passanger to show the lad covering my run the route as my normal finish time is 14.00 and he finished at 19.30 the previous day, I agreed to this and also informed my manager that the Naproxin and anti inflamitaries do help a little so i will chip in as much as i can, Upon arrival at one of my deliveries which was a pub that doesnt open until 11.00am we got there at 10.4
  2. This woman who has recently been treating me like **** for being mentally ill (bipolar) I reported for benefit fraud. Do you think I did the right thing?
  3. Hi, I've had a listing removed from eBay - apparently it was reported by Sky Media. There is no real reason as to why the item has been removed just that 'please not (sic) that this item is not allowed on our site.' and 'for more information read the help pages or contact Sky directly.' The item in question was a Now TV Sky Cinema pass - I bought another couple of Now TV boxes before Christmas and didn't need the passes. As far as I'm aware the listing was compliant with eBay rules - item to be posted via Royal Mail, so not a 'digitally delivered item' or 'non-physical goods'. I beli
  4. I recently (again) applied for a credit card to do a balance transfer. I was knocked back, which I found surprising so I decided to signed up to checkmyfile to see what had happened. I had applied for some credit cards a year or so back and thought perhaps it was my credit rating, so I did various things to improve it. I have not had any defaults ever or any late payments ever. It turns out Wonga had wrongly report on 25th of Jan 2014 that I had defaulted. Ironically when Wonga had their issues with sending threatening letters from fake lawyers I didn't think this would affect me
  5. Hi all. I was discharged from Bankruptcy in 2011. ALL of my debts were included but there are a few companies flatly refusing to change my credit reporting entries and still reporting defaults on my outstanding balances. Also I voluntarilly surrendered my car at the same time over half way in agreement...but they also are still reporting a default on my credit. They surely cant be allowed to get away with this. My credit score is now worse than it was before my Bankruptcy. A lot worse.
  6. Hi, is there a set procedure which Banks, building society's and investment Co are legally, duty, morally bound to follow, if an account holder/investor reports suspicious activity (Fraud) on their investment/account.? I ask as recently I reported a suspicious activity (Fraud) on an investment and was told it was transferred out to ( a person known to me) and "we will be investigating" I asked should I report it to the police and was told that was my right to report it to police but "we will investigate". I decided to report the fraud and contacted, Action Fraud. I
  7. A few weeks ago a bloke knocked holy hell out of my front door. Wondering what the matter was I went and answered. He started ranting on about something, I only caught part of it. Then I saw his jacket, the word Scotcall caught my eye and I saw red. I told him to go away and shut the door. I am registered disabled with COPD, a condition made worse when exposed to cold air, so there was no way I was going to stand at the door arguing the toss with him. It was a very cold day. I have clear 'no cold caller' signs on the door, including one issued by the Police
  8. Hi, I haven't used this forum before so sorry if I am in the wrong place. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about non delivery of goods being reported to an ebay seller 9 weeks after delivery should have arrived. Basically a friend sold an item on ebay (just their second-hand stuff) and the buyer has just told them that the goods haven't been received but it is 9 weeks later. The item was sent tracked and the courier admit that they didn't obtain a signature (even though they were meant to), but the courier only gives a week to report missing items so they say they c
  9. Hi I wonder if someone could advise me. I have been the victim of domestic violence and ended up in a financial nightmare. I could no longer afford the HP payments on my vehicle to advantage. I have not paid a third. I paid 6 payments of £340 for an £8k vehicle which quite frankly has been off the road due to faults more than it has been on, I received an email from Advantage saying that they had decided to repossess my vehicle and that someone from NW collections would be visiting me to remove my vehicle. I am presently living in a refuge and have not update
  10. I keep getting spam texts off Brisk Buck offering me the exciting opportunity to take out one of their very reasonable loans. This text comes through as 'BriskBuck', does not give a number, cannot be replied to, and does not give the option to unsubscribe (not convinced I subscribed in the first place). It does, however, contain a link to their website. Unless I'm missing something, their website has absolutely no way of contacting them. There's no email address, phone number, postal address, and I can't see any registration details e.g. consumer credit license etc. They also claim
  11. Need to keep this short to conceal as much detail as possible. I reported someone for working occasionally cash in hand while claiming IB. This happened after a disagreement and now I'm petrified they will be called straight in and told someone has reported it, if this happens they will know it is me, and it will have serious repercussions. The report was not malicious, but I cant go in to further details for obvious reasons. Basically, will they just call this person in and tell them someone has reported them? Will they give details such as when the report was made or any other d
  12. This is quite a long story. Back in July 2003 I was a customer of Woolwich and went in the branch one day. I am disabled with many health problems and at that time was very unwell. I went in to draw some cash and the clerk asked if i would like a Barclaycard. Having lost my business some years before, ill and living on benefitsI immediately said yes. I was given an immediate limit of £3000 which each quarter was increased and after two years it was £7000. As we were on a very low income I used this to help feed my still young family. Need less to say by 2006 I was very much in debt
  13. Hi guys hope all is well and hope im posting in the right place, i have a vehicles which have been reported as stolen, by the people who i leased from. the lease was for 24 months, i made payments for 21months the three outstanding payments i was unable to make due to money problems. the people in question are a ltd company, not registered with FSA or anyone else like that. i only found out it was stolen when i did a hpi check. my question is can this company do this? what can i do? what should i tell the police? i am willing to make the three outstanding payme
  14. hello i had a accident in work and my solicitor asked the health and safty executive for a report but was told the accident was not reported but was reported to the local council as i had to give a statment of my accident ,
  15. I am wondering if anyone can let me know if this has happened to them also as I am feeling very distressed and upset at the moment. I had my phone stolen last Saturday 25th August and reported it stolen as soon as possible after the theft in an shop once I got home. Probably about 30 mins after the act. I spoke to Vodafone reported it stolen and they told me they would put a block on the phone and sim. I then went down the route of an upgrade rather than insurance for a new phone as I was due an upgrade anyway and this would mean I would not have to pay for the claim on insurance
  16. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. Please. I'll keep information vague so as to protect myself from any prying eyes - but keep the facts straight. A number of years ago, I had a business which took a loan in 2004 against which I stood as personal guarantor. The company got into difficulties in 2008, and eventually ended getting wound up. The value of the original loan was £30K, and at the time of winding up, approximately one quarter remained outstanding. Barclays began contacting me personally with regards my liability of guarantor in late 2009, so I made a CCA request of them to
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